Amels 199′

by Amels, Tim Heywood, Nuvolari & Lenard

The prestigious Dutch shipyard Amels launched its first ship back in 1918. After a long history, which has brought it international renown, since 1991 the yard has been part of the colossal family-owned Damen Shipyards Group, which comprises 33 shipyards around the world has 6.700 employees and 1.4 billion euro turnover. Amels, currently headed by CEO Rob Luijendijk and Technical Director Hans van Triet, still benefits fully from the synergies within the Damen Shipyards Group, thanks to the group’s strong financial set-up and solid position on the global market. At the same time, it makes use of the fundamental contribution of experience and skills built up by the shipyards in the Damen Shipyards Group, which between them specialise in building military commercial vessels. Amels also makes use of the technologically-advanced tools that are constantly being developed by the Damen Shipyards Group, including its modern infrastructures and production facilities, which are always kept up to date. Currently, Amels occupies the vast, recently renovated facilities at Damen’s Royal Schelde Shipyard, a large yard which has never lain idle since 1875. The facilities can be easily reached thanks to a private heliport situated within the yard itself. Here, Amels has truly gigantic infrastructures: the main areas include an initial construction hall 218 metres (715 feet) long, with a covered dry dock 204 metres (669 feet) long and 22 metres (72 feet) wide. Then there is a second construction hall that’s 162 metres (532 feet) long, with a covered dry dock measuring 145 metres (476 feet) long and 20 metres (66 feet) wide. In addition to these are a further two construction halls, each 110 metres (361 feet) long, and each with a covered finishing bay 75 metres (246 feet) long and 22 metres (72 feet) wide. ¥ Not to mention a 220 metre-long mooring quay and a further two mooring quays, each measuring 120 metres (394 feet) in length. Among all of the yards that make up the Damen Shipyards Group, Amels is the only one specialising exclusively in building luxury yachts. Since 1982, in fact, Amels has only built prestigious luxury yachts, creating more than 35 absolute masterpieces that, over time, have proven themselves true milestones in modern luxury yachting history. In 1982 the yard built Katalina, 48.2 metres (158 feet), designed by Diana Yacht Design; then in 1985, My Gail III, 57 metres (187 feet), and in 1986 Lady Ghislaine, measuring 55 metres (181 feet); both of these last were designed by John Bannenberg. In 1991 came Katamarino (56.1 metres(184 feet), designed by Jack Hargrave; Montkaj 75 m (246 ft), built in 1995 to a project by Terence Disdale; the Tigre d’Or (50 metres/164 feet) designed in 1997 by Donald Starkey; and the 70.5 m (231 ft)  Boadicea in 1999, again designed by Terence Disdale. Then, in 2002 came Sarah, measuring 62 metres (203 feet), designed by Donald Starkey; the Solemar, 62 metres (203 feet) built in 2003 and designed by Michael Leach; in 2004, Ilona, 73,70 metres (242 feet), designed by Redman Whiteley Dixon; Lady Anne, 68,50 metres (225 feet), built in 2006 to a design by Walter Franchini; and in 2007 another Terence Disdale design, My Shanti, 64,60 metres (212 feet). Amels still continues in its tradition of custom builds, but it also began producing premium semi-custom vessels with the introduction of the new Amels Limited Editions Series in 2005, with exterior design by Tim Heywood, which made its debut at the Monaco Yacht Show. Indeed, at the 15th MYS (2005) the yard presented the designs for the first model in the Limited Editions Series, the Amels 171 measuring 52.30 metres (171 feet and 6 inches).  The following year, at the 16th MYS 2006, the yard presented its project for the second Limited Editions model, the Amels 212, measuring 65.5 metres (215 feet); and two years after that, at the 18th MYS 2007, the third Limited Editions model was presented, the 54.3 metres (178 ft ) Amels 177. This was followed at the 19th MYS 2009 by the presentation of the project for the fourth Limited Editions project, the Amels 199 measuring 60 metres (196 feet 10 inches). Five of the Amels 171 yachts have so far been delivered, with three currently under construction. In 2007 came the first unit, Deniki, with interior design by Peter Heuvelmans, as well as the second, La Mirage, with interior design by Laura Sessa Romboli. In 2008 the third and fourth Amels 171 yachts were launched, namely Were Dreams and Lady Nag Nag, both with interior design by Laura Sessa Romboli. The fifth unit, Addiction, was delivered last year, with interior design by Nuvolari & Lenard and Laura Sessa Romboli. This year will see the delivery of the sixth unit, hull number 456, and the seventh unit, with hull number 457, both with interior design by Laura Sessa Romboli. Next year the eighth unit from the series, hull number 458, will be delivered. At the same time, Amels is working on building the first and second units from the Amels Limited Editions 177 series; as well as the first and second from the Amels Limited Editions 212 series, one to be delivered in 2011 and the other in 2012. Both of these will have interior design by Andrew Winch. But above all, after cutting the sheets for assembly, by this spring Amels will lay the keel for the first unit in its Limited Editions Amels 199. [...]

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