Monaco Yacht Show 2017

September Morn... charming moments at the Monaco Yacht Show

We’ve travelled halfway around


the world to find ourselves again …


September morn …”


(Neil Diamond).


Yacht clubs, boat owners, buyers, representatives from leading shipyards and a wide range of attendees will once again be present at this year’s edition of the prestigious exhibition held in Monaco.

Following the excitement of the Formula One Grand Prix and the glorious moment when the winners of the race are announced, yet another prestigious event will attract the attention and participation of leading players in the yachting world at this superb Mediterranean venue.

From the 27th to the 30th of September and with the customary recognition and patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, the Monaco Yacht Show will attract to Port Hercules 125 superyachts from the most famous international shipyards and over 590 world-leading companies, drawing to the Principality many important actors in the superyacht sector.

With over 40 boats present at its debut, the 27th edition of the event will host various designers, brokerage firms and top-level suppliers and will provide an opportunity to admire a broad range of automobiles, helicopters, private jets, water toys and tenders, allowing visitors to spend a few days in a fascinating dimension. The attendees will certainly feel at home in Monaco, where 1,470 guests and over 300 businesses will be directly involved in the event, which in fact represents one of their main sources of income. For the last 27 years this has been an indispensable ‘tailor-made’ experience for private individuals and sector operators. The show of course allows exhibitors to come into direct contact with final clients, and 87% of the potential clientele have already confirmed they will be present. In May this year, focusing on the Anglo-American countries that have a traditional and long-standing interest in yachting, the MYS started drawing attention to its activities by holding preliminary events in London and New York, the global capitals with the largest number of billionaires. On both occasions Gaëlle Tallarida, the managing director of the Monaco Yacht Show, presented the show and a selection of superyachts that will be making their world debut this autumn. Two private cocktail receptions were organised in New York.

The first event, held at the Consulate of Monaco, was arranged for 80 guests, including members of the American Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants, a group of asset managers for wealthy clients and personal assistants of various celebrities in Los Angeles and New York. The second reception was a private event held at the St. Regis New York Hotel for a group of forty residents and clients, who participated in a ‘door prize’ organized in partnership with Lufthansa First Class to win VIP accommodation at the Monaco Yacht Show.

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