Moon Sand

by Feadship and De Voogt with Bannenberg & Rowell

Moon Sand, Feadship’s Hull # 690, is the result of a collective desire from the Owners, designers and shipyard to deliver a truly exceptional yacht and – as she is one of the most specified ever in her class – that is exactly what they have achieved. “Even the smallest detail is important to Moon Sand’s owners and working with Feadship made everything achievable,” says James Hutchinson, who represented the Owners throughout the project and was involved in every aspect. “Feadship understands that the key to a truly magnificent yacht is not only what you see but the meticulous attention to detail that you don’t. They have a passion for perfection and, just on Moon Sand, every piece has been designed and made to ensure a cohesive superyacht. What really stood out for me during the build of Moon Sand was that the Feadship team was with us on every step of this three-years-long journey.” And the Feadship team agrees wholeheartedly with this sentiment. “Over three years, the Owners continuously explored all possibilities to personalise their new yacht” comments Feadship’s Sales Director Bas Nederpelt, who worked closely with the Owners from the moment the contract was signed “and everything was fully optimised as they challenged the entire project team to make a fabulous ship. The final result is a real world cruiser with a beautiful high-end finish.” Built for such hands-on type Owners, Moon Sand is an inspiring example of owner-driven teamwork that showcases pure fully custom yacht building in every respect. Working very closely with both the exterior designers from Feadship, De Voogt Naval Architects in-house team, and the interior designers from London-based studio Bannenberg & Rowell Design, these experienced clients had great fun creating a superyacht that features a remarkable number of true innovations for her size. One of the most fascinating aspects of the build of Moon Sand was the way in which this project evolved in terms of size and features. A prime example is the contraflow swimming pool, concealed on the aft deck, one of the first major additions during the long design phase after the Owners decided they would like to be able to exercise on the aft deck. “Even after lengthening the design, this request called for a great deal of ingenuity to fit such a pool on a 44-metre yacht,” says Sales Director Bas Nederpelt. “In a Feadship first, we engineered a clever floor system whereby a section of the deck lowers to create the pool depth required. It only takes 20 minutes for the pool to fill up fully, after which the contraflow system can be switched on and the swimming pool used to its full effect.” A perfect solution for the Owner, a keen swimmer. “But there is more,” Bas Nederpelt continues. “As Moon Sand’s owners often cruise with their extended family, a mechanism was also constructed to lower the main deck floor only halfway and create a shallow pool for the kids. Of course, this also works as a Jacuzzi pool. Raise the floor back to its flush position on the main deck – a totally flush finish with stainless steel – and the full gamut of al fresco lounging and dining traditional options becomes instantly available. This is in many ways a highly ingenious use of space.” Matters of space are also the motivation behind the tender being located on the sun deck rather than housed in its own garage, as has become de rigueur on the majority of superyachts. This arrangement opens up room, underneath the main deck aft, for a deeper swimming pool. “It was a major technical feat to fit a pool with a dump tank and to have both individually certified by Lloyd’s,” proudly adds Bas Nederpelt. “When the pool is full, it contains some 9,000 litres of water: with the tanks directly below, the yacht’s centre of gravity barely moves. Add in the filtration system, and the safety and weight distribution components, and it is clear why this full custom solution had to leverage heavily on Feadship innovation and craftsmanship.” Moon Sand herself is a most salient reminder of the design expertise Feadship has in-house and, like every pure custom Feadship, it is first and foremost a reflection of the Owners who commissioned her. Certainly she benefits from the high degree of input from the clients, who liaised with Feadship De Voogt Design closely on every aspect of what is a relatively modern profile with classic touches. “Take the way the modern superstructure element rises above the classic ‘Feadship bow’ and how these elements connect with the whole exterior design shape, via a strong and continuous profile line,” concludes Bas Nederpelt “and you can see why Moon Sand is a fusion of contemporary and traditional styles.

