by Alloy Yachts with Dubois Naval Architects

A project that began in April 2008, a story leading from drawing boards to shipyard facilities, Imagine was launched in June 2010 and delivered in July 2010. Or as the Owner puts it: after putting together 75 tons of light aluminium and some 60 tons of heavy lead, and after 300,000 man hours and two years later, here she is.

And “she” is the second sailing yacht, with the same name, that Alloy has custom made for this Owner: a man who has sailed the seas and explored the world on his first Imagine and intends to do so again with the new one.

The second Imagine was designed and built for an Owner just as passionate about sailing as all the people at Alloy, and Alloy has built this dream boat for sailing the world’s oceans, perfectly, in full accordance with the Owner’s wishes and requirements.

Imagine’s Owner, explicitly explains the brief handed to Ed Dubois’s naval architecture office and Tony Hambrooks’s shipyard company: “After over 15 years with the first IMAGINE, also built by Alloy Yachts and also designed by Dubois Naval Architects, I knew that I would succumb to building a new yacht. The mission was clear but not easy: I wanted the same feeling of sailing, the same feeling in the interiors, the same ability to sail everywhere. I did not necessarily need bigger rooms or more speed, or even a totally different look. I wanted an updated version of IMAGINE based on our experience and new technologies, in order to create another classic to be kept for another 15 years.” This is not so easy as it may seem: “They say that the best way to create good cuisine is to cook simple food well. The same principle had to apply to IMAGINE. Keep it simple but do it well.” A very good lesson for life in general, and here exemplified with a moderation and wisdom that suits the appearance of the boat and all her details and elements: “Ideally, some might not have noticed right away that this was a new IMAGINE. Even the “2” in the name had to be incorporated with subtlety.” A smart elegant sobriety, the same as that of the old Imagine, is evident in the exterior form of the new Imagine: “Keeping a low profile and classic lines were essential.” As for the interiors, likewise, rationality and simplicity are the keywords for a truly clear style: “We decided to have no marble, no gold, no “shine”, and no dark woods: it was important to use the same materials and concepts throughout the boat, including the crew quarters.”

The design team for the interiors included the Owner and the Alloy Yachts’ interior design team: the result is an understated contemporary style for all Imagine’s living spaces, featuring a simple and luminous Light Oak that is well complemented by the satin finish hardware throughout the yacht.

“We wanted to be modern but not minimalistic, simple but warm with useful additions we had sometimes wished for in the past. The additions wish list became quite long, but with the intention that things had to be there when necessary and otherwise not noticed.”

The additions wish list is a comprehensive one and includes more technical and technological improvements, more eco-friendly and safety-conscious components, plus more comfort and entertainment elements: this was to underscore the differences between the 34-metre Imagine “1” and the 44-metre Imagine “2”. [...]

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