Ocean Alexander 120′

by Ocean Alexander, Christensen Shipyards, Evan K. Marshall/Usonia V

Over more than three decades of business, Ocean Alexander Marine Corporate has built up a strong reputation and made a name for itself in the international luxury yacht sector. The company was set up in Asia and has always been run by the same family dynasty ever since it was founded. Today, Ocean Alexander has its corporate offices in Kaohsiung in Taiwan, while its manufacturing and building facilities with factory bays are located in both Taiwan and in China, and are in fact among the largest facilities to be found in Asia. The company has grown solidly and remains focused on completing its expansion plan. This is based on taking its products to a wider clientele, and by further strengthening its presence in the US, while expanding its international sales networks with new dealerships in Europe, Asia and Australia. As well as expanding its business presence on the global market, Ocean Alexander is also bolstering its corporate growth policy by increasing its manufacturing staff in ordertomeetthe rise in demand. A clear sign of the Asian yard’s aggressive expansion strategy was its entry onto the European market, as it made its debut at the 2009 Cannes International Boat and Yacht Show, where it presented its latest luxury motor yachts. The product development plans announced by the yard involve expanding the current range of yachts, and introducing several new models of yachts and mega yachts.
Ocean Alexander’s range currently consists of various series of semi custom yachts: the Trawler Yacht Series, comprising two models measuring under 100 feet; the Pilothouse Yacht Series, comprising two models measuring under 100 feet; and the Motor Yacht Series, comprising five models measuring under 100 feet and two models measuring over 100 feet, namely the 102′ Motor Yacht and the 102′ Cockpit Motor Yacht. These have now been joined by the new Mega Yacht Series, which consists of three models all measuring over a hundred feet; the 36.5 metre 120′ Mega Yacht; the 41 metre 135′ Mega Yacht; the 47 metre 155′ Mega Yacht. This impressive new series was announced by the yard at the 2008 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, and is the result of a partnership set up between Ocean Alexander and Christensen Shipyards, the famous American shipyard that specialises in prestigious luxury yachts. This strategic alliance between the two yards was brought about by John Chueh, President of Ocean Alexander, and Joe Foggia, President and Managing Director of Christensen Shipyards. The solid partnership is based on strong technical and organisational cooperation in order to give a mutual boost to the competitiveness of both firms. Together, they have vast potential to create and exploit numerous opportunities in a constantly changing global market. The strong points of this joint venture include the combination of the yards’ respective technical manufacturing skills, ensuring the best possible quality across the entire construction process in accordance with the highest standards, and using highly specialised labour. This offers their discerning clientele the utmost satisfaction in terms of safety, as well as ensuring that the value of their investment will remain high over time. The arrangement also means that, combined, the two companies’ ranges complement each other for a wide choice of yachts: Ocean Alexander’s models start from 55 feet and go all the way up to 155 feet, while Christensen Shipyards specialises in yachts measuring between 164 and 225 feet. In particular, the strategic partnership allows specifically for a new Ocean Alexander series of tri deck motor yachts: the Mega Yacht Series. This is a new series of semi custom motor yachts featuring clean, contemporary lines in tune with current international trends, all with the high quality construction and finish that is typical of Ocean Alexander. The first model to be built will be the Ocean Alexander 120′: work on the first unit kicked off at the beginning of this year, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2011. [...]

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