Princess Iolanthe 149

by Mondomarine, Sydac, Luca Dini and Jean Pierre Fantini

We might call it a classic of the new generation. A megayacht with slender lines that avoids extreme avant-gardism. The shipyard is right to say that “it isn’t easy to find something really out of the ordinary in Princess Iolanthe”. But this is by no means a limitation! This 45 metre displacement craft by Mondomarine, designed by Sydac, has plenty of personality thanks to Luca Dini’s exterior design and Jean Pierre Fantini’s sober, brightly lit interiors.After all, the brief the Owner and Mondomarine gave the designers was clear:a steel hull with aluminium superstructures that would make the most of the available space while staying within the 500 TSL limit and obtaining the highest class, Lloyds Register of Shipping and MCA “Unrestricted”.

An ocean-going yacht
And so the size of the hull, and particularly the nine-metre width determined after complex calculations of stability in the event of flooding, was determined so as not to penalise the large volume of the superstructures.
The construction height was set at 4.5 metres after careful study of weights. The typical displacement hull with bulb keeps additions astern, a feature typical of Sydac’s designs for Mondomarine, which improves speed performance and increases rolling damping. The bottom, the spoilers, and the interaction of hull and propeller – a 5-bladed Detra “High Skew” are the product of the design team’s experience and their efficacy was checked during tests with an unusually sized model in the El Pardo tank in Madrid. The result of these studies and experiments is a maximum speed of 16 knots, achieved thanks to the powerful thrust of the two CAT 3512B diesel engines. An excellent result considering the 455-ton weight when fully loaded; the vessel has a range of 4 thousand miles at the economy cruising speed of 12 knots.
The Owner was perfectly happy with these results as he intends to sail the Princess Iolanthe not only in the Mediterranean but across the Atlantic to the warm, quiet waters of the Caribbean and thence to the colder, more challenging waters of Alaska. The yacht is ready: strong, dependable, cosy and comfortable – more than sufficient to face all these adventures. This is why Mondomarine likes to call her an “elegant but mighty lady”. In purely stylistic terms Princess Iolanthe differs from past Mondomarine creations in her sportier external design, which Luca Dini created applying the latest trends in boat design. Form and lines are sinuous but marked by clear corners, to great impact; all surfaces are “worked” with little recesses, cuts and edges that create lights and shadows like those typical of sports cars.

The main deck
The interior layout is fairly traditional, though there are some peculiar and noteworthy solutions. The first one is the wide, in-the-round welcome area from which you can reach the main deck salon; also sure to create a sensation is the double sliding door without the classic coaming on the deck, the result of a specific technical choice studied in collaboration with Lloyds Register. This solution allows ideal “insertion” of the two little sofas furnishing the lobby either in the large salon or in the cockpit, in either case creating a secluded area for confidential conversation or for reading a book.
Another peculiarity of this deck is the main entrance foyer, amidships starboard, with access from the external passageway and near the foldaway royal ladder. This is the traditional solution for all large yachts and cruising ships, in acknowledgement of Princess Iolanthe’s dimensions and class. Finally, the decision to destine the stern area of the upper deck salon for use as a dining room instead of locating it on the main deck is quite unusual, and implies a different way of exploiting the boat’s interiors. From the entrance foyer the guests can head for the large salon on the left or go down to the lower deck; the same stairway also leads to the upper deck. The forward part of the main deck is reserved for the Owner: a suite composed of an office, the cabin proper, and two bathrooms linked by the shower stall set in between them. Finally, the main deck contains the galley on the left, equipped with professional equipment to respond to the requirements of charter voyages. A secondary access next to the galley leads to the comfortable crew quarters on the lower deck.
For the interior decor, the Owner identified as a point of reference a yacht already sailing characterised by a particular contrast between the colour of the wood and that of classic fabrics. At the same time, as Princess Iolanthe is also used for charter voyages, the design had to appeal to the tastes of the majority of people and overall maintenance had to be as easy as possible. This goal was met in full: the result is a relaxing feel created by light coloured fabrics and carpets, enhanced by the three different types of wood chosen to match them. [...]

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