Mangusta 165 E

by Overmarine Group / Mangusta with Stefano Righini

With nine hulls delivered in a period of less than seven years, the Mangusta 165 series has become a true icon on the international market for high-performance sports vessels. With a length overall of 50 metres and a top speed of 40 knots, this extraordinary model is still firmly at the top of the maxi open category for her size class today. The fast-approaching Monaco Yacht Show will see the debut of a new version of the Mangusta flagship, the Mangusta 165 E. Perhaps the most exclusive of these vessels built to date, she will be presented for the first time ever against the backdrop of this prestigious show. The “E” in all likelihood stands for “evolution”, something that has been constantly pursued both in technical and aesthetic terms in the succession of previous hulls built over the years. It’s fair to say that, with the newly arrived Mangusta 165 E, the Italian shipyard has reached new heights of excellence in terms of the quality of design and production of its vessels, where everything is carefully optimised to ensure high performance and complete dynamic stability – but most importantly to offer the highest possible level of comfort in complete safety, even at high speeds. The preparatory work done on the composite structures, the control of production processes and construction phases, and the effectiveness of the solutions adopted for acoustic insulation and vibration reduction all play a key role here. From a technical point of view, the new Mangusta 165 E offers some important new features. In the engine room, three MTU 16V 4000 M93L engines have been installed, each with maximum power of 4,700 HP. In addition, the Rolls-Royce KaMeWa hydrojet propulsion units have also been updated to the NP (new pump) type, with redesigned engineering to achieve superior performance and reduced consumption.

In the wheelhouse, meanwhile, the new feature is an instrument panel in grey leather and carbon fibre, with the latest electronic instrumentation which has more content than previous versions and offers additional functions. All the touchscreen monitors have also been integrated into a single panel of dimmable glass which protects them from dust and hides them from view when switched off. It’s a little aesthetic touch with a high impact. However, from an overall aesthetic perspective, major changes have been made on the new Mangusta 165 E, especially to the exterior design. These changes give the yacht a unique character and distinguish her markedly from the previous vessels in the series. It could not be otherwise, given that the Owner expressly requested a reinterpretation of the external lines typical of the “Mangusta style” to fulfil his own clear aesthetic vision. His wishes bore witness to a strong, personal expressive intent which gave the already captivating forms of the motor yacht a more aggressive individuality and a decidedly futuristic stamp: this is particularly apparent in the new design for the rear section of the fly bridge which, with a properly reinforced supporting structure, has been extended by approximately one metre to give it a sharper dynamic rake. With the greater length, the usable area available on the fly bridge has also been increased, allowing for much more available space to improve the layout of the functional areas.

The most panoramic deck on the vessel has been expanded to a truly extraordinary degree, offering huge spaces for the utmost relaxation in complete privacy, with an immense sofa to aft and five bar stools beside a long bar amidships, lacquered white and with the front finished in a crystal marble mosaic decorated with vertical lines in blue and white. The spaces for open-air socialising continue on the main deck both forward and aft. Forward, there is a sunbathing area with a hydromassage tub and sun beds, as well as a lounge area with chairs that can be protected from the sun’s rays at need with a mountable awning. To aft, the wheelhouse is laid out in two separate functional zones: a lounge area with chairs, which can be covered by a sliding awning if need be, and an alfresco dining area with a large table surfaced in Arctic White marble. The same type of marble has been used for the top of a unit that virtually separates the two areas and contains a TV with a disappearing screen. The doors on the front of the unit are lacquered in white, black and two different shades of grey, forming an original, decorative geometric pattern. From the wheelhouse, you enter the interiors, whose volumes are comparable with those of a three-deck vessel of the same length. The furnishings are highly customised and feature stylistic solutions that are decidedly cutting-edge in today’s world and genuinely innovative compared to current trends. They are surprisingly attractive not only due to the utter opulence of their spectacular design but also through the incredible assortment of precious materials and the bold colour combinations. It is a huge, colourful palette with an abundant range of elements: more than 15 different wood types, treated or lacquered, and at least 10 different varieties of marble and onyx, intelligently paired with leather and skilfully combined with glass and mother-of-pearl.

