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A light, bright fire-brand. Flowing technology: metal is moulded to form beautiful and well-proportioned exteriors. Light is used to sculpt space and materials, creating an intimate, cosy atmosphere for the modern interiors. A stylish yacht conceived for a life of luxury on the oceans, the ultimate expression of elegance and prestige.

CRN is recognised as an international leader in the design and construction of steel and aluminium yachts of up to 85 metres. It continues to do excellent business, keeping its large facilities busy at all times. Under its President Lamberto Tacoli, the famous Italian yard currently boasts a full portfolio of deliveries for the next three years, and is always in great demand.
There’s no doubt that the CRN brand is a successful one in terms of figures and overall image. For some years the company has been part of Norberto Ferretti’s Ferretti Group, one of the largest international shipbuilding groups. This year, in fact, Ferretti Group is celebrating forty years in business. Numerous yachts are currently under construction at the CRN facilities.

They are scheduled for launch at regular intervals right up until 2011. They include a 58-metre craft with hull number 125; the 59-m Blue Eyes, hull number 126; and the 72-metre Clarena II, hull number 24. A detailed article presenting the latter was published last year in issue number 5 of Yacht Première.
Over the course of this year, coming off the slips at CRN will be the 60-metre,hull number 123, and the Romance, hull number 122 measuring 57 metres just launched last April 26. The latter was featured in a long article in issue number 2 of Yacht Première last year. All of these megayachts belong to CRN’s Steel Line.
This line consists of boats with steel hulls and aluminium superstructures, designed for long ocean crossings. All created as fully custom projects, they are examples of pure engineering, endowed with a rare beauty and majesty. These exceptionally elegant yachts are remarkably innovative both in technology and design.

This yard has what it takes to sculpt and transform strong metal into flowing, clean shapes. Right through the construction process, from design to launch, painstaking research is carried out with a view to finding the best engineering solutions, using tank tests and precise 3-D simulations.
Great care is taken over everything needed to make each yacht perfect. This comes as no surprise given that the aim of CRN’s Steel Line is to raise current technical and qualitative standards as high as possible while simultaneously elevating concepts such as exclusivity and prestige, not to mention other essential criteria such as luxury, elegance, and sophistication.
These creative aspirations were impressively attained by the latest CRN Steel Line megayachts, launched in 2006: namely, the Ability (54 metres, hull number 119) and the GiVi (60 metres, hull number 120). [...]

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