Lady Lara

by Benetti Shipyard, Stefano Natucci and Studio Massari

All the excellence of Italian style has been lavished on the atmosphere of the interior, where elegance and refinement combine to create the most exclusive sophistication and class. Gold, silver and mother of white onix join the encircling spiral of a growing blaze of warm, light tones to denote the epitome of luxury, which reaches its
apotheosis in sparkling crystal effects multiplied by glittering mirror reflections.
The magnificent Lady Lara, delivered to its lucky Owner last summer, is a triumphant work of art, skilfully designed and expertly constructed.
Behind the scenes, the creation of Lady Lara was all Italian: the naval architecture, engineering and construction were the work of an Italian shipyard, the concept and exterior design were by an Italian designer and the interior design and decoration were by an Italian design studio.
The furniture and fittings, too, were created by an Italian fashion house. As the images from the full photoshoot published here in the current issue of Yacht Premiere unmistakably show, Lady Lara is one of the finest examples of the exceptional quality offered by the Benetti Shipyard and the professionals who work with it to devise and create prestigious masterpieces – exclusive, unique creations that perfectly reflect the personality and individual aesthetic of the Owner.

The main dimensional and technical data
Bearing code FB 243 – the shipyard lettering and construction number – Lady Lara was built in Benetti Shipyard’s Livorno facilities. In terms of construction materials, steel was used for the hull and aluminium for the superstructure. It was constructed in accordance with the ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) classification rules for a Maltese Cross A1 E Commercial Yachting Service AMS ACCU; it also complies with the MCA (British Maritime and Coastguard Agency) requirements for a Large Commercial Yacht Code LY-2.
In terms of dimensions, Lady Lara has a total length of 59.30 metres, equivalent to 194 feet 7 inches, and a corresponding length at the water line of nearly 50.50 metres, equivalent to approximately 165 feet 6 inches. Her total width is 10.40 metres, equivalent to over 34 feet 1 inch.
The maximum draft of the hull is 3.20 metres, i.e. 10 feet 6 inches; the yacht’s load displacement is 830 tons, equivalent to over 1,832,230 pounds. Lady Lara’s hull is a displacement type with a bulb at the bow and a longitudinal skeg in the central stern sections; the hull also has a bow thruster by VT Naiad Marine Systems, with a 160-kW electric motor.
It is also equipped with two stabilisation systems: when sailing, it uses a stabiliser system by VT Naiad Marine Systems, model 620, in configuration with a pair of fixed, non-retractable fins positioned in the central stern sections; at anchor, it uses a Stabtech System stabiliser system produced to a custom design by Benetti, in configuration with a pair of active, retractable fins positioned in the central sections.
Lady Lara’s machine room contains two MTU Series 4000 M60 V12 turbo diesel engines: each engine has a cylinder capacity of 48.7 litres, equivalent to 2972 cubic inches, with maximum power of 1770 BHP, equivalent to 1320 bkW, supplied at 1800 rpm. Coupled with ZF reduction gearboxes, the two engines are connected in line through stainless steel transmission shafts to the Detra propellers, produced to a custom design by Benetti, with five fixed-pitch blades.
In terms of performance, Lady Lara is capable of reaching a maximum speed of
16 knots under average load conditions, while with the engines running at 85% of maximum power, it can sustain a cruising speed of 15 knots. Maintaining a modest cruising speed of 12 knots, the yacht has an estimated range of 5,000 nautical miles, partly due to the capacious fuel tanks that contain 140,000 litres of fuel, equivalent to nearly 37,000 US gallons. For their part, the freshwater tanks contain 38,000 litres, equivalent to more than 10,000 US gallons; they are constantly topped up by a desalination plant with a suitable daily output.
Four tri-phase 50-Hz generators have been installed on board Lady Lara, all based on Northern Lights diesel engine generators: the two main ones are M1276A1 model 6 inline cylinder generators, each with cylinder capacity of 12.5 litres, equivalent to 763 cubic inches, and each producing 200 kW at 1500 rpm. [...]

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