Benetti Settantasette

by Benetti with Fernando Romero

During the exclusive international Monaco Yacht Show 2017, alongside the many boats on display floating on the waters of Port Hercules in Montecarlo, the exhibition stands of the most well-regarded international luxury yachting brands gave previews of a range of new vessels being built at various shipyards and production sites. Alongside these important previews of launches and deliveries for the years to come, some space was rightly given to new ideas for the near future of the high-end yachting industry, which the designers firstly imagined before going on to develop into innovative and, more importantly, surprising concept yachts. One such concept yacht is the unmissable, fascinating Se77antasette concept (the name is very appealing, even though Se77antase77e may have been more in line with the intended alpha-numeric pun – although of course, it’s what’s on the inside that counts). Benetti Yachts gave a preview of this yacht to the global market. This famous Italian shipyard belongs to the powerful Azimut | Benetti Group, which developed this project together with the well-known Mexican designer Fernando Romero. For this event, Vincenzo Poerio, CEO of Benetti Yachts, spoke warmly about the latest in the long line of challenges launched by the shipyard, emphasising, in his own words: “The innovative essence of this project sprang from a perfect union between two different worlds:  the world of sailing, and the world of civil architecture; the biggest challenge was to make an already outstanding product an even better one. While this shipyard is recognised around the world for an identity based on sophisticated luxury, the Se77antasette takes yachting to a higher level than anything we’ve seen before, thanks to the skills of Fernando Romero and the expertise of Benetti Yachts.” This was the first professional collaboration between designer Fernando Romero and Benetti, and Romero was also happy with the way the project went. During the presentation of this ambitious project, he set out his own view on the topic: “The Se77antasette came about after looking at the real spirit of Benetti Yachts while also reflecting on the different scenarios new technology has made possible. This allowed us to create a totally new sailing experience. Sinuous lines and the adjoining spaces have together resulted in a sophisticated ecosystem of seamless programmes and links. This extraordinary collaboration has seen our FR-EE Studio and Benetti Yachts successfully pool our collective experience to create cutting-edge superyachts, a new art form for the 21st century.” The Se77antasette clearly is a jewel in the crown of Benedetti’s outstanding planning and production skill. This vessel is 77 metres long and over 14 metres at its widest point, showing the shipyard that designed it has brought together the best parts of everything currently available in terms of aesthetic innovation and cutting-edge technology. Starting with the totally revolutionary forms that broke the traditional motor yacht mould, which usually imposes a rigid sequence of horizontal stratification of overlapping lines, this yacht offers a pleasing combination of features with a balanced pattern of continuous or variable geometry. The designers drew inspiration from the marine habitat to create a dual connection (both logical and visual) between the decks and the surrounding environment, while also putting together a unique, continuous body with a structure whose highly original proportions enhance the overall dynamism of the vessel. Aesthetically, this unique body is worlds away from the usual well-worn designs and houses a boat with a great number of interesting technical solutions that are both highly innovative and hugely advantageous. This is the first time some of these solutions have been used in the nautical sector. An example of this can be seen in the unusual position of the radar antennas, which are inside a glass dome and integrated into the motor yacht’s lines. This means they are protected from extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, while also making them less visible thereby protecting the purity of the lines and forms of the boat. To properly fine-tune this solution, the shipyard’s in-house engineering team worked alongside experts from the aviation industry where this solution has been tested for some time and is completely reliable; these specialists used their in-depth knowledge to ensure the highest levels of safety, including optimum control of the ship while underway. This aside, other solutions that the nautical sector has recently adopted have been further optimised to bring them to the highest levels of reliability and convenience. This can be seen in the on-board propulsion system, which can have a set of variable speed turbo-diesel generators installed and connected to pod propulsion units driven by permanent magnet electric motors connected to counter-rotating propellers. Adopting this intelligent design solution brought about a number of advantages, including a higher total power output and fewer harmful exhaust gas emissions, as well as improved load distribution in different modes such as when cruising, manoeuvring, or when anchored. Another further advantage offered by this solution consists of the greater compactness of the engine room, horizontally but also vertically, which made it possible to reduce the overall volume of this technical space and enabled it to be contained within a single level, that of the tank deck or the under lower deck, in this way leaving the entire lower deck completely free for a better, more spacious distribution of the layout. In fact, on the lower deck there is ample space for six comfortable, welcoming staterooms: two VIP staterooms and four guest staterooms. Each of the VIP staterooms has a walk-in wardrobe and a his and hers en suite bathroom, and a floor-to-ceiling sliding glass panel giving access to a folding private terrace equipped with a telescopic system. The staterooms each have a wide window providing lots of natural light and a beautiful sea view, and this window is fitted with a unique sinusoidal structure that can be used as a seat or a table. Meanwhile, the main deck is a private area reserved for the owner’s use. It has a total surface area of almost 250 square metres, over 100 square metres of which are interior and over 140 square metres are exterior spaces. Inside the owner’s suite, the master stateroom’s most striking feature is a large bespoke bed in the centre of the room, with a sofa to relax on at either side of the bed and a large wardrobe. The owner’s suite also has an office/study with high-tech systems, and a marble bathroom with a lovely sea view. The exterior part of the owner’s suite offers an exclusive panoramic terrace with absolute privacy and comfortable seating, as well as a swimming pool one-and-a-half metres deep. Thanks to a hydraulic installation, the floor of this area can be raised, transforming it into a helicopter landing pad which can be easily accessed from the owner’s stateroom. This Benetti project had to include a helipad, as the entire concept of the Se77antasette was deliberately designed to meet the extensive needs of a businessman. The yacht therefore was designed with support for business meetings in mind. One of the features designed to meet this need is the perfectly laid out area set aside for holding meetings and giving presentations, or where guests can work uninterrupted in a calm space with a relaxing atmosphere. The area also has an outstanding 270-degree panoramic view. The other parts of the boat were also designed in a way that ensures they can be perfectly adapted to meet the different needs of both social and private life on board, as well as the individual wishes of the owner and the guests. This applies to the entrance deck at the stern, which is actually one of the most versatile areas on the yacht. It has three sections that open up allowing it to turn into an open space rather than a closed area, facing out onto the water. It can be turned into a ‘beach club’ including a lounge with a bar as well as wellness and fitness areas. The living area amidships is similarly adaptable. This is a double-height area, creating a wonderful sense of space as well as a visual connection between the deck levels. This area is multifunctional and can be transformed depending on how it is being used – for instance, it can be turned into a family dining area or a formal dining area, or transformed from a cinema room into a theatre or even a disco with a dance floor and DJ area for hosting parties with friends. Perhaps the most unusual and unique area on board is the observatory, located on the upper deck of the Se77antasette. This area features upright posts that house the air conditioning ducts and hold up the huge sheets of glass, 8.5 metres in length, to form a dome. During the day, the windows offer a breath-taking panoramic view of the ship’s surroundings, while at night it becomes a high-tech screen offering a spectacular augmented reality view of the starry night sky.

Flaviano Perelli

Benetti Settantasette technical specifications

LOA 77 m / 252’62’’ ft
Wider 14.20
Generators 5 variable speed Caterpillar:
4 x CAT32 (1048 ekW @ 2300 rpm)
1 x CAT18 (563 ekW @ 2100 rpm)
Max speed 16 knots
Range 5,000 miles at 12 knots
Accommodations Guests 12
Crew 19
Designer Fernando Romero
Builder Benetti

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