Framura 2

by Cantieri Navali Codecasa with Andre Bacigalupo, Anna Maria & Franco Della Role, Margherita Gozzi

At the beginning of summer last year, Cantieri Navali Codecasa launched Framura 2, and later delivered it to its Owner. This vessel is the largest sports motor yacht produced to date by the famous Italian shipyard. Framura 2 is the first build of the Codecasa 45s, and therefore currently the flagship of Cantieri Navali Codecasa’s prestigious sports fleet, officially titled Open Codecasa Sport but known as
“the Maria Carla series”. This series, which began with the first Codecasa 35s Maria Carla, and to which the illustrious Codecasa 41s model also belongs, will soon be expanded to include a new Codecasa 50s, the first build of which is already under construction.

However, the great success achieved with the other, smaller models – fully confirmed by the numerous builds delivered – has been given yet another level of exclusiveness by the sports fleet’s new flagship. This absolute exclusiveness is perfectly reflected in Framura 2, from both a technical and an aesthetic point of view.
From a technical perspective, Framura 2, bearing Yard Construction Number F 72, is based on naval architecture developed by the well-known designer Andre Bacigalupo and was built in light aluminium alloy 5083 / H111 and 5083 / H321 for both the hull and the superstructure.
Framura 2 was built to comply with ABS classification standards. In terms of size, Framura 2 has a total length of 45.50 metres, equivalent to 149 feet 3 inches, and a total beam of 8.50 metres, equivalent to 27 feet 11 inches. Under a light load, the yacht’s displacement is 175 tonnes, or 386,314 pounds, while under a full load this figure is 195 tonnes, or 430,463 pounds.
Framura 2’s engine room contains three V16 2000 M93 engines by the German company MTU, each with maximum power of 2,400 HP, equivalent to 1,790 kW, supplied at 2,400 rpm. Coupled to ZF 3070 reduction gearboxes, the two lateral engines are connected to two Rolls Royce KaMeWa steerable 71 S3 hydrojet units, while the central engine only is connected to a Rolls Royce KaMeWa 63 B3 booster hydrojet unit.
In terms of performance, Framura 2 has a top speed of 30 knots under a light load; at this speed, it has a range of 450 nautical miles, with fuel tanks that have a capacity of 33,000 litres, equivalent to 8,730 US gallons.
Framura 2’s engine room also contains two generators based on 100EFOZD generator motors by the German company Kohler, each producing 99 ekW / 124 kVA at 1,500 rpm. The use of advanced technologies on Framura 2 is hard to miss, such as the active gyroscopic stabilisation system by the Australian company Ship Dynamics, which has been installed here for the first time ever on a motor yacht by Cantieri Navali Codecasa.
This latest-generation system makes it possible not to have any kind of obstruction or projection into the water, as it is completely contained within the hull, thus avoiding any of the hydrodynamic turbulence typical of traditional stabilisation systems with exterior fins. This notably increases both the stability and the trim of the hull in motion, as well as raising levels of comfort at anchor. However, Framura 2 is not just a highly concentrated example of technical excellence, but naturally also a shining example of aesthetic perfection. [...]

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