Family Day 41s

by C.N.Codecasa, Andre Bacigalupo and Annamaria & Franco Della Role

The latest new jewel from Cantieri Navali Codecasa is a powerful, high-performance open sport motoryacht made entirely out of ultralight aluminium alloy with a planing hull and water jet propulsion. It attracted a lot of attention at last autumn’s prestigious International Boat Shows in Genoa. The new motoryacht will soon be followed by another addition to the 41S series, a sister ship currently under construction in the shipyard and due to be delivered into 2009. Thus Codecasa continues producing the sporty line it began to make some time ago with the two beautiful Mariacarla 35S series of sister ships, first in silver-grey and then in blue.

Sporty exterior styling
The new Family Day 41S features a smart two-tone metallic grey colour scheme, darker for the hull and lighter for the superstructure. Naval engineering is by Andre Bacigalupo, as are the strong lines of the exterior, characterised by an overall slenderness of volumes, which his expert hand has designed to be smooth yet aggressive. The large structure of the antenna mast and the big windscreen are both set at a strong angle, emphasising the streamlined forms of the side windows and the sundeck jutting out at the back. This sporty image is perfectly matched by the power of the engines, released in a sea of foam by high performance water jets.

Luxurious, elegant the interiors
There is a marked contrast between the markedly sporty exterior and the decidedly classic interior decor chosen by the Owners. Interior design is by Annamaria and Franco Della Role: the value of their work and the skill of the shipyard’s craftsmen won the boat the prestigious Best Interior Design 2007 award at the International Yachts Trophies. In the interiors, the warmth of the mahogany and feather mahogany used for the furnishings, doors and wall panels goes well with the quality dark leather and elegant upholstery in colourful, precious shantung silk.
The floor in the living room is made of dark wood panelling, while soft, light carpeting covers the floors in the guest cabins and the bathroom floors are paved with Portoro, Portugal pink, honey onyx, imperial green, black Saint Laurent and dark Emperador marble. [...]

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