Explorer 32 Metres

by Sunrise Yachting, Drettmann Yachts and Focus Yacht Design

In the glittering world of luxury yachting, there is always a time for magnificent, exclusive events and impressive strategic alliances. In December 2010, the German shipyard Drettmann Yachts and the Turkish shipyard Sunrise Yachts decided to use their synergies.
The new company, officially presented on the international market in January last year, is a powerful combination created to think positively during the global economic crisis, and to combine the skills and capabilities of the two partners with a view to obtaining a winning result.
To achieve commercial success worldwide, the new partnership got started by making the most of the store of experience of Drettmann and Sunrise, and can also count on high technology and innovative aesthetics, not to mention the most important point: cutting-edge design.
The complete integration achieved through this collaboration has generated synergies with positive effects on the quality of the product and the competitiveness of the price.
This is thanks both to Drettmann Yachts with its 40 years in yacht construction, organisation and sales – all “Made in Germany” – and Sunrise Yachts, with its high standards of quality and advanced technical qualifications, German management, highly qualified Turkish staff and reasonable production costs.
As a result of the synergies and integration with Sunrise Yachts, Drettmann Yachts has taken the strategic decision to relaunch its brand and completely renew its image and production output, with the specific aim of achieving ambitious commercial objectives, particularly in the market sector of vessels over 30 metres / 100 feet in length.
Consequently, Drettmann Yachts has completely reinvented its production range series, harmonising design ideas with contemporary trends to perfectly match the new requirements and expectations of today’s Owners. Drettmann Yachts has therefore now prepared a new range of luxurious, unique, exclusive motor yachts with a variety of size and type options, based on a completely new concept that incorporates numerous innovative characteristics.
Three new product lines have been created: Drettmann Motor Yachts (DMY), vessels with a planing hull, built in aluminium for both the hull and the superstructure, and available in lengths from 20 metres / 65 feet to 37 metres / 122 feet; Drettmann Explorer Yachts (DEY), vessels with a full displacement hull, built in steel for the hull and aluminium for the superstructure, and available in lengths from 27 to 45 metres; and Drettmann Super Yachts (DSY), vessels with a full displacement hull, built in steel for the hull and aluminium for the superstructure, and available in lengths from 40 metres / 132 feet to 65 metres / 214 feet.
In January last year at the Düsseldorf Boat Show, Drettmann Yachts officially presented the Drettmann Motor Yachts line to the public with models DMY 20 m, DMY 27 m, DMY 32 m and DMY 37 m, alongside the Drettmann Explorer Yachts line with models DEY 27 m, DEY 32 m and DEY 45 m.
In September 2013 at the Cannes and Monaco Yacht Show, the first builds of the new models in both the Drettmann Motor Yachts line and the Drettmann Explorer Yachts line will probably make their debuts, but for the moment, before this major event, the current issue of Yacht Première is proud to preview the Drettmann Explorer 32 Metres. [...]

Explorer 32 Metres technical specifications

LOA32,5 m / 106’63” ft
LOW27.50 m / 90’22” ft
Beam max.8.30 m / 27’23” ft
Draft max.2.5 m / 8’20” ft
Displacement (light ship)approx. 230 tons
Displacement (fully loaded) approx. 265 tons
Fuel39,000 litres / 10,30271 US gallons
Lube oil dirty 600 litres / 158,50323 US gallons
Lube oil clean400 litres / 105,66882 US gallons
Day tank1,000 litres / 0,26417205 US gallons
Hydraulic oil6,000 litres / 1,5850323 US gallons
Fresh water2,000 litres / 0,5283441 US gallons
Holding tank2,000 litres / 0,5283441 US gallons
Max speed13 knots, at half load displacement
Range5,000 miles at economical cruising speed at half load displacement using two engines and one generator
Classification@ YACHT, @ MACH Charter Yacht, Motor,
S – Unrestricted Navigation, UMS, MCA, BV bureau
Veritas Certification
This vessel will comply with all of the requirements of LY2 - The Large Commercial Yacht Code Large for vessels 24 metres and over in load line length and the Code of Practice that applies to yachts which are in commercial use for sport or pleasure, do not carry cargo and do not carry more than 12 passengers.
Naval ArchitectureOYD / Sunrise Yachting
Engineering & ClassificationÖzgün Yacht Design
ExteriorFocus Yacht Design
Interior Design & Styling Drettmann Yachts and Focus Yacht Design
BuilderSunrise Yachting Yatcilik Sanayi ve Ticaret, Ltd.
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