by Vitters Shipyard BV, Dubois Naval Architects Ltd, Josep Juanpere and GCA Arquitectes

Sailing power and golden proportions. A superlative synthesis of excellence in naval construction, an exemplary blend of super technological specifications and advanced navigation. We have nothing but the highest praise for the aesthetics of the design, reflecting the purest ideal fusion of exterior form and interior lines, both inspired by the austere elegance of simplicity and the rigorous essence of functionality. As a member of the exclusive dimensional class of large sailing vessels measuring more than 50 metres, the prestigious new Nirvana by the Dutch shipyard Vitters certainly stands out from the herd. Constructed by the famous shipyard according to a project developed by the famous English offices of Ed Dubois, Nirvana is a stupendous fast cruising ketch that easily sums up all the advantages offered by the vast experience accumulated by the shipyard and the engineers and consolidated by the conception and creation of sailing yachts with a flybridge. In addition to the refined design and styling of Dubois Naval Architects, the sophisticated new Nirvana by Vitters Shipyard also possesses the perfectly honed naval architecture of Dubois Naval Architects, including many technical characteristics of particular interest, including a total draught that can be maintained in shallow waters of just three metres.
The yacht is in fact conceived for those who yearn to explore coastal regions with shallow waters, and is therefore capable of anchoring close to beaches in total safety; at the same time, it meets the demands of those seeking high-level performance in the open sea. Nirvana offers all this and more, thanks to the form of the hull with its wide beam, a high ballast ratio and a pivoting centreboard that brings the maximum draught to ten metres when fully extended. These technical aspects allow the vessel to obtain high performance efficiency when the wind blows up, affording the yacht excellent navigational stability. To this end, the engineering of Nirvana’s hull was complemented by in-depth simulations and topped off with analyses carried out after a complete tank testing programme; the result is a particularly sound vessel in each and every technical element and technological component, perfectly suited to guarantee extraordinary comfort and safety.

The main data
Numbered 3057 by Vitters Shipyard, Nirvana was constructed with an aluminium hull and superstructure, while the exterior decks are in teak. A fast cruiser with a ketch crew, Nirvana has two masts in carbon fibre compound. Both masts are by specialists Marten Spars and both are equipped with a take-up boom; the height of the upper deck is nearly 57 metres for the mainmast and 43 metres for the mizzen. Nirvana has an overall hull length of 53 and a half metres, with a waterline length of more than 46 and a half metres, while the maximum beam width measures 11 and a half metres.
The maximum draught varies from 3 metres when the keel is completely raised to 10 metres with keel completely lowered. On the new yacht, ballast amounts to 155 tonnes, while Nirvana has a full load displacement of 513 tonnes.
Nirvana boasts a powerful and complete sail plan, with a 515-square-metre main sail, a mizzen measuring 279 square metres, a blade of 404 square metres, a reacher of 692 square metres, and a staysail of 220 square metres. Nirvana features two twin Caterpillar C18 DiTA engines, each producing more than 700 hp at 2100 rpm, connected via a Mekanord gearbox to two four-blade Korsor propellers. The total fuel tank capacity amounts to nearly 40 thousand litres. The fresh-water tanks hold more than 10 thousand litres, provided by two Hem desalinators; the sewage, waste water, and bilge water tanks have a total capacity of three thousand litres and are backed up by a Hamann waste water treatment system. Nirvana also has two Northern Lights generators, 90 Kw each, and a 150 hp Hydromar hydraulic bowthruster. The technical deck outfitting, including winches and capstans, are by Rondal and Lewmar; navigation and communications instrumentation is by B&G, C. Plath, and Furuno. [...]

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