However, most importantly, the most valuable design “material” is extraordinarily abundant: light, and plenty of it, crucially the most precious kind of all – natural light. The primary importance of natural light in the design and with it the panoramic view is fully confirmed by the new type of large windows along the sides of the salon which, together with the numerous skylights in the ceiling, offer an incomparably bright space and excellent visibility from the interior to the exterior. In addition, an advanced LED lighting system has also been flawlessly built into the ceiling, revealing technical skills at the highest level when it comes to lighting systems. Together, natural and artificial light enhance the visual qualities of the materials and colours used and the perception of their beauty. Wood lacquered in mother-of-pearl white provides the cladding on the ceiling while the floor is in grey smoked oak parquet and the side walls are in soft white leather. All the fixed furniture, which was specially made, is in wood lacquered in midnight blue or black, paired with cream-coloured oak. In the salon entrance area, there are two cabinets with glass fronts and back-painted in midnight blue with a frame in chrome-plated steel. The living space is strongly characterised by the long bar with its Blue Tiger Eye marble top: the front section is in ebony and the sides are decorated with a geometric mosaic of rare stones from all over the world. Opposite the bar there is a wide smoking table with a wood structure painted glossy midnight blue and a top in blue-grey stingray leather. In the dining space, a large table in varnished rosewood dominates in splendid isolation, with twin  display cabinets on the two opposite walls in steel and glass, backlit for high impact and capable of containing 100 bottles of wine. A staircase leads down to the lower deck and a hallway providing access to the private accommodation. The Owner’s stateroom is located amidships: the ceiling is lacquered in mother-of-pearl white with cream-coloured oak inserts, the floor is in grey smoked oak parquet and the wall panels are in grey leather with inserts in mother-of-pearl white. In this full-beam master stateroom, the doors of the wardrobes are in grey damask leather and glass back-painted in grey with a steel frame, while the front sections of the bedside table drawers are clad in white onyx, and the bed headboard is in gold fabric surmounted by a white lacquered frame and chrome-plated steel mesh. In the en suite bathroom, the walls are in a white mother-of-pearl mosaic with boiserie inserts in Savoia grey marble, while the floor is clad in a mosaic of Thassos and Bardiglio marble. The washbasin consoles are lacquered in mother-of-pearl white with the front sections of the drawers in genuine white mother-of-pearl and the tops in Thassos marble. Forward, meanwhile, there is a VIP stateroom and two guest staterooms. The VIP stateroom is clad entirely in ash wood with details in cream-coloured oak. The washbasin console in the en suite bathroom is in grey smoked oak with a top in Thassos marble, while the shower cubicle is in a white and grey mosaic. The guest staterooms are entirely clad in glossy varnished palm wood, which is also used for the structure of the beds. These have a headboard in decorative soft fabric, and bedside tables lacquered in midnight blue with the front sections of the drawers in antiqued aluminium. In the en suite bathroom, the washbasin console has an onyx marble top and the walls of the shower cubicle are in a glass mosaic. On the lower deck, there is also a gym with mirror walls, a Turkish bath with the floor and bench in statuary marble, and a cinema room with a floor clad in midnight blue leather tiles: the TV screen unit is in Caleidolegno multilaminar wood veneer, with glossy varnish, while the fixed furniture is in black painted oak and the walls are in cavallino leather panels in three different selected shades.


Flaviano Perelli

Photos by Reni Petrova and by Francesco Bedini


Mangusta 165 E Technical Specifications

Hull structure Advanced GRP single skin composite structure based on Vinyl-ester Resin.
Hand lay-up process.
Deck and Superstructureadvanced GRP sandwich composite structure based on Vinyl-ester Resin.
Hand lay-up and infusion process.
LOA 49.9 m / 163’71’’ ft
LWL 40.7 m / 133’53’’ ft
Beam 9.2 m / 30’18’’ ft
Max Draft ~ 1.95 m ~ 6.40 feet
Displacement~ 310 ton ~ 683.426 lbs at Full Load Cond
Gross Tonnage 488 GT
Fuel Oil - Main tank ~ 40.000 litres / ~ 10.567 US gallons
Fresh Water Tank(s) ~ 4.000 litres / ~ 1.057 US gallons
Grey/Black Water Tank ~ 1.600 litres / ~ 423 US gallons
Max speed (half load)approx 38 knots
Cruising speed approx 25 knots
Rangeapprox 600 nm @economical cruising speed (one generator running at all times)
Engines 3 x MTU Diesel Engines 16V 4000 M93L – 3440kW* (~4610HP*) at 2100 rpm
Transmission 2 x waterjets KameWa (RRAB) model 80 S3 NP and one 71 B3 NP connected to the output flange of the gearbox by means of a coupling supplied by KameWa
Diesel Generator 2 x KHOLER model 100EFOZD marine generator, each having a capacity of 100 kW, 380 VAC, 50 Hz, three-phase
Guests 4 cabins (up to 10 people) as per Owner’s request (6 cabins as standard)
Crew 5 cabins (up to 10 people)
Classification ABS A1✠, Commercial Yachting Service, E, ✠AMS MCA Code Compliance.
(LY2 Ed.2) Restricted navigation to a distance of 60 Miles from a safe haven and BF4
Exteriors Designer Overmarine Group / Stefano Righini
Interiors Designer Overmarine Group Design Department / Owner’s Architects
ShipyardOvermarine Group S.p.A.
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