Benetti Fisker 50M

by Benetti Yachts with Henrik Fisker Design

At the start of the second quarter this year, Italian shipyard Benetti Yachts officially unveiled the concept for an innovative 50-metre / 164-foot superyacht developed in association with California-based Henrik Fisker Design.

The company, founded by entrepreneur Henrik Fisker, is now one of the best-known, most well-established designers in the crowded world of automotive design, having created iconic and collectible cars including the BMW Z8 and the Aston Martin DB9. Over the whole of last year, the Benetti Yachts in-house engineering team developed a new naval platform specially created to flawlessly translate Henrik Fisker’s sketches and drawings into a reality. As a result, the design is 100% feasible and already fully optimised for production at the shipyard’s facilities. In other words, it’s fair to say that the Benetti Fisker 50M is a concept “ready to be built” – as though it had been designed to specification for an order. Last but by no means least for a superyacht that will be at the technological cutting edge, the Italian shipyard has of course also included a propulsion option that uses an advanced hybrid system. One feature that is particularly striking from the very first look at the renders of the future vessel is certainly the sporty look of the superyacht, whose exuberant dynamism of form suggests a feeling of movement. The side view shows a sculptural set of flowing lines that merge into one another dramatically all the way along the side from bow to stern, emphasising each deck and ending in elongated shark fin-shaped elements. These fins, which can be made of exposed carbon fibre, heighten the effect of the superyacht’s aerodynamic look, and functionally incorporate a lighting system to illuminate the sea surface at night and thus create an evocative effect. One of the most unusual characteristics is the flowing hull line, which is inspired by a perfect retreating wave. The front view of the bow is equally impressive and stands out for three stainless steel bars that make the superyacht instantly recognisable and utterly unique, producing a gleaming 3D visual effect that is decidedly accentuated by its pairing with exposed black carbon fibre.

The sculptural hard top also makes a decisive contribution to the look of imposing power suggested by the aggressive silhouette of the new superyacht, enhancing its captivating details. As well as putting the finishing touches on the individual identity of the vessel, however, the large hard top also has a high-tech surface with built-in solar panels aesthetically customised in terms of shape. Using the sun’s energy accumulated by the solar panels during the day, the oceanic night is lit up like magic by a spectacular lighting setup expressly designed to create a high impact atmosphere on the decks. The project also includes state-of-the-art video and music entertainment systems technology throughout the vessel, fully automated controls and optimal power management. Alongside the technology factor, however, it is most importantly the space element that provides the true focal point underlying the innovative design concept of the Benetti Fisker 50M. The structure and organisation of the interior and exterior spaces reflect a specific intention on the part of the designers to consider a new element in the design, namely the “human flow” factor, firstly with the purpose of reducing the space that normally remains unused and secondly of increasing the actual usability of the spaces to create improved comfort. As a result of this innovative approach to the design, it was possible to make more space available in the layout, offering owners and guests excellent conditions for their time on board with a greater range of more comfortable, welcoming fittings for social and private life alike. With the same idea in mind, the designers consciously sought out innovative design solutions to ensure maximum visual and physical integration between

the luxurious interiors inside and the unspoilt natural environment outside. One example is the reception area on Benetti Fisker 50M’s main deck, consisting of a lounge area with small tables and sofas, and a bar area with a bar and bar stools, featuring sliding glass panels on both sides which open up to the cool sea breeze and offer an incomparable view over the sea. These panels are present in the owner’s suite as well, also located on the main deck, which additionally features a fold-down balcony – perfect conditions for an owner with a contemplative turn of mind and a love of the natural world. The Benetti Fisker 50M also has a space specially designed for the owner and guests where they can enjoy not only natural vistas but also views of a cinematic kind, thanks to the home cinema on the upper deck, which is equipped with a huge 21:9 screen and roomy reclining chairs. The key word throughout the design process was “versatility”, and this is also apparent here with the designers ensuring that the space is multi-purpose, with the option to convert it into a gym complete with extensive fitness equipment. For wellness, meanwhile, there is a spa area on the lower deck with a shower/sauna and a Turkish bath. For lovers of the sun, air and water who want complete immersion in the natural environment, the Benetti Fisker 50M can offer an exclusive beach club area with a wet bar, chaises longues and three hatches that open out to form three platforms overhanging the water. These are accompanied by the huge sunbathing area next to the essential large swimming pool which together occupy the whole of the fore deck area to ensure complete privacy and relaxation. It all culminates on the sun deck of the superyacht, which affords a near-uninterrupted panoramic view that can be enjoyed in full from the open air observation lounge with its own bar. This space features a multi-purpose element in the centre of a circular sitting area, which can be used as an ice bucket on hot, sunny days or as a fire pit on cool starry nights – as though you were on an expedition into the desert.

Walter Douglass

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