Alexandar V

by ISA-International Shipyards Ancona and Walter Franchini

On the one hand, we have an Owner with a clear idea of how he wants to experience his boat. He is keen to work closely with the yard and to participate in designing his yacht. He doesn’t mind picking up a scrubbing brush and helping the crew keep everything ship-shape. He likes to sail with his family, and likes to invite his crew to join them for a dip in the sea. What would an Owner such as this ask of a shipyard team when it came to briefing them about his ideal new vessel? He summed up his wishes in three words: elegance, comfort, and relaxation.

On the other hand we have I.S.A., International Shipyard Ancona. It was set up in 2001 when two shipyards merged, and two managers Gianluca Fenucci and Marcello Maggi established Yachting Investors Group (YIG). YIG is a UK private equity fund dedicated to the yachting industry. Based in London, it operates internationally. Its mission is to offer its selective clientele luxury yachts at the forefront of innovations in both technology and design.

This meeting of minds led to Alexandar V: three decks, six cabins for the Owner and guests, 48 metres long, a cruising speed of 15 knots, 9 crewmembers and an aura of true class. This time, we’ll describe our visit on board Alexandar V through the three headlines, rather than dividing it deck by deck.

Our description will be rounded off by the photos and by readers’ own research.
The boat’s external styling is in line with current trends in yacht design. She has a high bow, which dips amidships and lowers towards the stern. Three optical effects have been used to draw the eye upwards: two side staircases rise uninterrupted from the transom platform right up to the sundeck; the balconies on each of the three decks provide the base for the third element: the jutting roll bar. The design was conceived by the architect Walter Franchini. It gives the yacht a light appearance despite a length overall of 48 metres, and 16.6 metres of height above the waterline at the highest point. The pronounced shape of the bow is accentuated by a diagonal slant of practically 45 degrees. This is balanced by the vertical windows, while the roll bar slices horizontally across the lines of the superstructure towards the stern. The final result is a sort of muted forcefulness, which is concealed and softened by the beige colour the Owner chose for the hull. This yacht’s elegance stems from a blend of different lines, colours, lightness and that aggressive look.

When it came to the interiors, the Owner put himself in the hands of the yard’s architects. He suggested his own ideas, but gave them free reign in implementing them: this way of working meant that there was a unity to the project, which comes through in the layout, materials and finishes. [...]

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