by Oceanco with BMT Nigel Gee, Van Geest Design and Temeloy

Oceanco, one of the world’s finest custom super yacht builders, with an office in Monaco and a facility in the Netherlands, recently made further enhancements to its technical platform for the construction of 90-metre / 295-foot vessels with the aim of strengthening its commercial offering in this international market sector, which is currently very active thanks to growing demand. The shipyard considers this naval platform to be highly strategic, and numerous exclusive project proposals based on it have been developed, also in collaboration with internationally famous and long established professional firms. After the huge success of the Yasmin and E-Motion projects, a new project bearing code DP014 has now arrived, with exterior design by Van Geest Design and Temeloy Advanced Lighting Design, and with naval architecture and engineering respectively by British firm BMT Nigel Gee and Oceanco. Oceanco officially presented the world preview of the innovative Moonstone project at the beginning of the year at the Dubai International Boat Show, held in the stunning setting of the Mina Seyahi Marina, where the shipyard, well known worldwide for its prestigious creations, had an exhibition stand. Moonstone made its debut against this glittering backdrop on the first night of DIBS 2016, appearing on display in the form of a detailed scale model. Over the five days of the show held in the UAE, further information was revealed about this exciting Oceanco super yacht project, which represents something decidedly unconventional and out-of-the-ordinary for several very clear reasons. If for example the presence of a touch-and-go helipad and a pair of custom-designed 10-metre / 33-foot tenders is now an entirely normal state of affairs on board a steel and aluminium super yacht in this size class, how could any definition more appropriate than “it’s different” be given to Moonstone when it boasts solutions never before seen on other vessels? But is “different” really the right term to use? Pieter van Geest and Tracey-Jayne Canavaggio, the principals of Van Geest Design, respond: “The challenge was not to create something different, but something unique in its philosophy and execution.” With this aim of creating something genuinely unique in mind, Moonstone was designed to play with its surrounding elements, the sea, the sky and the sun. This approach to the project, primarily based on the quest for uniqueness, is therefore the source of the difference. More specifically, the defining difference between Moonstone and all other yachts lies in her uniquely conceived faceted hull sides. The multi-angled faceted surfaces of the hull sides reflect the water and play with the sunlight to create this truly unique twinkling effect, providing a visual link between Moonstone and the sea and sky. As a result, the sheer size of the hull disappears and a playful emotional impact is created. The striking faceted hull sides also suggests a hypnotic glamour, much like the many surfaces of a finely cut precious stone. Using the hull surface to express a twinkle or the sparkle in someone’s eye, Van Geest Design has developed an elegant, distinctive, artistic project. However, it’s not just about art. The Van Geest Design team has extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of exterior and interior design as well as furniture design, shipyard production, project management and owner representation, and has an approach to design that is both artistic and practical. Van Geest Design therefore worked on the Moonstone project with another company possessing advanced technical skills specialising in cutting-edge lighting systems, namely Temeloy Advanced Lighting Design. Temeloy incorporated its own technical installation into the exterior design of the vessel to create an extremely advanced, innovative, unique lighting design, achieving extraordinary, exciting visual effects throughout the yacht. Light can express emotions and transform ordinary shapes into extraordinary images, everywhere at every moment, as long as the designer has the skill to compose it like music. “Light is essential to our lives. The way spaces are lit impacts on our wellbeing as well as our state of mind. Light has the power to transcend the noise that surrounds our daily life and bring us into stillness and wonderment,” says Tiphaine Treins, CEO of Temeloy Advanced Lighting Design.

She continues: “Light can infuse spaces and shapes with a multidimensionality that is felt, but almost impossible to adequately describe. Your eyes are seeing more than your mind can grasp.”

In relation to the design developed specially for Moonstone, Tiphaine Treins goes on to say: “To transform a yacht with light is not just about the quality of the light, or the choice of the fitting, it is also the delicate, nuanced dance between tone, shadow and brilliance. Through this difficult-to-achieve equilibrium it is possible to shape all the emotional, even spiritual flow of this yacht. We use our extensive experience and our ability to listen to what owners are looking for. We do not have a recipe for this; it is more art than science. Lighting design for us is a quest for clarity and beauty.” It’s a new kind of beauty, just like the beauty created in the sides of the yacht’s hull in the geometric multi-faceted motif, in conjunction with a multitude of different special lighting effects. The possibilities for visual effects with a profound emotional impact are truly countless. In its “normal” state, the whole of the faceted surface of the yacht constantly mirrors its environment and reflects the sea, the sky, the sun and the clouds. As the facets contain digitally programmed LED lights, however, a mere swipe of the finger on a mobile device will manipulate all the lights and immediately allow the creation of a truly personalised multi light show. Moonstone’s design has the built-in power to create an ongoing video art experience using the yacht as a medium. In terms of the hullside facets, custom hull panel lights triggered by 300 individually dimmable white triangles per hull side create unlimited lighting possibilities. At night, all these lights generate a unique shimmering, twinkling effect and the horizontal line of light provided by the boat’s waterline stripe plays with the water surface in a glowing dance. The backlit surface of the overhead panel, linked to a fish-eye camera, can capture and replay the magic of a night sky, a sunset or a sunrise, and their reflections on the water. This extremely versatile technology can also be used to create an array of colours, moods and atmospheres. The hull light panels have been designed to be self-sufficient, with the use of standard solar panels on the superstructure: one day of sunlight could potentially allow the dimming and illuminating light panels to glow for an estimated three hours.

It is therefore very clear that Oceanco’s Moonstone project has a high concentration of special features, both technical and technological, as the designers of Van Geest Design, Pieter van Geest and Tracey-Jayne Canavaggio, describe, directly alluding to one of the cornerstones of their design methodology: “We embrace innovation and integrate it in different forms within our design process.” But at the same time, they are keen to emphasise another aspect of the way they develop ideas: “We strive to keep our design pure and uncluttered.” There are countless examples of this, starting with the plumb bow that has an integrated mooring and anchoring bay, helping to keep the fore deck area completely uncluttered. Two unfolding navigation wings were designed to increase visibility when manoeuvring: these stations spread out laterally like wings suspended in the air when needed. At anchor, side platforms forward give access to water toys and a rescue tender, while side platforms to aft allow access to two main guest tenders and an outdoor lounge play area. Furthermore, the custom exterior deck furniture is designed to be modular, lightweight, low maintenance and user-friendly. Finally, Moonstone’s general layout was carefully designed to allow maximum flexibility and maximum functionality to suit the exclusive onboard lifestyle.

Flaviano Perelli

Moonstone technical specifications

MaterialSteel hull & aluminium superstructure
LOA90 m / 295’ ft
BOA15 m / 49’ ft
Draft3,80 m / 13’ ft
Maximum speed 18.5 knots
Accommodation14 guests in 1 owner’s suite
4 double guest suites
2 twin guest suites
Wellness area
and 29 crew members
Engine type2 x MTU 20V4000 M73L
(3,600 kW / 4,828 hp each)
Naval ArchitectOceanco / BMT Nigel Gee
Exterior Designer Van Geest Design
Lighting DesignTemeloy Advanced Lighting Design
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