Calixas C 105

by Calixas and Gregory C. Marshall

Long time friends Montie Twining (accomplished entrepreneur) and Gregory C. Marshall (naval architect) had the ambitious idea of creating the next generation of full displacement, classed, contemporary expedition yachts-ocean voyagers with brawn to match their beauty. What began many years ago as a concept yacht dreamed up between two loyal friends, was the impetus that led to the formation of Calixas Yachts. Gregory Marshall, though not an owner, is an integral part of the company. His design skills and over 20 years of naval architectural accomplishments have helped Calixas create the world’s premier luxury voyager of the 21st century. But the idea doesn’t stop there. After a careful review of market trends, Montie Twining is boldly steering the company into producing for a niche market of eco-conscious vessels.
“We chose the cleanest burning engines and generator sets we could find,” says Twining. “The amount of fuel a ship burns on its travels and exhausts into the atmosphere is where a displacement style hull really wins. It takes so much less power to push it through the water, at any given speed. If someone just has to build their own custom yacht, and is willing to wait 24-36 months to go play, Calixas is not a match for them” says Twining. “But, if they want to go play right now, in a masterfully designed expedition yacht that is MCA safe and DNV/ISO world class engineered, then Calixas is their best choice and the most beautifully styled boat they could wish for.”
Calixas studied the most successful yacht companies in business today, and saw a niche in direct sales of displacement-style spec-built yachts. A healthy spec-boat line will help to insure an owner of a resale market if they want to get out of yachting altogether, or move up to another yacht. They will come ready to go, including plates, glasses, china, pots and pans, towels, linens, and most everything else other than food in the fridge.
The shipyard will initially limit the scope of its business to MCA/DNV/ISO classed, resin infused, under 500-ton contemporary displacement yachts and plans to build its yachts at premiere yards around the world.
One of the company’s goals is to be “green”. They chose the cleanest burning engines and generator sets they could find. Vacuum infusion, by its very nature, is a low VOC emitting process. A displacement hull design is inherently green.
They also pay very close attention to processes that ensure the maximum hypo-allergenic benefits and endeavour to be environmentally conscious whenever they can. Calixas yachts should be easily adaptable. If after an initial period of use, Owners decide to make some modifications to meet their needs or tastes, they should be able to do so without too much trouble and for significantly less than the cost and time of a custom build cycle. This is why Calixas strives to be a market leader in the innovative uses of technology, keeping in mind that good technology is simple to use and will lead to renown as a leading force in design and engineering excellence.
The Calixas philosophy is to be a leader in “straightforward” business practices… and to that end, consistent pricing is a keynote of all their programs, allowing buyers to feel confident they are getting the best deal.
The whole Boat Design Concept
“When a customer approaches us they have a dream in mind. Our role in this process is to act as translators. We write the instructions for the conversion of the Owner’s dream into a set of drawings that the team can build. These instructions take the form of styling, structural, mechanical, electrical and interior design. All of these disciplines have to be compiled into one safe sea-going vessel.
Each is designed for a specific client to meet specific requirements. Custom yacht designs afford us the opportunity to explore more exotic materials and hardware. In this type of program, we are typically hired by owners to produce a set of documents to build the vessel of their dreams. Large yachts take an enormous capital outlay. On vessels with elaborate details and seemingly unlimited budgets, we scrutinize every labour-reducing process appropriate for the program.
Our design processes are probably the most detailed in the industry which ensures our clients the most cost efficient method of achieving their dream, no matter how elaborate. Our clients see the sunsets and endless miles of wonderful cruising. Our duty is to ensure their expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Follow the links to view additional pictures, renderings, layouts, and virtual tours.
The team of naval architects and engineers at Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architects (GCMNA) covers all aspects of a yacht’s design from the first inspirational brainstorming session with you, the client, to the sea trials that validate the vessel’s performance.”
Calixas Holdings, based in the town of Austin (Texas), plans for a new line of smart, go-anywhere yachts. In keeping with the reputation of their hometown, there’s a lot of technology in it.
It’s a 105 ft full displacement yacht built by craftsmen around the world. The yacht will be both DNV and MCA classed.
Using principles and software that the automotive and aeronautical communities have mastered in recent years, the highly talented team at Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architects began developing early models of the Calixas 105’ almost immediately after the initial styling exercises were wrapped up.
Engineers at GCMNA tackled their most complex and complete engineering assignment to date. In some instances manufacturers made available 3-D models of their devices in addition to traditional 2-D shop drawings. Existing 3D computer models were used whenever available, but many had to be “built” a costly and time-consuming process. Some were outsourced to offshore programmers in Pakistan. The results of this commitment have provided the Calixas 105’ with a complete library of every system on board the yacht, and will make future designs for all Calixas yachts much more efficient. Immediate benefits of this process will greatly improve the quality of the 105 Hull#1.
The library is the most comprehensive of any large yacht built to date, according to Marshall. The value of the process was also affirmed when MCA plan inspectors praised the GCMNA team, noting that “the changes to plans were the least they had ever seen for a yacht submitted for MCA approval.” MCA is considered the yacht industry’s “Gold Standard” for safety issues and in many countries is a requirement for yachts to be offered for charter. The concept of the project takes its cue from extremely detailed 3D-computer models that lead to endless benefits farther along the line. Using the traditional 2-D shop design and combining it with computer-generated 3-D forms, right from the start the design team found all the little spaces in the hull that often go unused on bigger boats until further into production runs.
This detail made it possible to exploit previously unused spaces for fender storage, and boat hook nooks. In addition, lighting recess areas and seating are moulded directly into hull and superstructure parts. As for the hull and superstructure parts, the mould sets are some of the most complex and complete sets of their type. [...]

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