Codecasa 65

by Cantieri Navali Codecasa S.p.A.

Two new motor yachts are currently in the advanced phases of production at the facilities of the famous Italian shipyard Codecasa: the Codecasa 50, with build number C 121, and the Codecasa 43, with build number F 76. Both belong to the successful, exclusive Vintage series by Cantieri Navali Codecasa, which we wrote about here when the first hull of the series – the acclaimed Codecasa 42 – was built.

Yacht Première followed the production of the two hull, build number F 73 and F 75, in detail at every stage. In issue 22, we set out the data and presented the design of F 73, in issue 26 we provided an update to our readers during construction of F 75, and finally in issue 31 we comprehensively discussed the finished product F 75 straight after the vessel was launched. In this issue, however, we are publishing a preview of the initial summary information provided by the Italian shipyard regarding the brand new design for the Codecasa 65 metres. She will join the three magnificent 65-metre vessels that preceded her launch: her predecessor Main, build number C 115, took to the water in 2008, followed by the classic Lady Lau, build number C 118, in 2010, and her contemporary Family Day, with build number F 71.

These last two luxury motor yachts took centre stage in full portraits published in Yacht Première in the same year – issue 18 for the first and issue 19 for the second.

For this new 65-metre project by Codecasa the Italian shipyard’s in-house design team carried out a detailed, in-depth stylistic study, innovatively revisiting all the unique aesthetic characteristics that distinguish the three abovementioned 65-metre vessels. Domenico Gozzani, exterior stylist at Cantieri Navali Codecasa, has this to say about all the work done by the team and the aesthetic result: “The new Codecasa 65 is a sober, elegant yacht that immediately conveys a feeling of solidity, although without appearing too unyielding. Her deliberately hypermasculine profile, with a balance between classic and contemporary lines, is striking thanks to the utterly natural, considered synthesis of the Codecasa naval tradition and evolved classic lines, in search of a new classic look through conceptual subtraction.”

These words describe a stylistic exercise that sums up and enhances the classic yet also modern lines that have always contributed to making the style of Codecasa yachts immediately recognisable and unmistakably identifiable over the years. With her extremely clean, clear-cut lines, the new Codecasa 65 also makes fresh use of the stylistic elements typical of the naval tradition in a cultivated, refined way, keeping the dialogue of lines to minimum requirements and staying wholly in line with the philosophy of simplicity and functionality that a modern design must rightly follow.

Thanks to her solid appearance and a judicious balance between the hull and superstructure, the yacht’s impact at first glance is a natural attractiveness, a spontaneous allure based on harmony of form, with no loss of poise and no attempt to stun at any cost with the use of gaudy visual devices, special effects that are equally banal, or vagaries patterned on passing fashions.

For its part, the interior layout takes advantage of the generous internal volume and covers four large decks: the bridge deck will house the wheelhouse and sky lounge; the upper deck is entirely for the Owner’s use with a private suite and salon; the main deck is intended for socialising, with a large salon and dining room for hospitality and convivial occasions; and the lower deck is the guest deck with four staterooms.

We will come back to this yacht as soon as possible with precise data and more detailed information.

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