Lady Sheridan 190

by Abeking & Rasmussen and Donald Starkey Designs

In its first hundred years, the Abeking & Rasmussen shipyard has paid great practical attention to the concrete problems involved in sailing the high seas, and sheer hard work has ensured that its boats, designed and built for safe sailing in all conditions, are all perfectly dependable. The superior quality of the materials used to build thestrong, resistant hulls and a solid tradition based on the skills of master carpenters who are also experienced seafarers have laid the strong foundations of the working method on which the German shipyard has built its well-deserved reputation for dependability. As the years have gone by, the shipyard has constantly strengthened its reputation for durability and lasting value while succeeding in maintaining all the professionalism of a concern that strives unceasingly to be the finest expression of the entrepreneurial spirit of a time-honoured family business. The shipyard’s discreet approach to customer relations and its faith in relationships based on mutual esteem and trust result in an extremely precise, accurate definition of technical specifications and faultless planning of every step in the job, rounded off by outstanding punctuality when it comes to compliance with construction schedules and delivery dates. In Lemwerder in northern Germany, on the banks of the long estuary of the Weser River, which flows into the North Sea, the Abeking & Rasmussen shipyard is one hundred years old this year (1907 – 2007), and is celebrating the occasion with proprietor Hermann Schaedla, grandson of the shipyard’s founder “der Herr” Heinrich Rasmussen, and Hans Schaedla, the founder’s great-grandson. The great celebration will be crowned by the launch of a beautiful craft of Wagnerian nobility, the Excellence IV 257’. A masterpiece of German shipbuilding, this is a superb six-deck superyacht of colossal power and grandiose sculptural beauty. A flagship of supreme modern luxury. Magnificently designed by the British Raymond Langton Design studio, it boasts splendid exteriors with dynamic, sleek, harmonious lines, and boasts stupendous interiors furnished in an elegant, luxuriously refined contemporary style. This gigantic, sumptuous vessel represents a compendium of the shipyard’s traditional qualities and is equipped with today’s most advanced technologies, designed and built to obtain the highest classification and certification. It is 78 and a half metres long, 12 and a half metres wide, with a steel hull and aluminium superstructures and an impressive total displacement; the total power of its two propellers is 3 thousand kilowatts, in other words 4 thousand horsepower, for a maximum speed of 16 knots and a cruising speed of 14 knots; it can travel 6 thousand nautical miles at 13 knots before emptying its fuel tanks, which would mean burning 160 tons of fuel down to the very last drop. At present it is still under construction, although it is almost ready for launching. By the end of the lengthy, complex construction process it will be the shipyard’s biggest vessel yet.

The concept behind Lady Sheridan
But Abeking & Rasmussen has already launched another splendid jewel of the boatbuilder’s craft. Pragmatically identified by its construction number, 6477, this masterpiece of the art, seductively named Lady Sheridan, was launched in 2007. The new five-deck megayacht is 190 feet long, with a steel hull and aluminium superstructures, and was designed to host 10 guests plus the Owner and a 16 member crew. Commissioned by an American couple who lovingly oversaw every stage in its construction and were directly involved in the choice of furnishings and the decor,
the yacht was built according to standards calculated to attain the top Lloyd’s Register of Shipping classification, Maltese Cross 100 A1 SSC YACHT MONO G6 – LMC UMS, as well as MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) certification authorising the new vessel for international charters. Construction began with the naval architecture of Abeking & Rasmussen – Schiffs und Yachts Werft, with André Jonker in charge of project management, while the exterior styling and the interior design are the fruit of the skilful creative work of British studio Donald Starkey Designs. The modern style of the vessel’s external lines is clean and linear, with a balanced, attractive appearance underlining Lady Sheridan’s concrete elegance; the hull is white, very slender, with well-proportioned flanks characterised by large longitudinal oval-shaped windows corresponding to the rooms in the Owners’ suite, while the superstructures have a horizontal orientation with sharp dynamic lines underlined by long, dark, side windows. The impressively tall antenna mast set amidships effectively backs up the yacht’s claim to status as a ship. The interior layout is organised to meet the Owners’ practical needs and requirements for hospitality, with large indoor and outdoor spaces for socialising at sea with parties and receptions; the living areas on the Lady Sheridan are carefully thought-out, well-distributed and exceptionally enjoyable, while the suites are roomy and particularly comfortable and private. An eclectic form of modern interior design, with a highly personal look reflecting individual tastes, is perfectly expressed by the details and the successful composition of the furnishings, giving living areas a pleasant, reassuring feel that clearly expresses the luxury and well-being the Owners want for themselves and their guests. Passengers on the Lady Sheridan are pampered in luxury, coddled by a profusion of refinements in the elegant furnishings and decor, amid a rich environment of soft light and soft carpets, rare onyx and precious marble, fine woods and fabrics, polished metals and fine textiles, all used to admirable effect thanks to sophisticated contrasts and magnificent inlay work. The crew and staff are on call at any time without any need to disturb the privacy of the Owners and their guests thanks to clearly separate, distinct routes on the vessel, guaranteeing impeccable but never invasive service through discrete, respectful forms of access. On board the Lady Sheridan passengers have a complete set of toys and accessories at their disposal to relax and enjoy cruising in perfect comfort, as in the charters operated by Nigel Burgess, who sailed the Mediterranean in the summer of 2007. [...]

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