by Fipa Italiana Yachts

A bold, modern looking yacht with visually striking sinuous lines and soft forms. Graceful curves and soft rounded forms continue on the inside, providing a motif for the yacht’s interiors, which are designed to resemble a modern home, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere on board.

For more than three decades now, Maiora has been building elegant, prestigious yachts that are known for their quality and reliability. This Italian yard creates high-value, high-comfort yachts using all of their experience and advanced technology. The yard boasts a prestigious position in the luxury yachting world, particularly for its own target market. For some time Maiora has been the historic brand of the powerful Fipa Group, also known as Fipa Italiana Yachts, a growing company which also includes a further two Italian brands: AB Yachts, which makes sporty open yachts, and Cbi Navi which builds large ships.
The current Maiora range consists of the dp series, a name which designates yachts with a double deck in addition to the flybridge deck and raised pilothouse, including numerous models that have that classic Maiora look, all of which come in a variety of dimensions. In the last few years, for example, among the models successfully launched by the yard, a lot of interest has centred on the Maiora 38 dp model.
One impeccable unit of the 38 dp has been built: Melina C, launched in 2007.
These were followed by the equally impressive larger model Maiora 39 dp, beautifully interpreted with the yacht Why Worry, which took to the water in 2008 and was presented in a detailed article last year in issue number 9 of Yacht Première. Naturally, the yard has continued on the crest of successful wave, and this time it has launched the new model, Maiora 35 dp, in the form of two splendid sisterships: Paris-a and Theo, both launched this February. Paris-a and Theo were built at the same time and were also launched on the same day, making them not just sisterships but practically twins.
In actual fact, the two units are “non-identical twins”, proving that the Maiora 35 dp can meet Owners’ design briefs thanks to an incredible versatility regarding all aspects, both aesthetic and technical. In short, here are the main differences between the two new motoryachts. Paris-a is a Maiora 35 dp, with two propeller propulsion engines. The hull and superstructure are in fibreglass and painted white; the side portholes are horizontal, and the yacht has a backwards styled radar arch with awning; the tender is kept on the flybridge aft deck. The Theo, meanwhile, is a Maiora 35 dp Jet, hence with three hydrojet propulsion engines. Her hull and superstructure are built in Kevlar and carbon, and the hull is painted dark blue while a metallic silver has been used for the superstructure. The portholes on the topsides are vertical, and the yacht has a forwards styled radar arch with hard top, while the tender and waverunner are stored in the garage on the lower aft deck.
Naturally, the two yachts also differ in the way their interior and exterior space is arranged; their layout and style are worlds apart. It’s clear, then, that Paris-a and Theo are the result of a smoothly executed customisation project carried out by the yard to fulfil all of the Owners’ desires: two unique, utterly individual creations that express different yacht concepts, and different philosophies regarding life at sea. When it came to deciding which of the two yachts to feature in this magazine, the choice was tough: we picked the first in alphabetical order, so, owing to reasons of space that would make it difficult to feature both yachts, we have decided to dedicate this article to Paris-a. [...]

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