Columbus 80 M

by Columbus Yachts | Palumbo Group, HydroTec and Guida Design

The Columbus Yachts production schedule for next year includes the delivery of the Columbus 80 Metres to her Owner. This leisure vessel will mark the Italian shipyard’s debut on the elite mega yacht market segment. Giuseppe Palumbo, CEO of Palumbo Group – Yachting Division, put it well when he told us: “Over 50 years of experience in the construction and refitting of large vessels allows us to enter the mega yacht segment with full knowledge of the objectives we can achieve thanks to the capabilities we have built up over the long journey we have taken to this point and the organisational structure of our business. These are strengths of which we can only be proud.”

As well as being the first mega yacht to be built by the Italian shipyard, the Columbus 80 M is
the first in a new line, one that, according to the commercial strategy prepared by Columbus Yachts management, will in the near future see further development in terms of size, with the production
of larger and larger vessels.The stages of the construction process with which this first mega
yacht by the Italian shipyard is being built are certainly also innovative, as Francesco Carbone, General Manager of Palumbo Group – Yachting Division explains: “A construction process was implemented for the production of the Columbus 80 Metres that required complex, multi-level organisation. It was split across two production sites so that work could be carried out in parallel rather than in series. The construction process therefore required substantial capacity, both in terms of the organisation of the work and coordination between the production site in Naples where the high-strength steel hull was built and the Ancona production site where the light aluminium alloy superstructure was built.” In this way, the two main components of the vessel were built at the same time, in accordance with the same instructions and to meet the same quality requirements, but reducing the delivery timescale by a full eight months. Last July, the hull of the Columbus 80 metres then travelled on a mobile floating platform from Naples to Ancona to be put together with the impressive superstructure. At this metallic union, Gianpaolo Lapenna, Product & Project Director at Columbus Yachts, said:  “Implementing the process was a challenge, from several points of view – structural, systems, construction and logistics. When the hull reached the superstructure in Ancona, the “marriage” of the two parts was completed in the new shed which has the capacity to house two vessels with lengths of up to 110 metres simultaneously. Our work was perfectly synchronised.” In terms of the technical design team as well, the experts worked together in complete harmony and with the utmost precision on the concept and implementation of the Columbus 80 M. Hydro Tec and the Columbus Yachts in-house team developed the naval architecture and marine engineering as well as devising the exterior design, while the interior design was created by Guida Design and the Columbus Yachts in-house team. From a technical design point of view, the Italian shipyard opted for classic, tried and tested solutions for the Columbus 80 M, such as the usual propulsion system with a pair of turbodiesel engines connected to the traditional shaft transmission, or the stabilisation system with a hydraulic system to control four fins, each of which has an effective surface area of 5 m2 or 54 square feet. Special attention was paid to the huge range of the Columbus 80 M, i.e. both the total distance that can be travelled and the total time that can be taken without needing to schedule a stop at an intermediate destination for refuelling or taking on more food supplies. This is evident in the capacity of the tanks and the desalination equipment, as well as the pantry areas and storage spaces. When it came to the aesthetic and stylistic design for the Columbus 80 M, the Italian shipyard again opted for classical inspiration in the exterior design, which calls to mind the harmony and elegance of the ocean liners that took to the water in the 1950s and 1960s, with their distinctive raked bows and all-white livery. However, thanks to a contemporary balance of form and the inclusion of innovative details, the Columbus 80 M has a modern appearance that promises to remain up-to-date and effectively timeless through the years to come. The extremely simple, contemporary style of the interior design creates a warm, welcoming, sophisticated and modern atmosphere, breathing life into the light-filled interiors which are designed with decisive, clear-cut lines and the simplest shapes.


The luxurious, exclusive fittings feature exquisite, high-quality materials selected with the greatest care for use in decorative claddings and furniture, distinguished by the calmness of their essentially neutral colour tones and harmoniously juxtaposed with exquisite refinement and little use of contrast. The layout of the Columbus 80 M is designed to offer generous space and the utmost comfort, accommodating up to 16 passengers in one master stateroom and seven guest staterooms, as well as up to 20 crew in one captain’s cabin, one staff cabin and eight crew cabins. The lift in the centre of the vessel has a glass cabin and a shaft in cylindrical sections, and connects all the decks on the mega yacht from the lower deck where the guests disembark from the tenders to the sun deck where it opens straight into the open air. On the top deck of the mega yacht, offering an uninterrupted panoramic view all the way to the horizon, there is a 7-metre / 23-foot swimming pool equipped for counter-current swimming, with water supplied from a spectacular “water blade” cascade waterfall that also separates it from another adjacent pool with hydromassage function, which is covered and protected on three sides since it is built into the base of the hard top. In addition to the sun deck, the bridge deck and the upper deck also have spaces intended for socialising. On the bridge deck, this takes the form of a fitness area laid out with a gym and a massage room, while the upper deck features a salon laid out as a multimedia lounge equipped with a home cinema system. The lower deck also makes a stellar contribution with the immense beach club, which has a lounge bar and a day head as well as the adjoining wellness area, featuring a sauna room and a hammam. Three large folding hatches, one in the transom and the other two in the sides, open out to expand the available beach club space at water level from its original 100 m2, or 1,076 square feet, to 200 m2, or 2,152 square feet. The private accommodation is distributed across three decks: the large Owner’s suite is located on the upper deck, featuring a 180-degree view of the sea, while the six guest staterooms can be found on the main deck and finally a supplementary guest stateroom has been placed on the lower deck, and can also be used as a versatile additional space.

Above the fore deck on the new Columbus 80 M, there is a helipad, and below it there are two garages for storage of the service tender/rescue boat and three jet skis/waverunners, while the two lower deck garages are intended to house the two main tenders which have lengths of 10 metres / 32 feet 10 inches and 7.5 metres / 24 feet 7 inches, respectively.


Jacob Herzogh

Model Columbus 80 m
Columbus 80 m Full displacement
Hull Material Steel
Superstructure Material Aluminium
Length overall 79,90 m / 262’138’’ ft
LWL, Full load 69,47 m / 227’919’’ ft
Maximum Beam 12,90 m / 42’323’’ ft (approx)
Draught at Full Load Draught at Full Load
Dislplacement at Full Load 1691 t (approx)
Gross Tonnage 2250 t (approx)
Fuel Oil 219.000 litres / 57,853.68 US gallons
Fresh Water 52.000 litres / 13,736.95 US gallons
Black /Grey Water Tank 22.700 litres / 5,996.706 US gallons
Main Engines 2 x MTU 16V4000M63L
Engines Power 2 x 2240 kW @ 1800 rpm
Gear Boxes 2 x ZF 7645
Main Genset 2 x 360 kW
Emergency Genset 1 x 185 kW
Thrusters a fixed pitch bow thrusters, power abt 350 kW
Stabilizer Two pairs of non-retractable fins, including Zero speed stabilization
Maximum Speed (100% MCR) 16,5 knots
Economic Speed 12,0 knots
Range at Economic Speed 6000 miles
Desalination plantTwo desalinators, total capacity 24000 lt/day
Air conditioningCondaria
Bolilers Gianneschi
Classification ABS ✠ A1 Commercial Yachting Service ✠ AMS ✠ ACCU
Guests / cabins 12 / 8
Crew / cabins 19 / 8
Naval Architect Hydro Tec / Columbus Yachts
Exterior Design Hydro Tec / Columbus Yachts
Interior Design Interior Design
Shipyard Columbus Yachts
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