Planet 120’ Hard Top

by Versilcraft Shipyard with CLM and Studio Neri

For more than forty years, the Versilcraft yard has been a benchmark in the world of Italian nautical styling. Today, the Planet 120’ Hard Top is adding even greater lustre to this splendid tradition. The Versilcraft name has consistently embodied the best of the European shipbuilding scene. The group’s deep technical experience, matured over time in the continuous development of its own craft – as well as the constant modernization of production facilities and marine planning – have come together in its Planet yacht line, and above all in the series’ latest premium offering, the 120’ Hard Top. After only a very short time on the market, the Planet marque has established strong consensus among its solid customer base – mostly refined and demanding ship owners from Hong Kong, Malaysia and China – as an extraordinarily satisfying luxury craft. Following closely on the heels of other well-received models in the series (beginning with the 105’, through the 110’ and 115’ configurations), the 120’ Hard Top version wasted little time in distancing itself from the pack, delighting the public and yachting connoisseurs alike. While it has taken only a few years for the Planet to establish itself as the yard’s new flagship, the 120’ Hard Top – introduced with justifiable pride at the recent Cannes, Monaco and Genoa boat shows – has already provoked considerable interest from highly motivated buyers determined to participate in the exciting new project. Indeed, two units are already under construction.

The Planet Line concept
Like the other Planet models that preceded it, the new 120’ Hard Top was conceived to satisfy highly specific construction criteria gleaned from painstaking research into the requirements of yachting professionals. The result combines cutting-edge technology with this legendary yard’s deeply felt appreciation for the highest standards of time-honoured craftsmanship. To this end, the yard first focused its attention on the boat’s hidden qualities, where the real work takes place. For despite the trappings, it is the unseen areas of a yacht that deliver the reliability, comfort, and performance (not to mention the management and maintenance) that are the most important factors in determining the value of a luxury craft. In keeping with this scrupulous methodology – and in the interest of maintaining the most stringent standards for every element of the design – the decision was taken to test the hull at the legendary Model Basin in Vienna. There, an exhaustive array of tests and controls ensures optimum performance thanks to a large “sweet spot” for slicing through real ocean conditions, from aquaplaning to irregular wave frequencies, to guarantee maximum stability plus unparalleled handling and sailing pleasure. It’s no surprise that the Ligurian engineering house C.L.M. (Di Merlino, Lombardi and Cozzani), planner of the hulls for the entire Planet line, has an established reputation for world-class super yacht design. The yard’s technical arm completed an intensive analysis of the boat’s acoustics, with an eye to ensuring maximum comfort while the craft is underway. In fact the finest insulating materials have been used to guarantee perfect soundproofing of all the various onboard environments. The result: a yacht that offers a level of comfort rarely attained by competitors. At cruising speed, the noise of the motors is dampened to barely perceptible levels, an effect made all the more impressive by the sleek profile of the acoustic baffling and thermal shielding, which blend perfectly into the surroundings. This highly efficient solution to the problem of banishing engine noise from the cabin environment has given the designers much to work with in practical terms, the outcome being a whole series of innovative and functional solutions for the maximization of accessibility and availability of space throughout the craft. [...]

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