Naumachos 105

by CNP Explorer Vessels, Aldo Cichero and Sergio Cutolo

The Cantiere Navale di Pesaro (Pesaro Shipyards) opened in 1952 as a workshop for repairs and overhauls. It then quickly moved on to building training ships and began specialising in tankers for carrying special materials such as bitumen, gas, ethylene, and chemical products. In more recent years the yard has also focused on refitting jobs, one famous example being that of Prometej, the 44- metre icebreaker tug owned by Alberta Ferretti. It also builds passenger ships and Ro. Ros, but the key moment that marked the yard’s entry into the yachting world was when it accepted the commission to build an explorer vessel for a client with very exacting requirements. A seafarer and an adventurer (he had taken part in the first attempt to recover the Andrea Doria), a teacher and the author of books and TV series, he chose this yard to build his vessel. The aim was to be open to keeping costs down without sacrificing optimum sailing qualities. The vessel was dreamt up by Stefano Carletti and the engineer Sergio Cutolo; the idea took off after they met with the director of CNP Ennio Cecchini, who accepted the “ethical” project for this boat in steel and aluminium. “With this project our goal was to play Robin Hood to those Owners who prefer substance over frivolity”, says Stefano Carletti. “We managed to create an attractive yacht with the philosophy of a merchant ship, with less adornment and more reliability, requiring lowing running and maintenance costs”. Naumachos is a name that recurs in the life and works of the original owner and it refers to the right to captain a ship that was granted by ancient Greek city-states. The yard was so inspired by this first Naumachos project that it decided to launch its own range of explorer vessels of the same variety. And it got off to the perfect start as it had the know-how, the equipment and the skills for building ships, including pleasure craft, in compliance with the highest safety and quality standards in the boating world.

A yacht for sailing
With the right outlook and respect for the sea. Sergio Cutolo designed the exteriors and systems for this line. He explains that these vessels are bought by Owners who understand what seafaring means, enjoying the pleasure of sailing by day and by night, maybe even fishing, with no hurry to get to their destination. Instead they have the advantage of incredible range and independence from land, which means they can visit beauty spots and bays that are not equipped with marinas and tourist facilities. [...]

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