Pershing 108’

by Pershing and Ital Projects

Almost a quarter of a century on from when it was founded by the brilliant, courageous Tilli Antonelli (who is still the company President), Pershing remains a world leader in the open motor yacht sector. The yard’s prestigious position, which bears out the quality of Italian shipbuilding, was further bolstered around a decade ago when it joined the powerful Ferretti Group.
The latter was founded over forty years ago by Norberto Ferretti, who is still the President and CEO. Ferretti encompasses nine of the most exclusive international yacht brands: Ferretti Yachts, which is the “head of the family”, then Custom Line, CRN, Mochi Craft, Apreamare, Bertram, Riva, Itama, and lastly Pershing. Pershing is a strong brand, which has received many awards and much praise. It is notable for the constant progress of its products, thanks to ongoing research into both technology and design alike. The yard has a modern site with a surface area of around 55 thousand square metres, designed to support its growing production volume and the expansion of its range, as well as the increasing length of its yachts. Over the yard’s history, spanning almost three decades, Pershing has designed more than 23 models.
Currently its range comprises eight models, of which six are under one hundred feet, and two are above this benchmark: namely, the flagship Pershing 115’ and the new Pershing 108’, presented here in issue number 13 of Yacht Première. In the yard’s tradition, each new model is created to become a landmark vessel on the international yachting scene. To achieve this, each new Pershing yacht introduces strong, innovative new elements. Technical progress continues with Pershing 108’ as it did with her predecessor Pershing 115’. For the first time in the yard’s history, the new Pershing 108’ features a very important technical innovation, improving even on the yard’s flagship, the Pershing 115’.
On this new yacht the yard offers a choice between two different kinds of motorization which also differ in terms of configuration: the standard type consists of two MTU turbo diesel engines combined with two KAMEWA hydrojets; while the optional version has two MTU turbo diesel engines and a VERICOR gas turbine combined with three KAMEWA hydrojet transmissions, offering much higher performance if required.
Based on the latter configuration, the yard also decided to adopt a multiple engine system on board Pershing 108’, but it differs from that on Pershing 115’ as in this case it consists solely of fractional diesel engines: three MTU turbo diesel engines with a lower displacement, combined with three ARNESON propulsion systems with surface propellers. So when designing this new unit, the team maintained all the power and speed for which “Pershing Performances” have always been known, partly thanks to the surface propeller propulsion that the yard has specialised in for some time. The thrust provided by the three surface propellers offloads the power of the three high-rated turbo engines, allowing the new Pershing 108’ to travel at speeds of more than 40 knots, getting the most out of the hull with its sleek waterlines.
However, the yard was not concerned purely with high performance; it also carried out studies on energy saving to allow the yacht to use less fuel and have less of an environmental impact.And this three-engine configuration also makes the yacht more versatile, with cutting edge technology offering different navigation options. The Owner can choose whether to travel on the new Pershing 108’ in the three-engine mode, or whether to use two engines; he can also opt for just one engine if he wants to achieve a range of more than a thousand nautical miles.
The central engine on board Pershing 108’ is positioned forward, guaranteeing better air suction and thus ensuring consistent performance; this configuration also allows for a smaller engine room, freeing up more space for the accommodation. [...]

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