Celestial Hope

by Heesen Yachts, Omega Architects and Intarya

Rational technology and visual beauty. Inside, an elegant style that masterfully blends classic and modern, with luxurious finishes and rich ornamentation; unusual pieces of furniture are combined to sophisticated effect with other furnishings and works of art; fabrics are picked from a bright colour palette.

A stylish concept, giving this yacht a warm, cosy atmosphere so that it feels like home. Dutch yard Heesen Yachts has been designing and building luxury yachts since 1978, with many of its creations receiving international awards.
The yard currently offers two wide ranges of yachts: the first offers fully custom displacing yachts with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure that come in three sizes: 47 metres/154 feet, 50 metres/164 feet, and 55 metres/180 feet.
The other range has semi custom yachts with a semi-displacing hull, with both hull and superstructure made from aluminium.
It comprises six models: the 3700 series measuring 37 metres/121 feet; the 4000 series, of 40 metres/131 feet; the 4400 series, measuring 44 metres/144 feet; the 4700 series(47 metres/154 feet); the 5000 series (50 metres/164 feet); and the 5500 series, with yachts measuring 55 metres/180 feet. 2008, the year in which Celestial Hope was launched, was also Heesen Yachts’ 30th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the yard freshened its image with a new corporate identity including a new logo and pay-off: “passion performance perfection”.
This sums up its thirty-year history inspired by passion, creating high performance yachts with a constant commitment to perfection of style and technology. These are the ideals with which Frans Heesen (President) and Fabio Ermetto (Commercial and Marketing Director) are leading the company through an expansion scheme that began last year, with a view to swiftly reaching their ambitious goals.
The yard’s order portfolio is impressive and growing constantly; Heesen is continuing in this positive direction by increasing the size of its yachts, and doesn’t seem to be suffering from the negative effects that the world financial crisis has had on the shipbuilding market in general. This is borne out by the quality and sheer number of vessels that Heesen has either recently delivered or is about to launch.
In 2006 Heesen put 5 yachts in the water, one with a displacing hull and the other four with semi-displacing hulls, including the 47-m Sirocco, build number 12947 and the first in the 4700 series. In 2007, the yard put another 5 yachts in the water – again, one displacing hull and four semi-displacing hulls.
These included the 44-m Sedation, build number 13644 and the first in the 4400 series, and the 50-m Galactica, build number 13350 and the first in the 5000 series. This last is the largest semi-displacing yacht built by Heesen to date.
Last year, Heesen launched and delivered a further 5 yachts, five semi-displacement hulls and two full displacement hulls. First, in spring, two yachts from the 4400 series were launched with a semi-displacing hull, the 44-m Sibelle (build number 13944) and the 44-m Agram (build number 14144).
In summer, a 47-m displacing hull yacht called Elandess was launched with build number 14047. Autumn ushered in another semi-displacing hull yacht, the 47-m Celestial Hope, build number 14247 and the second in the 4700 series – and she is the subject of this article in Yacht Première number 13. [...]

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