• Benetti Settantasette
  • CRN 74m CLOUD 9
  • LINEA 90 M
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Vulkan 42

by Vulkan Shipyard

Functional fusion. A yacht offering a modern combination of aesthetics and technology, rising to the ambitious challenge of being in the vanguard. By a company committed to setting new benchmarks.
The company is Vulkan Shipyard, and it started business last March 2007. it follows

Saint Nicolas

by Lurssen Yachts, Espen Øino International and Francois Zuretti

Fabulous intentions and sweet dreams. A modern, contemporary yet classically-inspired style allied to sophisticated elegance. These two elements form a timeless atmosphere imbued with a sense of pleasure and luxury, where comfort and relaxation are the order of the day. it follows


by CRN Spa - Ferretti Group

A light, bright fire-brand. Flowing technology: metal is moulded to form beautiful and well-proportioned exteriors. Light is used to sculpt space and materials, creating an intimate, cosy atmosphere for the modern interiors. A stylish yacht conceived for a life of luxury on the oceans, the ultimate expression of elegance and prestige. it follows


by Cantieri Navali Lavagna and Luca Dini Design

If we are to fully understand Framura, we must take a step back and look at the bigger picture – in particular her Owner’s intellectual background and personality. He adores the seafaring life and has an excellent knowledge of classical culture. When he steps on board his yacht, he wants to feel he’s on a real boat, not in a sushi bar or a luxury hotel suite. it follows

Couach 5000 Fly

by Couach Yacht

Fifty metres of French panache. The sharp styling, the sumptuous interiors and fine materials, the sheer power of this yacht’s performance: a world of creativity and revolutionary technology that is the very picture of abundant splendour and finery. The French art of luxury, no less. The Owner can express his most demanding wishes and Couach will turn them into a wonderful reality, with a “couture” approach. it follows

CBI 50

by Cbi Navi (Fipa Group), Interin and Hydro Tec

Fashion and power. Simple, refined beauty expressed in pure, sophisticated aesthetics, to make the exterior every bit as elegant as the interiors and add prestige to the vessel’s outstanding performance.
The Fipa Group, a highly prestigious Italian shipyard, has three famous brands recognised as among the world’s most exclusive: Maiora, AB Yachts and Cbi Navi. it follows

Areti I & Areti II

by the Burger Boat Company

A double dream come true. With these two splendid twin yachts, which are the very epitome of elegance, the Burger Boat Company has provided a tangible response to the wishes of its most important, demanding client: an Owner who dreamt of having his ideal yacht available at the same time in two different locations, freeing him from the limitations of time-consuming transfer journeys. it follows

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