ISA 67 M GranTurismo

by ISA Yachts and Enrico Gobbi - Team for Design

After recently acquisition, ISA Yachts is now beginning a new era, glittering with new synergies that combine with the growing skills accumulated by the Ancona-based shipyard in its relatively brief history. As Giuseppe Palumbo, CEO ISA Yachts, says about the identity of ISA Yachts:

Ever since its foundation in 2001, ISA Yachts has always represented outstanding quality, materials, finishes, design and technology, designing luxury mega yachts – with 32 already built in sizes from 36 to 66 metres – that are all notable for a high level of customisation and recognisable Italian quality.”

The ISA Yachts identity is now being strengthened further, thanks to the contribution made by over

50 years of experience in the shipbuilding and refit sector, alongside partnerships with international designers who are set to reinterpret the stylistic elements unique to the ISA brand.

This double synergy is emphasised by Francesco Carbone, General Manager of ISA Yachts, who comments on the role of the designers as follows:

The challenge set before these designers, some of whom have well-established links with the brand already, is to work on ISA’s distinctive features until they are transformed into truly iconic elements, with the aim of reinforcing the brand identity. It’s a task in which they will be supported by over 50 years of solid experience in shipbuilding by Palumbo at the highest levels.”

At the end of the day, this is a truly core strategy to enable the Ancona-based shipyard to develop a new identity. ISA aims to renew its place among the recognised world leaders in large yacht construction through the development of a new product line, carefully designed to make its mark successfully on the global market. Daniela Spinelli, Marketing and Communication Manager at ISA Yachts, confirms this, describing the operational content of the strategic action as follows:

ISA Yachts is a relatively young company, one which has very boldly expressed distinctive characteristics since the beginning, quickly resulting in success. In recent months, we have worked closely with designers and naval architects, carefully listening to our owners’ feedback, to develop an effective brand enhancement strategy that we are absolutely certain will contribute to further establishing our brand positioning and recognition worldwide.”

Moving from discussion of the strategic plan to the shipyard’s tangible project planning, ISA will pick up further speed as it heads in its new direction with a completely redesigned range of models, starting with a restyling of three lines that are among the Italian shipyard’s most successful products in recent times: ISA Sport, ISA Classic and ISA GranTurismo.

ISA Yachts has carefully restyled these three lines in association with Enrico Gobbi – Team for Design, a process which involved two models in the ISA Sport Line, with lengths of 120 feet and 140 feet, and four models in the ISA Classic Line, with lengths of 41 metres, 50 metres, 57 metres and 65 metres. For the ISA GranTurismo Line, four models were also restyled – the 43 metre, the 50 metre, the 57 metre and the 67 metre. The length of the last of these undoubtedly makes it the current flagship of the ISA Yachts range, but in addition and perhaps most importantly, when it takes to the water in 2019 it will also be the largest yacht built to date by ISA Yachts. In terms of its individual pedigree, this new ISA 67 M GranTurismo model is a direct descendent of the previous model, the ISA 66 M GranTurismo, which, like the iconic first hull in the line, Okto, was a World Yacht Trophies winner some three years earlier. The family’s new arrival will certainly be a worthy heir, and one which, in this inexorable progression through the generations, starts life with one more metre in length than its predecessor. In terms of the evolution of the species, however, although it obviously keeps ISA’s DNA intact, this model takes on new aesthetic characteristics and innovative stylistic values. The exterior design of the new ISA 67 M GranTurismo emphasises the unmistakable, unique stylistic features of the ISA Yachts brand in a completely new guise, accompanied by stylistic elements with a strong sporty impact and pronounced dynamism, flawlessly incorporating details overtly inspired by the world of automotive design.

