by Cantieri Navali Codecasa

Return to the distinctive lines for which Codecasa creations are known – classic and traditional while at once modern and contemporary, with stunning, pure white shining all over. Inside, the owners wanted the ambience and décor to be inspired by the beauty of classical Italian art.

Codecasa is a historic Italian shipbuilder dating back to 1825. Guided by tradition, the yard has always been run by the same family, and today Codecasa continues to be a leading symbol of Italian excellence, with a prestigious international reputation to boot. The yard has three production sites called Ugo Codecasa, Codecasa Due and Codecasa Tre.
At each of them there are climate controlled, roofed spaces in which luxury motor yachts are fully custom-built to lengths ranging from 30 to 80 metres (i.e. from 100 to 300 feet). The exclusive range from Cantieri Navali Codecasa currently comprises three lines of yachts: the Codecasa series, with a displacing hull; the Codecasa Sport with a planing hull and hydrojet propulsion; and the new series, Codecasa Vintage, with a displacing hull and a practically vertical bow.
The latter is an innovative addition which opens up new possibilities for Codecasa in the near future, such as the first 42-metre Codecasa Vintage and the first 50-metre Codecasa Vintage. This is an interesting new development which comes hot on the heels of a very productive period of hard work in the yard’s recent past, proof of the Italian brand’s excellent reputation among yacht owners the world over, whether they are new, satisfied customers or loyal clients who keep coming back. Codecasa’s recently launched luxury yachts have attracted plenty of interested newcomers and enthusiastic return customers, with classic, traditional vessels along with avant-garde, modern creations. Here’s a brief overview of these contemporary masterpieces: in 2003, Apogee, a 62-metre Codecasa with hull n° C108: Mariù, a 50-metre Codecasa with hull n° F65: Carina, a 35-metre Codecasa with hull n° C33; in 2004, Andale, a 50-metre Codecasa with hull n° F66; Flying Dagger, the first unit from the Codecasa Sport 35-metre series with hull n° C109; in 2005, Iliki VIII, a 51-metre Codecasa with hull n° C111; Maria Carla, the second Codecasa Sport 35 metres, with hull n° C113; in 2006, Regina d’Italia, a 51-metre Codecasa with hull n° F67; Moneikos, a 62-metre Codecasa with hull n° C112 featured in a lengthy article published two years ago in issue number 4 of Yacht Première;
in 2007 came Ferdy, a 43-metre Codecasa with hull n° F68; Family Day, the first ever 41-metre Codecasa Sport with hull n° F69, featured in an article published last year in issue number 6 of Yacht Première; in 2008, MAIN, a 65- metre Codecasa with hull n° C115; and Emelina, a 51-metre Codecasa with hull n° F70 which is the subject of this article. The high-profile brand is working hard, seemingly unaffected by the negative impact of the current world economic crisis, thanks to its reputation and impeccable quality. The yard continues to work on its traditional vessels and its more modern, innovative builds and several are currently under construction and scheduled for launch and delivery in the near future. Here’s a quick summary of the most recent builds: this spring, the second 41-metre Codecasa Sport was launched, with hull n° C119; while next year, in spring and summer respectively, a 65-metre Codecasa with hull n° F71, a 65-metre Codecasa with hull n° C118 and the first ever 45-metre Codecasa Sport, with hull n° F72 will be launched and delivered, while a 51-metre Codecasa with hull n° C116 will also see the launch and delivery and which will virtually be the sistership to Emelina. [...]

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