Gliss 105

by Royal Huisman Shipyard with Philippe Briand and Pieter Beeldsnijder

The many sailboats produced by this great Dutch shipyard over its long history have always enjoyed an excellent reputation thanks to their great dependability and easy handling at sea, essential features which have in recent decades been enhanced with great luxury and an ability to innovate in the attempt to achieve total performance, adopting advanced construction techniques and high-tech materials permitting more efficient design. Owning a Royal Huisman yacht is a true privilege reserved for a small number of enthusiastic owners who truly know and appreciate the real quality of unique vessels made to the highest standards of craftsmanship without any of the compromises required by mass production and by restrictions on the amount of time necessary for their construction. Strictly necessary, or indispensable, according to the philosophy that it is important to take your time when making something good and beautiful. This is why, over a century and a quarter since its foundation, the shipyard has built less than four hundred boats, all masterfully and impeccably designed. Every yacht built by Royal Huisman is a truly unique item made with the utmost care and attention in every detail with the specific aim of creating a valuable masterpiece for a single owner, who is invariably a true gentleman and a connoisseur with a vision of what his own boat ought to be like if he is to fully enjoy the incomparable sensation of owning something “built to last a lifetime”. Two lucky yachtsmen had an opportunity to enjoy this wonderful feeling recently with the delivery of their dreams come true, in the form of two lovely boats, “Arcadia” and “Gliss”, each perfectly reflecting its Owner’s personality and “totally unique” like every one of Royal Huisman’s boats.

Designed by Tony Castro in a timeless style heedless of passing fads, with interiors designed by Dick Young in a classic style, Arcadia is a 118’ motor yacht made entirely out of Alustar aluminium alloy, designed on the basis of the priority criteria of compact size and light weight as an elegant, luxurious long-range motor yacht with a transoceanic range of 5000 nautical miles.
It revealed its potential as soon as it was launched, with a spectacular voyage to the Norwegian Spitzbergen islands near the north pole.

Gliss is a 105’ sailing yacht designed by Philippe Briand in a modern style revealing its sporting pedigree, with rational, practical interiors by Pieter Beeldsnijder.
Built entirely out of Alustar aluminium alloy and designed to meet the priority criteria of touring and racing as a high performance sailing yacht for long range cruising, it has a special predilection for speed and comfort.
It confirmed its dual character as soon as it was launched with a spectacular maiden voyage accompanied by the 85’ sailing vessel Foftein, built by Royal Huisman in 1989 to a design by H. Scheel and thoroughly refitted in 2006 by the same shipyard, elegantly showing off their talents with a magical duet sailing on the high seas.

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