Her sleek look reflects the fact that the senior designer Tanno Weeda and his team at Feadship have worked tirelessly to create a unified design. And they have certainly succeeded.” Tanno Weeda, the senior designer at Feadship De Voogt, has spent countless hours with the Owners. “The owners were keen to embrace future trends and requested large slabs of glass in the superstructure decks, as low, high and wide as possible,” says Tanno Weeda. “These ‘windows’ are part of the owner’s detailed design brief for ‘light, space and freedom of choice in terms of recreation’. As well as looking fabulous from the outside, this arrangement offers superlative views in the main lounge, dining area, study, lobby and forward owners’ stateroom. These vistas are magnified further by having a large section of clear glass inset into the bulwark amidships. What’s more, all the mullions were removed from the main deck areas and the only reason they were retained in the bridge deck lounge was because of the owners’ specific request for windows that can be opened.” But there is much more to be said about Moon Sand’s highly impressive sense of openness. “Moon Sand exudes a sense of space in other ways too,” continues Tanno Weeda, citing the large aft deck areas with full length / beam doors. “On the bridge deck we moved the stairs as far as possible to starboard in order to maximise the space. The cool-looking glass windscreens also provide protection from the wind and generate privacy, an important factor in the owners’ wishes to make Moon Sand a true family boat.” A family boat, but with a galley area where a chef can easily cater for a cocktail party for one hundred people… All the elements of Moon Sand synthesise design with the Owners’ desires, and Moon Sand herself perfectly reflects their love of sharing time onboard with friends and family, all of whom will enjoy a bright and spacious haven of relaxation. “Moon Sand has a very unified design, with all elements firmly integrated into the whole package. This requires a lot of expertise, to achieve such a result on a motor yacht of this size,” concludes Tanno Weeda. “The ultimate result is a seriously sleek look and feel, one which the owners of Moon Sand can be very proud of.” The Owners’ design brief trinity of ‘light, space and freedom of choice in terms of recreation’ is also clearly manifested in the rich and colourful interior, devised on the drawing boards of Bannenberg & Rowell. “For Moon Sand we created a very crisp and contemporary design, with many different types of wood and various bright and colourful influences brought in by the owners,” says Dickie Bannenberg. “We had lots of meetings all over the world with the yacht’s owners: in our studio in London, in their own home and on occasions in New York for furnishing expeditions. It was an enormous pleasure to travel with and to work for clients who are so clued-in to elegance.” The owners enjoyed an excellent relationship with the whole interior design team at Bannenberg & Rowell, who brought everything together in the refined collection of beauty that is Moon Sand. “When you look at all the various museum-quality pieces of art on board, such as the dining table, or the cabinets in the main lounge or the great amount of pieces on the bridge deck, you can see how driven they were and their keen awareness of what constitutes the very best,” continues Dickie Bannenberg. “Highly focused on details, the owners managed everything down to the heights of the hooks for robes and towels in the bathrooms. This reflects both their considerable past experience in boats and self-assured taste.” The owners also chose the fourteen different types of marble, together with Bannenberg & Rowell team and Feadship, including overruling the original selection of the marbles for their two stateroom bathrooms and giving an extra injection of colour there. “But when you are working with such nice clients who are so sensitive to quality, you don’t mind being overruled,” concludes Dickie Bannenberg. All those who step on board Moon Sand are instantly taken by her inspired layout, striking patterns and sumptuous materials. The yacht’s main lobby features a tinted bespoke light feature designed by Bannenberg & Rowell, the colour of which can be chosen to suit the mood. Made of Lamellux acrylic that closely resembles glass, this element was complex to create and to install. The flooring in this area consists of arresting petrified wood marble and limestone. The owners are very sociable and love to entertain, and the orientation of the main deck saloon – with the semi-circular built-in sofa, the chairs and the game table – very much reflects how they live on board. The splendid décor centres organically on the grand dining table built by Frank Pollaro: inspired by an Alexander Calder art mobile, spotted by Simon Rowell in the Owners’ private collection, it was carefully handcrafted from five different types of wood and Murano glass and forms a natural centrepiece for this space.

The kinetic Calder inspiration is apparent in other features on this piece, from the circular crystal inserts to the dynamic shapes like the tensile Möbius strip edge or the asymmetric organic lines, for instance. Other highlights include the games table, also a Bannenberg & Rowell with Frank Pollaro collaboration, and marquetry cabinets made by Silver Lining which contain crockery, china, vases, the design intended by Simon Rowell to pay homage to the process of bespoke cabinetry itself. A large aquatic-themed mural on the wall, made of cracked eggshell, took a thousand hours to produce. This piece is perhaps the best demonstration of the Owners’ predilection for vibrant colours. The soft furnishings are in shades of coral and turquoise, which is the Owners’ preferred hue. The wall panels are made of lacquered Corian that has been routed out in an apparently random texture, an impressive job which took two months to complete: the white walls offset and accentuate the whole. The Owners’ suite comprises a study and a large stateroom and features two bathrooms and two walk-in dressing rooms. The master stateroom has great views all around and is exceptionally quiet. It includes a four-poster bed, which is quite unusual on this size of motor yacht. The splendid furniture in this area includes bedside tables with shagreen inlays, special custom hardware and cabinet furniture; the carpets by Tai Ping are characterised by their high silk content. The two bathrooms are exceptionally large and easily differentiated by colour schemes: Blue Sky marble for his and Pink Onyx for hers. The marbles were all handpicked in Italy by the Owners themselves. ‘Her’ bathroom port contains a bathtub, while ‘his’ comprises a large shower. Lavish accommodations, for six guests in three staterooms, are located in the lower deck. Forward, there is one full-beam VIP suite: it comprises a walk-in closet and a double bathroom, a true luxury on a motor yacht of this size. The colourful décor comprises lots of artwork, the colours of which match linen, shagreen cupboards and custom silk carpets by Tai Ping. Aft, there are one double and one twin, which can be converted into one full-beam VIP suite with separate seating area. The two guest bathrooms have different combinations of complimentary stone finishes, plus mini mosaic-tiled bulkheads in the shower cubicles; each bathroom is characterised by a plethora of finishes, every component a work of art in its own right. Last but very certainly not least, the bridge deck saloon is a multi-purpose space, designed both for comfortable lounging and as a cosy place where the Owner can work. As he likes to sit at his desk while conducting business, the environment was very important here and the bold Linley Riviera desk is flanked by two outboard consoles in the same style. The décor is slightly more conventional than that of the main deck lounge, and shows a fabulous America’s Cup painting. As for entertainment, this saloon includes a games table, a bar and a cinema area. Taking up the full beam, the saloon is exceptionally spacious, with the option to open the vast windows and/or to open up across full beam the huge sliding doors that seamlessly connect indoors to outdoors, letting in light and fresh air, while the parquet flooring flows outside. This was a technological accomplishment for Feadship, one which required a substantial amount of work and serious structural innovations.


Flaviano Perelli

Photos by Feadship & David Churchill

Moon Sand technical specifications

LOA44.20 m / 145’0” ft
Beam9.10 m / 29’10” ft
Draught 2.75 m / 9’0” ft
Fuel capacity41,000 litres / 10,830 US gallons
Main engines 2 x Caterpillar C32B 896 kW @ 1800 rpm
Generators 2 x Kohler 150 EFOZD, 1500 rpm, 150 kW, 50 Hz
Naval Architect Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects
Exterior designFeadship De Voogt Design
Interior design Bannenberg & Rowell Design
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