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The point of view

‘Image Culture’ and Neo-Baroque Trends in Yacht Design

Following the austere atmosphere of the medieval period and as the desire for perfect harmony reflected in Renaissance forms began to wane, in the 16th century the wealthy and well-educated members of the European Courts who might seek and engage the assistance of artists and architects began to require new expressive solutions in the works they commissioned it follows


Technology and Security

When ocean-going yachts occasionally cross certain ‘hotspots’ where piracy and acts of terrorism have been known to occur, or even simply when sailing in dangerous waters, they may be exposed to certain potential risks. it follows

Perini 47 M

by Perini Navi

Italian shipyard Perini Navi, recognised as an undisputed world leader in the design and construction of sailing super yachts, recently presented the new design for a vessel with a length overall of 46.5 metres, equivalent to 152 feet 6 inches. it follows

Royal Huisman 81m

by Royal Huisman with Dykstra N A and Mark Whiteley Design

At the Monaco Yacht Show last year Royal Huisman gave a world preview of “Project 400”, a contemporary three-masted schooner with an overall length of 81 metres (equivalent to 266 feet). Later, at the Monaco Yacht Show this year, Royal Huisman presented, as its latest world premiere, a detailed small-scale model of the boat to give visitors to their exhibition[.....]

Dynamiq GTT 115

by Dynamiq with Vripack and Porsche Design

Dynamiq is a young shipyard specialising in the construction of luxury super yachts, with its headquarters in Monaco and production facilities in the Viareggio area, Italy. it follows

Columbus 80 M

by Columbus Yachts | Palumbo Group, HydroTec and Guida Design

The Columbus Yachts production schedule for next year includes the delivery of the Columbus 80 Metres to her Owner. it follows

Couach 3700 Sport

by Couach Yachts and Clément Carbonne

Last year the French Couach shipyard devised and implemented a new company strategy that immediately led to a phase of expansion and the renewal of its range of products. it follows


The Benetti Yachts brand of the Azimut Benetti Group with Stefano Righini, Redman Whiteley Dixon and Pierluigi Ausonio

Identified only as BF103 during its design and construction, carried out at the Benetti Yachts plant at the Viareggio production site, the new superyacht was launched this year and in June it was delivered to its Owner, who decided it would be called ‘Skyler’. it follows

Seven Sins

by Sanlorenzo Superyacht Division with Officina Italiana Design

With the slow but inexorable passage of time, the historic Italian shipyard Sanlorenzo, founded in 1958, has seen the number of motor yachts delivered grow constantly with the passing years, and the size of the vessels launched has progressively grown with it. it follows


by Tankoa Yachts with Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini

Tankoa Yachts, the Italian shipyard specialising in the production of metal motor yachts with lengths of up The flag is French to 90 metres, or 295 feet, is introducing the new Vertige at the Monaco Yacht Show 2017. it follows

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