Areti I & Areti II

by the Burger Boat Company

A double dream come true. With these two splendid twin yachts, which are the very epitome of elegance, the Burger Boat Company has provided a tangible response to the wishes of its most important, demanding client: an Owner who dreamt of having his ideal yacht available at the same time in two different locations, freeing him from the limitations of time-consuming transfer journeys.

The Burger Boat Company has its headquarters and facilities in Manitowoc, Wisconsin (US). The company was founded back in 1863 and is now one of the most historic, prestigious shipyards in the world. It specialises in building yachts in aluminium and is renowned the world over for building high quality custom motor yachts that are suitable for Owners who demand nothing but the best. Almost all of the work is carried out in-house, allowing the Burger Boat Company to maintain a high level of quality, with details that satisfy and surpass the expectations of its invariably satisfied customers. The yard’s engineers and craftsmen are able to maintain the highest quality standards for the yachts, inside and out, thanks to the advanced equipment they have at their disposal. Each Burger Boat vessel is a work of art, the product of a combination of expert specialist workmanship, designers and engineers. The Burger Boat Company always makes its clients’ visions a reality, with boats that are unique, distinctive and customised to suit the Owner’s personality. The yard constantly raises the bar in terms of luxury and innovation. It is able to build yachts of up to 200 feet (61 metres), in line with the steady growth in demand from the market. Indeed, the yard has a number of prestigious yachts already in the advanced stages of preparation. Dimensions are constantly increasing, with a sporty 42-metre craft designed by the Dutch Cor D Rover Design firm; an impressive 46-metre yacht designed in-house by the Burger Design Team; a futuristic 50-metre boat by Espen Oeino International; and even an incredible 57-metre yacht designed by the British firm Rainsford Saunders Design.
The Burger Boat Company is currently building some significant yachts to look out for. Forthcoming launches include two marvellous yachts scheduled to take to the water next year: the first is the elegant 142-foot Sea Owl (43 metres), with naval architecture by the Dutch firm Vripack International, with exterior styling by the British studio Andrew Winch Design in tandem with the Burger Design Team, and interior design by Andrew Winch Design. The second is the 153-ft (47- metre) Sycara, a fantail cruiser with naval architecture by the American studio Bruce King, exterior styling by the Burger Design Team, and interior design by the English studio Ken Freivokh Design. This year’s launches include two splendid yachts, the 102-foot (31-m) To-Kalon, a modern yacht with naval architecture and interior design by the Burger Design Team with exterior styling by the Dutch studio Cor D Rover Design; and Hull 503. The latter measures 153 feet (47 m), with naval architecture by Vripack International, exterior styling by the Burger Design Team, while the interior design is a joint effort between Vripack and Burger. Exhaustive descriptions of the Hull 503 project can be found in the long article published last year in issue number 3 of Yacht Première. But, getting back to the yachts in question, last year the Burger Boat Company launched and delivered two twin yachts of 127 feet (39 m): the stunning Areti I and Areti II. [..]

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