by Dunya Yachts with Sterling Scott and Alberto Pinto

This magnificent displacement yacht was built to the specifications of Dunya Yachts with build number DY003, and launched at the beginning of 2013 with the name Red Square. In September at the Monaco Yacht Show, this prestigious vessel was then sold through specialist brokerage and charter company YPI, and subsequently renamed Axioma. The stunning Axioma is now available for charter, again managed exclusively by YPI: in the Caribbean during the winter and in the Mediterranean during the summer. This is a genuinely excellent, unique opportunity to experience the first-rate characteristics of this large yacht for yourself – a yacht that marks Dunya’s successful debut on the world super yacht market. The team of renowned international designers is equally global, working with the Tuzla-based Turkish shipyard to create this gem of more than 72 metres / 236 feet in length. The vessel’s exterior design was devised by Monaco-based company Sterling Scott, while the interior design was created by Paris-based Italian designer Alberto Pinto.

Sadly, however, we should note that the interiors designed for Red Square / Axioma were the last project by the late Alberto Pinto. Sedat Ergün, founder and chairman of Dunya Yachts, properly emphasises the skill, ability and international value of the design team behind Axioma: “We are thrilled with the great impact that Axioma has made, and feel that she represents the quality and beauty that is expected from the best super yacht professionals in the world.”

Ergün, a major Turkish businessman who personally manages the 30,000-plus m2 state-of-the-art facilities for the construction of yachts with lengths of up to 110 metres / 360 feet, also wants to make it clear that the lead designers are not the only professionals with international stature in the creation of Red Square / Axioma: “We worked with some of the most experienced brains and craftsmen in the business to create a world-class vessel that will continue to be a showcase of what the Dunya Yachts brand can achieve. Axioma is the standard-bearer for our pedigree.”

Of the suppliers and sub-contractors who contributed to the creation of this majestic vessel, Ergün highlights US companies Awlgrip, Caterpillar, Quantum and Raytheon, which respectively supplied paints, engines and generators, stabilisers and navigation instruments, as well as Dutch companies Heinen & Hopman, Rondal and Van Cappellen, which covered air conditioning, hydraulic moving parts, and noise and vibration control, German company Piening for the propellers, and Austrian company List for the fine furniture made for the interiors. Ergün concludes with absolute certainty that, although the experts involved in the consultancy and production phases offer high-level professional skills recognised internationally, the favourable cost of manual labour in Turkey reduces the overall cost of construction by up to 30% compared to equivalent builds in European shipyards, without sacrificing in any way the quality of the end product as delivered to the client.

In reality, for each of her characteristics, Axioma flawlessly demonstrates the constant attention to detail and careful professionalism of the shipyard management team’s work throughout the various demanding construction phases of this complex creation. However, in addition to guaranteed technical quality, Axioma offers a series of interesting innovations in terms of general layout, which are rather unusual for this size class and consequently make Axioma a unique vessel in her exclusive market segment. Sedat Ergün is also entirely convinced of this, and very satisfied with the result: “We are proud to have her representing us on the world’s oceans.”

A short tour on board Axioma is all you need to see that the views of the founder and chairman of Dunya Yachts are based in reality. The double deck gallery in the main salon is undoubtedly a very clear, spectacularly effective example of this, creating a feeling of spaciousness and light that would be expected more of buildings on land than an ocean-going vessel. A similar feeling of magnificence and exclusiveness is also created in the guest staterooms, which, instead of the usual position on the lower deck, have all been placed on the main deck with huge windows, so that they can enjoy total privacy and an enviable panoramic view.

In addition, for obvious practical and functional reasons, the cinema room has sensibly been placed on the lower deck since it has no need of a view outside, instead requiring an appropriate, effective blackout to recreate cinema darkness.


Again for practical, functional reasons, instead of being placed on the lower deck as is usually the case, the gym, spa and steam room have been positioned on the bridge deck in order to offer guests a more attractive, panoramic space that is very airy and full of natural light. Alberto Pinto’s interiors are dedicated to the utmost comfort, creating spaces with a simple, elegant atmosphere where the emphasis is placed on the rational, practical functionality of the furnishings and the sophisticated aesthetic luxury of the decoration. The fittings draw their inspiration from a beach house style, entirely built with a modern combination of simple natural materials embellished with a multitude of sophisticated details. Fabrics in calm, neutral shades predominate, brightened by a few lively colour accents – decisive, vibrant colours that supplement a range of selected woods in warm, relaxing tones. These simple materials are juxtaposed with materials with more pronounced characteristics, such as crackled lacquer, parchment and bronze, which are used for the custom furniture all designed exclusively for Red Square / Axioma by Alberto Pinto and other contemporary designers. A refined selection of fine china, an exquisite silver service, finely crafted decorative objects and a collection of contemporary art have been skilfully assembled to complement the decoration. These elements of the composition, together with the materials and lighting, contribute to giving the yacht the look of a welcoming family home by the sea.


Jacob Herzog

Photos by Jeff Brown


Axioma Technical Specifications

LOA72.00 m / 236’22’’ ft
LWL66.50 m / 218’18’’ ft
LBP60.87 m / 199’70’’ ft
Beam max12.20 m / 40’03’’ ft
Beam moulded11.60 m / 38’08’’ ft
Dept 6.40 m / 21’00’’ ft
Draft (half load)3.70 m / 12’14’’ ft
Displacement (half load)1,352 t
Engine type 35100 DITA
Engine power (@ 1800 rpm) 2 x 3 - 150 bhp
Fuel capacity 171,200 litres / 45,226.26 US gallons
Water capacity68,510 litres / 18,098.43 US gallons
Ballast72,620 litres / 19,184.17 US gallons
Grey water25,450 litres / 6,123.18 US gallons
Black water8,400 litres / 2,219.05 US gallons
Speed max (half load)17 knots
Speed cruise14 knots
Range @ economical speed5,000 nautical miles
Classification✠ A1E Commercial Yachting Service ✠ AMS ✠ ACCU,
MCA (LY2 Cmpliance)
Design exteriorSterling Scott
Design interiorAlberto Pinto
ShipyardDunya Yachts
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