CBI 50

by Cbi Navi (Fipa Group), Interin and Hydro Tec

Fashion and power. Simple, refined beauty expressed in pure, sophisticated aesthetics, to make the exterior every bit as elegant as the interiors and add prestige to the vessel’s outstanding performance.

The Fipa Group, a highly prestigious Italian shipyard, has three famous brands recognised as among the world’s most exclusive: Maiora, AB Yachts and Cbi Navi. Cbi Navi recently announced plans for the stupendous new fifty metre CBI 50 yacht: another addition to the Italian shipyard’s long list of successes over the years. The conception and creation of the new CBI 50 was a demanding project involving several renowned professional studios, with styling by the studios of Interin and with technical design by Hydro Tec. The vessel features perfectly clean outer lines, without any redundancies, with simple, clean lines and soft curves in the white painted superstructure. The dark blue hull is both slender and imposing, completing an image that does away with the usual overblown designs and useless ornamentation, sticking to sober elegance and refined synthesis. The new CBI Navi 50 yacht is a great international flagship ideally summing up all the technological quality and aesthetic value of elite Italian production.

The main data
The dimensions of the new CBI 50 yacht are those of an important flagship intended for an exclusive clientele with the right figures to make its mark all over the world. The Italian shipyard’s new boat measures exactly 49.58 metres long with a maximum width of 9 metres; the draught of the hull when half loaded is 2.15 metres, while displacement when half full is 350 tonnes. And the technical details of the CBI 50 yacht are just as impressive. Identified in the shipyard with the code Hull CBN 043, it has a hull and superstructures made of light, strong aluminium. In the engine room of the new CBI 50 yacht are two generous sixteen cylinder MTU series 16V4000 M93 turbo intercooled four-stroke direct injection diesel engines, each capable of supplying 4200 hp at 2100 rpm. Both engines are coupled with ZF reduction boxes. The power of the two engines, with a planing hull and an efficient bottom, will allow the yacht to achieve outstanding performance with a maximum speed of 24 knots
and a cruising speed of 22 knots.
The big fuel tanks can contain 85 thousand litres of fuel, and the water tanks have a capacity of 12 thousand litres. Onboard energy requirements are met with three dependable generator units based on two efficient 155 kilowatt Northerlight diesel generators and an efficient Northerlight 155 kilowatt diesel generator for use at night. The new vessel is manoeuvred by a robust electrically operated bow thruster with a power of 90 kilowatts.
The onboard air conditioning system is efficiently water cooled and offers about 200 kilowatts of cooling power. The bridge of the new CBI 50 yacht is fitted with complete instrumentation, including navigation and communication systems selected from among the best and most advanced professional equipment available, with instruments by Sperry Decca, C-Plath, Leica, Sailor and B&G by Simrad. [...]

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