Feadship SL 39

by Feadship & De Vries Scheepsbouw, De Voogt Naval Architects and Fokkema Architecten

Feadship has a strong reputation as a yacht-builder and is universally admired by those who know, thanks to the impressive vessels it has designed and built over time. Passion and a long tradition of building large boats are the noble characteristics of De Vries and Van Lent. These two Dutch shipyards make up the Feadship group, which has always led the way in building fine quality, highly creative yachts. Feadship has more than fifty years of experience and constant evolution under its belt, driven by a technical and creative inspiration that never fails to produce results. Feadship combines its artistic flair with the benefits of modern technologies and aims to help its clients design and build their own yachts. The group offers the best possible technical support and naturally gives Owners the opportunity to bring their desires
to fruition, working with their imagination in order to make their dreams come true. This is partly made possible by an advanced production system that employs the most modern equipment; utter punctuality in deliveries; total precision in technical and artisan workmanship, and care over every detail. Feadship is always coming up with new ideas, while guaranteeing quality without any compromises. The company is known for its professionalism and creativity, and above all for a special regard for elegance and exclusivity. In this way, the group helps to turn every single unit into a unique boat that clearly reflects the personality of her owner as faithfully as a hand-drawn portrait. The Owner is actively involved in creating the beauty of his own yacht. He can give his own personal touch of elegance and sophistication, moulding the yacht as an extension of his own personality, into something that will make his dreams and wishes come true.

An innovative concept of semi custom
In this way, each and every Feadship yacht becomes a true masterpiece due to excellent technical standards and the use of skilled craftsmen. However, this all-round customisation requires that everything is made to order, and therefore implies high costs that must not be underestimated when choosing a yacht of this kind. With more than half a century’s experience in building excellent fully customized yachts, the famous Dutch shipyard has now added a new production ethos to its existing one. This is aimed at optimising costs and catering for those Owners who aspire to having Feadship quality but do not wish to splash out too much on expensive custom elements. Now, with the new SL 39 series, customers can opt to purchase a new yacht from Feadship while taking advantage of the financial synergies of the semi custom series production. This is one of the most innovative offers on the large yacht market. With this formula, megayachts are built in series while at the same time leaving the boats’ prestige intact; so they can be customised to a great extent, with layouts and fittings chosen by the client. The solution offers considerable savings thanks to economies of scale, with lower costs than there would be for an identical custom yacht. It also guarantees shorter delivery times, without irksome drawn-out waits for Owners waiting to take delivery of their yachts. The group has been working on the financial aspects to allow greater economy in production and engineering costs. All of this gives the series a considerable advantage over the costs and times usually required for fully custom yachts. In order to offer its clients this positive solution,
the group has perfected an innovative semi custom concept, namely its new SL 39 platform. This has pre-set parameters and solutions for building the hull and superstructure, infrastructures, technical systems, technological apparatus and on-board equipment. This makes it possible for every Owner to be creative and put together his own personalized yacht, while remaining within certain technical parameters that are pre-set by the technological platform. So there’s no need to develop a different technological platform specifically for each new yacht.
This is a very interesting prospect, and was put into practice with the first two units from SL 39 series, the first and second units will be launched this year. The third unit is scheduled for delivery in Autumn next year. She has a steel hull and aluminium superstructure. The yacht is built on the basis of the truly advanced new technological platform. The platform comprises engines and power generator units, zero speed stabilizers, air conditioning system pipes and technical system conduits, a desalinator and a system for treating grey and black organic waste water. The control bridge instrumentation is a fully integrated cutting-edge system. Skilful designing has solved a number of technical problems. For example, noise and vibration levels will be much lower thanks to floating floors. The construction is the best of Dutch quality, using the finest materials and components, with excellent characteristics for a yacht in the forty-metre category. This quality of construction results in a motor yacht that compromises on nothing, and has been specifically conceived with a true yachtsman in mind.
The new Feadship SL 39 is a compact yacht with the possibility of a classic or modern styling. She is designed for the ideal life at sea, sailing freely in total tranquillity and safety, as befits the yard’s tradition. Privacy onboard is certainly guaranteed, partly due to the independent accommodations and passageways for the crew, which allow them to work efficiently without being inadvertently intrusive. The generous beam means that on this new yacht, the Owner and his guests will have very large interiors available as well as ample space on deck. The basic layout covers four decks of the yacht, and appears to follow a conventional arrangement, although numerous different versions are available. Indeed, complex studies were carried out on how to make the best use of space and organise the different areas. Thus the Dutch yard has perfected this innovative project, which is able to satisfy the requirements of every Owner. [...]

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