Codecasa 42 Vintage

by Cantieri Navali Codecasa with Studio Annamaria and Franco Della Role

With its new Vintage Series, the famous Italian shipyard Codecasa sets out on a voyage into the past to rediscover the immutable fascination of a glorious era and bring back the eternal beauty of a classic standard. The first fruit of this cultural and design concept is the new Codecasa 42 model, the first hull of which was launched by the Viareggio-based shipyard in June 2011.

After completing its maiden voyage, this gentleman’s yacht was displayed at the 21st Monaco Yacht Show in September of the same year. In the prestigious setting of the Monaco show, the new Codecasa mega yacht attracted the attention of all the show’s visitors, who expressed great interest in the exclusive vessel.

Elegantly distinguished by the colour contrast of its blue painted hull and white painted superstructure, the vessel by the historic shipyard has simple, traditional lines drawing inspiration from times gone by.

It’s a legendary past, although not too distant, and the new yacht evokes its charm, drawing on the distinctive features of ships that made nautical history and rose to the rank of immortal legend.

Like these, the Vintage Series also aspires to be recognised as a renewed model of classic beauty and the first Codecasa 42 Vintage, like its seductive image, is a shining example of unostentatious elegance and could be considered as the yacht that marks the start of a new era in shipbuilding, opening up a new frontier in the most exclusive luxury sector. With its new yacht, Codecasa turns a nostalgic but not melancholy gaze back on the past, although avoiding any vain celebration of values that are now lost. Instead, Codecasa has demonstrated a definite desire to recover a truly timeless style and find within it an innovative boost in order to project a new aesthetic concept into the future.

It’s a concept that therefore celebrates the special union of old and new represented by the new Codecasa 42 Vintage, a motor yacht devised to meet the ever-growing need to return to large spaces and simplicity of use, alongside the growing, more innovative quest for comfortable interiors and functional accessories. For the exterior of the new Codecasa 42 Vintage, lines with a faintly retro flavour form a beautiful style of yesteryear that can still awaken strong, exhilarating emotions.

Inside, the richness of valuable materials is allied with an intentionally sober, relaxed interior design that produces an enveloping welcoming effect capable of evoking luxurious sensations and exclusive atmospheres.

Naturally, the new Codecasa 42 Vintage harmoniously weds the glamour of the past with the advantages of modernity: classic aesthetic forms coexist with the most advanced technology. Designed with all the experience and skill of the glorious Italian shipyard Codecasa, the new Codecasa 42 Vintage has been built using cutting-edge construction techniques. The hull is in high-resistance AH36 steel and the superstructure is in 5083 H 321 aluminium light alloy. Now that the vessel is complete, the new motor yacht is 42.5 metres in length with a beam of 9 metres, with displacement when fully loaded verging on 400 tonnes. In its engine room, the new Codecasa 42 Vintage has two powerful, reliable CAT 3512C engines by Caterpillar, each capable of supplying power of 1,650 HP. Coupled to Schaffran S class five-blade propellers, the engines can push the new motor yacht to a top speed of 17 knots. At 11 knots, the yacht has a range of 4,000 nautical miles. Safety at sea is ensured by the latest equipment to make this motor yacht safe and suitable for long-distance travel in all weather conditions.

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