by Nobiskrug with Claydon Reeves

Monte Carlo! A privileged location for a great many years, chosen for exclusive jet set parties and extravagant VIP celebrations, not to mention the most famous Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit in the world, which winds its way among the Principality’s grand, luxurious residences and has provided an outstanding setting for the impossible adventures of unstoppable cinematic secret agents. However, in September last year, it was the quayside at the port, packed with visitors to the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show, which was the setting for a mysterious, unusual event. Casually mingling among a large public was a journalist from overseas, or at least from somewhere else. As he weighed up the vessels on display, he noticed a white sheet of paper lying on the quayside. It probably landed there after exploding out of the over-stuffed notebook of a colleague too busy to notice its loss. A rather enigmatic note was penned on it: “one has 110 in time, the other has 110 in space”. An exciting search for the solution immediately took off, quickly turning into a frenetic treasure hunt. Hypotheses and interpretations criss-crossed but, like all good things, this little game soon came to an end. The truth was suddenly revealed as if by magic at the Nobiskrug shipyard stand, whose centrepiece was a scale model of the motor yacht Radiance. The solution was very simple: Nobiskrug, founded in 1905, was 110 years old, while Radiance’s design length was 110 metres. With the mystery solved, nothing more remained to be done but to enter the stand and find out more about both the stars of the show. Over its more than a century of experience in shipbuilding, Nobiskrug has built around 800 vessels, and its current core business is the highly specialised construction of individually manufactured custom super yachts. The historic shipyard can build vessels with lengths ranging from 60 to 426 metres, which is the maximum size of the largest dock available. Over 1,000 in-house employees and engineers work at the yard’s three facilities in northern Germany, where they have developed and built numerous internationally award-winning super yachts. These include Mogambo, the iconic 73.5-metre motor yacht that was previously featured in a Yacht Première full portrait. Last year, the German shipyard once again confirmed its powerful presence among the leading super yacht builders with the launch of a 140-metre mega yacht, hull build number 787. This was followed by the world preview of its stunning new concept project Radiance at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show, which with its 361 feet in length is, as the shipyard itself describes it, is “the next superyacht for the 22nd century, built by Nobiskrug”. This superyacht concept project with a glittering future was produced in close collaboration with the British firm Claydon Reeves, which developed Radiance exclusively for Nobiskrug to create an entirely new design combining generous living spaces with a graceful, enduring aesthetic. This international collaboration was very satisfying for both sides. Speaking for the shipyard, Holger Kahl, Managing Director at Nobiskrug, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Claydon Reeves, a genuine yacht specialist when it comes to yacht design. Their passion and dedication to creating unique yachts is already well known. There is a synergy between our two companies that we feel will result in a valuable relationship.” On the designers’ side, Mike Reeves and James Claydon, founders and directors at Claydon Reeves, had this to say: “We are proud to be in partnership with Nobiskrug for this exciting project. Since the creation of Claydon Reeves we have admired the work of Nobiskrug, and it is a real pleasure to finally have an opportunity to collaborate with them.” To explain the project and its details, the two designers talk about the yacht model and launch enthusiastically into quick-fire descriptions. We try to keep up and take notes, all too aware that there is a multitude of interesting elements that we will not be able to cover properly in this brief summary. Externally, Radiance has been modelled in a modern, decidedly contemporary style that nonetheless successfully communicates a feeling of timeless elegance. A classic single shear line runs from bow to stern to create a soaring and balanced parabolic curve, which is emphasised by the two tone paintwork of the hull. Forward, Radiance has a classic plumb bow which is all but vertical, ahead of a fore deck intended for use as a helipad, below which there is a garage with two side hatches for service tenders and water toys. Aft, Radiance has an almost horizontal circular radiating stern, which holds a massive infinity pool with vertical glass walls.

With its length of 13 metres / 43 feet, this swimming pool is very much the distinguishing feature of the new project, in both aesthetic and functional terms. The external spaces of the main deck with their sun loungers and sofa areas revolve around it, arranged in unusual split-level terracing. As they are in an elevated position, they afford an extraordinary panoramic view and ensure complete privacy – with all amenities and entertainment in easy reach, including a wet bar at the shallow end of the swimming pool. Three large skylights have been installed in the base of the swimming pool, allowing natural light to reach the dive club below. The transom door lowers open to create a huge bathing platform, with two fold-out staircases each of which are two metres wide. Alternatively, a waterside dining area can be created to accommodate up to 20 diners. When the two main tenders, 12 metres / 40 feet in length, are launched, their garage space remains free and merges entirely with the adjacent beach club area to form a huge space for parties and other recreational activities. In addition, the two fold-down shell doors of the garage create two side platforms that allow guests to disembark from the twin tenders easily and safely. From the main deck pool area, each deck successively overhangs the one below in the curved superstructure, running uninterruptedly up to the sun deck. This panoramic space, served directly by the central lift, offers guests generous space with a lounge bar area to aft and a sunbathing area forward, with a Jacuzzi pool and sun pads. Inside, Radiance’s general layout is specially designed to include a multitude of unusual spaces drawing more inspiration from architecture than from sailing. It is no accident that the entrance area where guests are welcomed is double-height, as in a grand building, while the huge size of the salon is emphasised by an access area inspired by a Roman atrium. This space, screened by a sequence of columns, creates a pleasing feeling of being enclosed and protected even when the patio doors are open, while a welcoming, sunny atmosphere is engendered by the natural light that floods in through them. The design in this area appropriately highlights the luxury element but most importantly it emphasises the importance of relaxation and a warm welcome through the inclusion of numerous focal points of interest. Each of these has its own unusual distinguishing theme and its own subjective character, even when it comes to functional aspects, and is embodied by a suitable selection of decorative materials combined with thematically connected artworks. Like the salon, the master stateroom has also been designed to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by its privileged position, avoiding the use of the bed as the main focal point as is usually the case in most design solutions. The furniture and colour schemes have been chosen to make sure that enjoyment of the daytime panorama is not affected, whereas at night they take on a starring role thanks to skilful use of lighting effects. The idea is to offer a welcoming, relaxing space, whatever the time of day. The same philosophy was applied in the design of the master bathroom, which is intended as a full living space, not just one for use only when strictly necessary. Consequently, the space is laid out like a contemporary private lounge rather than a traditional bathroom. The designers therefore opted to use special materials as key highlight elements, such as in the shower cubicle which resembles a feature alcove thanks to the presence of a backlit onyx wall.


Flaviano Perelli

Radiance technical specifications

LOAapprox. 110.0 m / 361’ ft
Beamapprox. 16.5 m / 54’ ft
Draftapprox. 4.8 m / 16’ ft
Cruising speed approx. 16 knots
Guests12 / 18 PYC Option
Crew26 menbers & Captain
Naval Architect Nobiskrug
ExteriorClaydon Reeves
InteriorClaydon Reeves
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