Couach 5000 Fly

by Couach Yacht

Fifty metres of French panache. The sharp styling, the sumptuous interiors and fine materials, the sheer power of this yacht’s performance: a world of creativity and revolutionary technology that is the very picture of abundant splendour and finery. The French art of luxury, no less. The Owner can express his most demanding wishes and Couach will turn them into a wonderful reality, with a “couture” approach.
Couach has been custom designing and hand building its luxurious yachts since 1897. Over time the company has built up a great deal of know-how. Even today, manual skills and fine craftsmanship play a big part in its creation of one-off yachts. For all Couach boats are made to measure. This yard’s true vocation is for yachts that are “tailor-made”, from the layout to the outfitting, to the design and the furnishings. After more than a century of experience, this element of its work has become increasingly important.
The yard’s large team – more than three hundred and fifty strong – all share the same passion for perfection and quality. Small wonder then that Couach has acquired a reputation for excellence. When a product has to be exceptional, Couach is aware that perfect knowledge of traditional skills is crucial, as nothing can replace artistic mastery and craftsmanship. So Couach always exceeds expectations. Quite aside from the choice of furnishings and decoration, Couach expands the usual offering of custom-made elements to include a helipad, lift, gym, and sauna, plus scuba diving and offshore fishing equipment. Owners make a wish, and Couach makes those wishes come true, with its couture spirit.
Naturally, when it comes to finishing the yacht’s interiors the yard uses rare marbles, fine woods, the finest fabrics and stylish leathers. Working closely with the Couach team, every customer can find his or her ideal solution, developing an intelligent layout with elegant furnishings.
Owners are totally free to customise their yachts to their own individual taste, from interior design and décor to onboard equipment and technology. They can choose from the yard’s in-house design team or use their own designers. Couach works with some of the most renowned European design talents, to create custom-made furnishings and layouts for yachts in any style, from simple to sophisticated, from high-tech to classical, incorporating the latest design fashions from Paris and Milan. Couach allows Owners to bring their ideal visions to life, reflecting their individual wishes and innermost dreams with totally personalised yachts. Naturally, however, every Couach yacht is a vessel intended for seafaring. Once again, more than a century of shipbuilding, common sense, inventiveness and skill mean that perfection is achieved every time. Couach has become a worldwide leader in shipbuilding, partly thanks to the design of its bottoms. This has won over many yachtsmen, offering them a number of crucial features. The hulls are designed to ensure the essential qualities demanded by those who actually know about sailing, such as expert skippers or Owners.
They are ideal in terms of speed and handling, safe over long distances in any weather conditions, with excellent stability and seaworthiness. So not only are they secure, but they also provide matchless comfort during cruising. Indeed, the hull’s excellent smoothness over waves allows the yacht to maintain its speed without beating down on the water and throwing the passengers about.
Small adjustments have also ensured that the engines work much more quietly and regularly, with less mechanical wear and tear and less fuel consumption. Couach’s Research and Development department works on both military and civil projects. This means that all of its experience in the military sector is transferred to its full range of pleasure craft. Essentially, each Couach yacht is built to comply with the strict requirements and restrictions of the military sector. This is particularly true of technologies and construction processes, strict requirements for reliability and safety, and the vessels’ behaviour in extreme weather and sea conditions.

The new flagship from Couach
Couach yachts boast excellent technical quality and superior styling. Over time the level of the company’s target clientele has become more and more exclusive.
2007 was a year of success, and marked the consecration of Couach’s entry into the world of large yachts. This was sealed with the launch of the two new 30- and 37-metre flybridge models. They made their debut during the autumn shows at Cannes, Monaco and Genoa. In a bigger, better repetition of the 2006 event when the 33-metre flybridge yacht was launched (from the new 3300 Fly series), last year’s yachts are truly stunning: the “Hummingbird”, from the new 3000 Fly series, and the “Kadimo’s”, from the new 3700 Fly series.
All of these yachts featured the distinctive new exterior styling which is becoming a trademark of the French brand. But what made this a really special time for Couach was the confirmation of a major order to design and build a fast transatlantic yacht of 50 metres. The project had been presented in 2006, with a number of positive consequences for Couach, and not just in terms of reputation.
For the new flagship it was necessary to expand the production site, with a new 4400 square-metre hangar. This was a logical step given the increasing number of orders that the company was receiving for yachts of over 30 metres. This category now makes up more than 90 percent of Couach’s contract portfolio. The yard’s current production range starts at 20 metres, but many models exceed 30 metres while some extend as far as 50 metres. This section of the range, with yachts over 100 feet, now consists of a collection of four yachts: the 3000 Fly Yacht, the 3300 Fly Yacht, the 3700 Fly Yacht, and the new 5000 Fly Yacht. This last is the new, exclusive flagship from Couach. Its launch is expected to take place in mid 2009. [...]

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