MY Black Diamond – Cbi 777

by Cbi and Studio Ruggiero

There are natural, social and, above all, scientific phenomena that, after a period of apparent calm, suddenly explode with unimaginable force and energy when catalysts trigger a chain reaction.

This could be the story of Black Diamond, a boat that had to patiently wait for ideas and intentions to coalesce in order for its final design to be completed, through a pyrotechnical succession of phases, in a form which would be difficult to predict from the initial embryonic concept.

So what are these catalysts?

As always in the best tradition of Italian know-how, the people are undoubtedly the stars. The Owner has enormous experience in the maxi yacht sector and a keen awareness of the current expectations of those who go on board a vessel of this size, while the shipyard – Fipa Group – boasts unique technical and management capabilities deriving from the construction of more than 700 vessels, and the designer, Studio Ruggiero, has a tradition dating back to the dawn of Italian leisure boating history.


Creativity, skill and knowledge are therefore the factors that determined the concept for this unique mega yacht.

The general concept on which the design development was based is to offer guests a succession of multisensory attractions and experiences in a continuous alternation of spaces and structures devised with a focus on good living.

The look chosen to express the boat’s identity in all its versatility is decidedly aggressive, inspired by the facets of a diamond – in turn, the inspiration for the yacht’s name.


The hull and the superstructure are therefore linked in a composition of complex surfaces in which the intersectional lines are emphasised to accentuate the interplay of light reflections which clearly delineate clean lines of light.

The dark hull therefore provides a contrast with the upper part in light metal pearl grey.


The internal layout follows a clearly visible functional logic where the link between the interior and the exterior is the water.

The huge aft section lowers to sea level, and immediately defines a direct relationship with the sea through the large swimming pool, which has a depth of more than 1.4 metres. This is connected to the upper deck and the large Jacuzzi tub on the main deck through a large waterfall proportioned and controlled to offer a real therapeutic massage.

The area around the pool is full of surprises and moments of transformation: like a “Transformer” in the movies, the end section opens to reveal a broad staircase that descends well below the water surface to allow those on board to get in and out of the sea comfortably. To starboard, a bar with an adjustable cover is available for guests, and, in terms of layout, it reflects the portside compartment where a motor car is stored for rapid handling and unloading onto land with a crane.


The interior space adjacent to the pool houses two tenders and, by opening the large side hatches, it can be transformed into a large beach club with a pool and indoor bar.

On the main deck, the open-air section continues with a large, comfortable space containing a relaxation area that leads to and introduces the interior spaces. Going through the large aft door, you access a magnificent dining room completely surrounded by wine coolers and bookcases, celebrating the Owner’s love and knowledge of great French wines.

Again on the main deck, a foyer containing staircases and a lift that connect up all the decks leads to the area of the first six guest cabins, placed on this level so they can enjoy a superb view and light from the large windows.




On the lower deck, there is a large spa, featuring a gym with a side hatch that opens out, a Turkish bath, a sauna, a massage room – again with a hatch that opens out to enjoy the light from the sunset – as well as a medical area, the large main galley and the crew quarters.

The additional lower technical deck includes food storage spaces, cold storage and laundry facilities, as well as a completely sound-proofed cinema room.


The upper deck could be defined as the Owner’s deck, substantially comprising a private apartment where his cabin is placed alongside two others that, at need, can be joined up or separated.

The aft section of the deck houses a salon directly connected to the outdoor space where we find a large table and a series of sofas in the panoramic section of the deck.

The Owner’s cabin also has its own access to the helicopter platform located in the forward section.

On this deck, the two rescue tenders are noteworthy because, as they accommodate up to 24 guests, they allow for the yacht to be used as a passenger yacht with a more complex charter than the normal 12 paying passengers. In terms of compliance with the relevant legislative requirements, the yacht is already set  up to obtain “Passenger Yacht” certification, which, as noted above, makes her the equivalent of a small passenger ship and imposes strict requirements to be met for fire prevention and for stability should the boat take on water.


The wheelhouse deck is primarily focused on conviviality and fun with a disco and relaxation areas around the panoramic aft swimming pool.

This deck provides access to the final level, namely the sun deck where chairs, sofas and sun beds are arranged to leave space free for summer parties.


In technical terms, Black Diamond has a series of utterly cutting-edge measures and solutions, with compartmentation and safety standards that already meet the strict legislative requirements for passenger yachts.

These are joined by line and engineering solutions that optimise the yacht’s performance.

The lengthened shape of the hull in the aft section ensures better performance in terms of stability, further guaranteed by the use of a system of stabiliser fins and gyroscopes that are activated when the boat is stationary.

The ship actually has a double stabiliser system, with a Rolls-Royce retractable fin system paired with a Shipdynamics single gyroscope stabiliser system. This means that, depending on the level of stabilisation required, the position of the ship (whether she is sailing on the open sea or moored in more restricted waters), and the speed of travel, the yacht can use one system on its own or both together, optimising comfort, performance and hydrodynamic resistance alike.

Moreover, to facilitate manoeuvrability in restricted waters, the ship will have an aft pump-jet that will function as either an aft thruster or an ultra low speed propeller, allowing small movements without requiring the main engines to be switched on, only the on-board gensets, with obvious advantages in terms of comfort and the reduction of pollutant emissions.




MY Black Diamond - Cbi 777 Technical Specifications

Hull TypeFull displacement
Hull MaterialSteel
Superstructure Alluminium Alloy
LOA 77.7 m / 254’921” ft
LWL 67.50 m / 221’456” ft
Beam13 m / 42’651” ft
Draft4,10 m / 13’451” ft
Displacement1420 tons
Gross Tonnage1490 tons
Engines2 MTU 16V4000M53R-1520 kW@1600 rpm
GearboxZF W7641 0 4,5:1
Speed16.5 knots
Cruise16 knots
Fuel Capacity120.000 liters / 31,700.65 gallons
Fresh water capacity 45.000 liters / 11,887.74
Seawater ballast capacity50.000 liters / 13,208.6
Grey water capacity30.000 liters / 7,925.162
Range 6.000 miles at 12 knots
Generators4 CAT C9-200 kW
1 Emergency Cat C6.6 118kW
StabilizersGyroscopic Stabilizers Model GYR600A Shipdynamics
+ Fins Stabilizer Acquarius 50 Rolls Royce
Lifeboats2 x 25 pax + liferafts
Bow Thruster Vosper 150 kW
Stern Thruster Pumpjet Schottel 100 kW
Water-MakersHydromar- 2 x 20.000 liters/day
Air ConditioningFrigit
Owner and Guests25 pax
Crew 24 pax
ClassificationLloyds Register
✠100A1 Passenger Yacht ✠ LMC, UMS, ECO
Naval ArchitectureRuggiero - Genova - Italy
Exterior StylingRuggiero - Genova - Italy
Interior Space PlanningOwner and Ruggiero
InteriorRuggiero - Genova-Italy
Owner’s Project ManagerSea Metria
Shipyard Project ManagerCbi – Fipa Group
BuilderCbi – Fipa Group
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