by Abeking & Rasmussen with Espen Oeino and Christian Liaigre

Cloudbreak, the motor yacht built by Abeking & Rasmussen which appeared on public display for the first time last year, flawlessly embodies the design philosophy that a cohesive form should logically follow from functional purpose. However, this assumption did not lead to any kind of compromise in the aesthetic concept of this impressive yacht, which was devised to navigate elegantly and safely throughout the world’s oceans. The 72-metre Cloudbreak has the technical characteristics and a cruising capability with a large enough autonomy range for the yacht to confidently tackle routes ranging from Greenland to Alaska, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Even so, everything on board this steel and aluminium yacht has been designed to offer a comfortable stay and a sporty lifestyle on board, permeated by an adventurous spirit while at the same time celebrating luxury and beauty. Cloudbreak was built by Abeking & Rasmussen, with naval architecture and marine engineering developed by the shipyard’s in-house technical team based on specifications set by a demanding Owner with a particular appreciation for German quality and its high standards of organisation and production. The Owner was closely involved in person in every phase of the complex project, making decisions on both technical and aesthetic matters with the constant support of his project manager of choice, Jim Evans of SuperYachtMonaco, who flawlessly coordinated all the many professionals working on the project. These included Andrew Tree and Stuart King of Superyacht Technical Services, who handled the technical support, as well as Lana Grineva and Captain Max Cumming, responsible for Owner supplies, and the team of engineers and artisans of specialists Rodiek, who created the furniture and fittings of the interiors, which also feature numerous works of art such as the wooden bas-relief by sculptor Mathieu Nab. Just like the theatre or the cinema, however, although everyone works closely on the stage or the set with the utmost dedication, at the end of the day someone has to play the leading role.

It’s a job that can be rather challenging in some ways as it means being on centre stage all the time, but someone has to do it. In the case of Cloudbreak, in addition to the Owner of course, that someone is Espen Øino who, together with his associate Jeremy Steddon, devised the exterior design and interior layout, while the interior styling was created by Christian Liaigre with his associates Veronique Chraprowicki and Guillaume Rolland. With this cast list, Cloudbreak could only meet with applause and success. To all appearances, the concept of Cloudbreak might look like the latest iteration of the tried and tested design principle “less is more” – the magic formula for any truly self-respecting exploration vessel – but in reality things are very different on this yacht, making her a unique, original presence in this segment. The best way of looking at this design from an analytical point of view probably lies in the strong cohesion achieved between the exterior and interior layout, which attains a complete symbiosis between the huge spaces, both in the open and under cover, with total, uninterrupted continuity across the full beam of every deck intended for socialising. Most importantly, from a compositional perspective, the overall look of the spaces and the solutions for the interiors lead inexorably to an analogy with a magnificent mansion with a mountain view, immediately revealing a great deal about the Owner’s personality and the particular decisions he made during the process of building his vessel. For the Owner, it was essential to have an explorer yacht with a generalist layout. The intended uses were specialist, certainly, but essentially it’s about being able to go anywhere. As a result, the design philosophy necessarily had to be different, and incorporate numerous other types of use. The origin of all this lies in the Owner’s passion for an active, adventurous lifestyle expressed overwhelmingly through his fanatical enthusiasm for winter sports, which he had no intention of giving up entirely even when spending long periods at sea, far from his usual mountains. In addition to offering all the typical opportunities and equipment for enjoying water sports, first and foremost the Owner wanted his yacht to provide the perfect base for winter sports on dry land. Consequently, in addition to the usual equipment for swimming and diving and an entire flotilla of water toys commanded by a pair of large tenders, Cloudbreak features a range of specialist equipment that has never appeared to date in the conventional fit-out of similar vessels in the same category – or indeed any other. One unique feature on board Cloudbreak is a ski room with a wide selection of skis and ski boots and a built-in boot warming rack, providing an ideal solution even for ski resorts like Davos or Courchevel. As the Owner is an aficionado of all kinds of winter sports, the sports equipment on board covers activities from cross-country skiing and downhill skiing to ski touring, mountaineering, hiking and all other mountain-based activities. To provide the best possible base for her Owner’s sporting adventures, Cloudbreak was specially designed to suit different operational latitudes, different climate zones and different seasons, and to incorporate attractive additional technical characteristics such as the helipad. This has been a central element of the design right from the start in the Owner’s brief to the designers. He specifically wanted to have a helicopter permanently on board so that he would always have an aircraft ready for rapid connections wherever the vessel travelled, not to mention for helicopter skiing, which is another of the Owner’s many sports of choice. As a result, the motor yacht has one of the few fully certified helicopter decks on any existing yacht, and the helideck is equipped with a full fire suppression system, a fuelling and defuelling system, pitch and roll indicators and wind instrumentation. It demonstrates just how fully integrated all the components in Cloudbreak’s design are, providing confirmation par excellence of the core principle underlying the entire yacht concept – enhancing a recreational lifestyle to the fullest in terms of sports and after-sports relaxation on board alike. The Owner specifically requested that the position of the helipad and the sun deck in relation to each other should allow for a quick, direct route between the helicopter disembarking point and the entrance to the welcoming interior where, in addition to comforting hot drinks, the Owner and his guests can relax in front of a large screen on which action footage that has just been recorded on Go Pros can be shown. In addition to this “speed sports before, slow relaxation after” function, the Owner’s personal vision for the yacht involved an uninterrupted sequence of spaces from the helipad through the sun deck lounge to the pool and sunbathing area, which follow on from one another seamlessly to provide an outstanding opportunity for further performance and entertainment activities. The entire sun deck is devised as one huge space facing the surrounding seascape with a 360-degree view all the way to the horizon – an unparalleled setting for informal parties or exclusive receptions, not to mention evenings of refinement before dancing the night away. For the latter, the space turns into an amazing disco with a sound system and disappearing loudspeakers built into the teak deck and bulwarks, all managed from a disc jockey station which also controls huge screens and striking multi-coloured laser light shows. Evidence of the Owner’s express wish to experience open-air living to the fullest, for himself and his guests alike and in every way possible, is to be seen on all the other decks on Cloudbreak as well. One example of this lies in the double observation decks built on the mast which provide a luxurious version of the classic crow’s nest, with day beds and sofas for enjoying relaxing activities such as whale watching or gazing at fjords, coastlines and mountain peaks in comfort. The winter garden on the bridge deck is also a perfect fit for the Owner’s outdoor lifestyle and philosophy. This space, next to the sky lounge, offers a huge but most importantly versatile area on the yacht, which can be kept completely open when in hot climates, or entirely enclosed in cold climates. A sophisticated system of sliding glass panels engineered in-house by Abeking & Rasmussen’s technical team makes this possible, opening or closing to create all the flexibility needed in this special space on board the yacht for full practicability and relaxation regardless of ambient climate conditions. Certainly no less interesting from a recreational and socialising point of view is the large salon on the main deck which, in addition to a living area and a dining area, also features an unusual fireplace lounge to welcome visitors on board with style and convenience when meteorological conditions outside are somewhat prohibitive due to low temperatures. This part of the salon also features a digital chart table displaying information in real time covering everything from the course the yacht is following to the availability of activities that can be arranged at the destinations within reach of the route, and possible trips that can be made for these activities. All of this avoids the need to bring groups together in the wheelhouse to pore over and discuss planned routes and cruise programmes, as everyone can sit together comfortably in the salon where well placed display screens on the walls also continually show not only the yacht’s course and current position but also all the technical data on navigation, such as relative and actual speed of the vessel, wind intensity and direction, and air and water temperature. This “action and relaxation” approach adopted by the Owner when shaping the spaces and interiors throughout the vessel is also clearly visible on Cloudbreak’s lower deck, where he and his guests can enjoy the beach club area with a mix of intense activity and calm serenity. It’s a huge, spectacular space facing directly onto the water from both the stern platform and two side hatches, featuring a relaxation area with sofas and a lounge bar on one side, and a large fitness area on the other with a cutting-edge gym equipped with every possible piece of equipment, not to mention an extensive wellness space with a treatment room, sauna room and chilled plunge pool. Last but certainly not least, the Owner’s brief to the designers for the interior styling prominently featured the recreational lifestyle concept as well. Exquisite interior styling emphasises sophisticated decoration and furnishings, as per the Owner’s requirements, with a particular focus on fine detailing in terms of both form and material combinations. The Owner wanted to have a welcoming, warm yacht interior to come back to after days of extreme sports. The challenge was to create a cosy interior without using too much dark wood so that the yacht would still have a sporty, fresh, youthful look. Soft palettes were used in the lounges to create a cosy atmosphere together with tinted brushed pine. On closer inspection, many of the key interior décor features which at first glance could look like styling alone are in fact entirely practical and functional. In short, this is a genuinely stunning piece of work!


