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A new unit from the Codecasa Vintage series is about to take to the sea – the 43-metre C122.


In a historic Italian shipyard, the finishing touches are presently being put to a new model in the famed Vintage range, with which Codecasa has offered the market a timeless series of yachts. This vessel is another 43-metre unit, following four others built since the shipyard in Viareggio introduced its Vintage project in 2011 with a 42-metre yacht, followed by another of the same length, a 43-metre and a 50-metre, all of which were built before they were purchased by an owner. Choosing to do business in this way reflects the shipyard’s confidence in this range, a confidence that was clearly well-placed given the success each of the units produced has enjoyed to date, all of them having been sold on the international market. One of the definite advantages available to those interested in these ships is that the ship will be yours just six weeks from the date of order – even if you need the yacht to be personalised, which the shipyard is happy to do. Of course, if personalising the yacht entails making structural changes, the time frame may have to be extended, but the yacht will still be ready in time for you to enjoy it quickly, so you can start planning your first season aboard straight away.

We believe this project is a winner for a great number of reasons, as this timeless range chosen by the designers and approved by the shipyard’s managers means that these yachts will always be up to date, which also means they will hold their value in case the owner decides to upgrade to a larger yacht after a few years. So, we have a classic shape with modern contents and hydrodynamic features allowing for an increased range of 4,000 nm at 11 knots while being amazingly comfortable, with equipment chosen for the installations all being high-quality and cutting-edge. All of these features can be found in every model in the Vintage range, and the installations are upgraded between launches meaning that each unit is a unique yacht even though they all bear the same name. We met with Fulvia Codecasa, who described the Vintage project for us and told us more about the C122:

“We’ve always had great faith in the Vintage project – well-placed, as it turns out, given that every unit produced before the C122 was built without an advance order and fully financed by the shipyard itself, as was the case with the C122. We have believed in this project right from the outset, and the market has proven us right. The ingredients that in our view have contributed to its success are its classic, sober, evergreen style incorporating traditional features, but with a modern twist. Furthermore, the entire Vintage range has generous interior spaces, comfortable outside areas, the installations are all of the latest generation, the vessels are classic yet elegant, and have reasonable energy consumption. This sets them apart. There’s no single reason why these kinds of yachts have proved popular; rather, a wide range of features have made – and continue to make – these yachts unique”.

Since the first unit in the series, the 42-metre “Magari”, was launched in 2011, each custom yacht has included innovative layout or installation features. In the case of this latest Vintage ship, which features set it apart?

The layout of the sun deck sets this yacht apart. Compared to the previous three units, this yacht has a roll bar instead of a traditional central tree with a hardtop, which partly covers the sun deck area. On an aesthetic level, this results in a sportier and more powerful appearance, while on a practical level the sun deck area is more functional and offers greater ease of use”.

This unit doesn’t have an owner yet – can you talk about that a little?

“The C122 is almost ready to be launched, so delivery can be scheduled very promptly – six weeks from the date the contract is signed, at most, which is the “technical” period needed to carry out tests and checks in dock and at sea while also putting the finishing touches to the documentation needed to transfer ownership to the buyer. The yacht is finished, but it can still be customised in terms of interior decor since the starting point is very neutral – furniture, bulkheads, floorings and ceilings – and simply changing the colour of the bedspreads or some wall panels would completely change the overall interior”.

The interiors of the Vintage C122 are classic and are mostly white. What was the reasoning behind this choice, and what outcomes did this have in relation to the feeling of space? 

“This range of yachts, or at least the 42-43 metre versions, have always had light interiors since the F73 was built in 2011. This was a stylistic decision, at least in the beginning, which we made because we wanted the environment to evoke a sense of freshness and the open sea – the kind of atmosphere you associate with large holiday homes in the Hamptons. In terms of perceived space, you can easily imagine what the outcome is: the interiors are already very generous, and this is further amplified by the use of light materials”.


We wanted to request some technical information from the person who managed the construction of the yacht, project manager and engineer Gianluca Imeri.

From a technical perspective, i.e. fittings, engines, transmission and so on, did you make any particular choices for this latest addition to the Vintage range?

“As well as the usual attention to detail to ensure we use the best materials and accessories on the market, on the C122 we installed the stabilisers on the electric anchor to improve overall comfort, and acoustic comfort especially”.


One feature that particularly stands out in this new model is its range, an impressive 4,000 miles at a cruising speed of 11 knots. Another interesting piece of data is that its maximum speed is 16.5 knots with two Caterpillar 3512C engines each pumping out 1,650 HP. Can you tell us something about the hydrodynamic study from which the hull derives? 

“When designing the hull, we paid close attention to refining the hull line so as to create a hull that has as little wave resistance as possible at the bow and the best water inflow in the propellers. Everything was designed and trialled in the testing tank, and has been confirmed in use on the boat.

Choosing an almost vertical bow allows for a longer waterline, which reduces resistance when sailing”.


These two main players from the Codecasa shipyard have told us a lot about this new yacht in the Vintage range, while the images we offer allow you to appreciate the level of care the shipyard – which has operated since 1825 and is still in the hands of the same family – puts into each yacht it builds. Codecasa is a shipyard that has always stood out for its building quality and for its skill in offering modern yachts that are never too far from classic styles. Even when it took a risk with ambitious modern projects such as the two Framuras at 45 and 50 metres, or the 51-metre Aldabra launched in 2011 or the amazing 65-metre Family Day, it was always a calculated risk and the yard has never produced yachts that can be categorised as being of a certain era, meaning they are all still contemporary and have interesting formal content. Codecasa is one of those shipyards that has not sought to be identified through its choices of projects over the years, and its choices have always reflected the shipyard’s own style. Codecasa expresses its DNA in the way it manages construction and in design and technical choices that lead to reliable yachts designed to offer the owner the freedom to sail on distant seas in safety and comfort. This shipyard has always played an outstanding role in the history of international yachting and is particularly important to Italy, where it is the only – and oldest – shipyard still in the hands of the family which founded it.

Angelo Colombo


CODECASA VINTAGE 43m C technical specifications

HullHigh tensile Steel AH36
SuperstructureAluminium 5083 H111/H321
L.O.A.43.00 m / 141’075’’ ft
Maximum beam9,00 m / 29’527’’ ft
Maximum draft2,60 meters / 8’530’’ ft
Full load displacement440 tons approx.
Main engines2 Caterpillar 3512C (1,650hp@1,800rpm)
StabilizersCMC Marine Stabilis Electra SE160
Generators2 Caterpillar C4.4 "Acert" 99 kW each
1 Caterpillar C4.4 "Acert" 65 kW - Emergency Generator
Propellers2 Detra 5 fixed blades, "S" Class
Maximum speed @ light displacement16.5 knots
Range4,000 Nautical Miles @11 knots
Fuel oil capacity65,000 Liters – 17171.18 USG
Fresh water capacity14,000 Liters – 3698.409 USG
Guests' cabins1 Owner's Suite
2 double bed Cabins
2 twin bed Cabins (with extra bunk)
Crew cabins1 Captain's Cabin
4 twin bed Cabins
ClassificationLloyd's Register EMEA✠100 A1 SSC "Yacht" MONO G6✠LMC/UMS/MCA LY3 Full Compliant
ShipyardCantieri Navali Codecasa Tre S.p.A.
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