Enrico Gobbi, founder and head of Team for Design, explains:

We reinterpreted the typical stylistic elements of ISA Yachts, giving them an even more powerful new appeal which is evident in the large arch connecting the wheelhouse to the superstructure, whose air intakes are built in to evoke the look of a sports car. The ISA GT 67 design has a clean, proportionate exterior with taut lines and a sleek silhouette. The superstructure volume was intentionally moved aft to create a look redolent of the long bonnet of GranTurismo sports cars.”

In addition to the long, large bonnet, or rather fore deck in this case, complete with a helipad, another element featuring in the design for the new ISA 67 M GranTurismo that successfully catches the eye at first glance is certainly the spacious aft deck, with its spectacular arrangement of windows and built-in swimming pool which is highly unusual in terms of both size and depth. Another pool, this time with hydromassage function, is placed on the sun deck forward along with a sunbathing area laid out with sun pads, positioned opposite the sunbathing area with sun beds on the sun deck aft. In the centre of the sun deck, meanwhile, there is a ‘glass house’ with a 360-degree panoramic view, intended in the basic design proposal for use as a gym, but as it is a very versatile multi-functional space, it can be fully adapted based on the owner’s individual requirements. As with all ISA vessels, and all the more so in this case, the ISA 67 M GranTurismo offers the possibility of different layout solutions that can be fully customised to meet any client needs, and of course it is also possible to develop different solutions for the furnishings and decor to fulfil all the owner’s wishes. In developing proposals and solutions specially for the interiors of this new ISA yacht, the designers devised exclusive, contemporary interiors of the utmost elegance to create a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere. This is visible for example in the initial design proposal, which shows a balanced juxtaposition of materials with dark and light shades to generate a pleasing contrast, further emphasised by a harmonious combination of serene colours with vibrant accents.

The furnishings alternate throughout between selected woods with a gloss or matte finish, such as dark wenge and light maple, with the addition of exquisite marble and stone varieties and refined furniture with metal detailing, such as satin-finished steel and brushed aluminium, together with a sophisticated selection of natural fabrics and worked leather. But no matter which design solution is chosen, the skilful use of direct natural light from the full-height windows and the expertly devised, cutting-edge indirect lighting system will combine to enhance the beauty of the fittings to the fullest, creating spectacular effects for the interiors. Similar to the design for the interior lighting, the exterior lighting of the new ISA 67 M GranTurismo will also boast an advanced continuous LED lighting system specially developed to emphasise the lines of the yacht to striking effect, making it recognisable even in the dark.


Flaviano Perelli

ISA 67 M GranTurismo

TypeMoto Yacht
HullRound bilge
Hull materialHigh Tensile Steel
SuperstructureAluminum Alloy
LOA66.40 m / 217’85’’ ft
LWL at full load65.45 m / 214’73’’ ft
Beam max11.00 m (approximate) / 36’09’’ ft (approx.)
Draught at full load3.30 m / 10’83’’ ft
Displacement at full load1,014 T
Fuel oil130,000 litres / 34,342 US gallons
Fresh water25,000 litres / 6,604 US gallons
Black / grey water30,000 litres / 7,925 US gallons
Lube oil Tbd
Main engines2 x CAT 3512C
Engines power2 x 1765 kW @ 1800 rpm
Gear boxesZF Gear Ratio Tbd
Main genset3 x 200 kW
Emergency genset1 x 93 kW
ThrustersA fixed pitch bow thruster power abt 150 kW
StabilizersOne pair of non retactable fins,
including Zero speed stabilization
Max. speed (100% MCR)18.5 knots
Cruisng speed 16.0 knots
Range at 16.0 knots4,500 miles
Range at 14.0 knots5,500 miles
Desalination plantTwo desalinators total capacity 24,000 lt/day
Air conditioning Condaria
AccomodationsPassengers: 12/6 cabins
Staff – crew: 14/8 cabins
ClassificationLLOYD'S Register of shipping
Hull ✠ 100-A1
SSC Yacht Mono G6 ✠ L.M.C.
DesignEnrico Gobbi - Team for Design
ShipyardISA Yachts

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