Flaviano Perelli

Photos by Christopher Scholey


Hull typeTwin Screw Motor Yacht
Superstructure Aluminium
Length over all72.25 m / 237’04’’ ft
Beam max.12.40 m / 40’68’’ ft
Draft3.45 m / 11’32’’ ft
Gross Tonnage2293 GT
Main Engines 2 x CATERPILLAR
Maximum speed~ 16,50 knots
Cruising speed ~ 14,00 knots
Range @ 13 knots~ 6000 nautical miles
Propellers5 bladed fixed pitch
Main Generators3 x CATERPILLAR C18 DITA, 1500 RPM, 438 kW
Emergency Generator 1 x MAN D2866, 1500 RPM, 270 kW
Fuel oil~ 170 t
Fresh water~ 35 t
Helicopter fuel~ 6 m3
Bow thruster 1 x BRUNVOLL low noise tunnel thruster,
Electric motor: approx. 250 kW
Stern thruster 1 x SCHOTTEL Jet Thruster; Electric motor: approx. 220 kW
Stabilisers2 x pair of zero-speed active fin stabilizers
Anchor capstans2 x vertical anchor capstans electrically driven
Helicopter Landing Full HCA certified helicopter landing platform incl.
fueling and refuelling
Accomodation: - Owner: 1 x Owner’s Area 85 sqm
- Guests: 4 x Double Cabin, each 25 sqm
1 x VIP Suite 20 sqm
- Captain: 1 x Double Cabin 14 sqm
- Crew: 16 x Berths 116 sqm
Total living areas:- Owner and Guests: 660 sqm
- Crew: 480 sqm
Classification Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (LRoS)
Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA)
Exterior DesignerEspen Øino International
Interior DesignerChristian Liaigre
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