by Riva Superyachts Division with Officina Italiana Design

During the Monaco Yacht Show in 2014 the top management of the Ferretti Group announced the creation of the Riva Superyachts Division, and plans for a brand-new, exclusive, highly advanced production site at the Super Yacht Yard in Ancona (the Ferretti Group’s industrial centre used to build large-scale boats for CRN, Custom Line, Pershing and, of course, Riva). On the anniversary of its official debut, at the Monaco Yacht Show 2015 the Riva Superyachts Division went on to introduce the yard’s technical team and strategic plan for the positioning of its business proposals on the global market. Their proposals include two different lines of super yachts and mega yachts, with a range based on four different marine platforms coming in lengths of 50, 60, 70 and 90 metres. At the following Monaco Yacht Show 2016 the basic characteristics that differentiate the two product lines were confirmed: one is a more classic design, drawing inspiration directly from the shipyard’s history, continuing the tradition of elegance and class which has always made Riva masterpieces stand out, while the other is a modern sporting yacht design following in the footsteps of the current Riva generation with dynamic, futuristic lines. It was only in early 2017, though, when news broke that the steel hull of the first Riva superyacht had been completed, complete with spectacular images of the heavy duty shipyard equipment moving the yacht for the first time, in the first days of March. Alberto Galassi was also present at this stunning event. He is the managing director of the Ferretti Group, and in his speech he stated: “Today was a memorable day for Riva, and we are very happy to have started to write a new chapter in our history, which began over a hundred years ago.” Their story is a typically Italian one, beginning in 1842 and continuing without interruption up to and beyond the celebrations for their 175th anniversary, held last year. It’s only during the course of this year, though, that the first Riva-branded superyacht – an impressive boat 50 metres in length – will be finished and take to the waves, marking another memorable milestone in the history of the shipyard. The launch will be memorable because it will be the realisation of a dream dear to Carlo Riva, the engineer who was responsible for the great success and maximum development of the family business, following in the footsteps of his great-grandfather, who actually founded the company. As long ago as the 1970s, Riva imagined pushing the limits and creating a Riva superyacht made from steel and aluminium. Decades later, when he was shown the plan for the first 50-metre Riva superyacht, Carlo Riva could only express one wish: “I’d love to try sailing her…” Unfortunately, a cruel twist of fate meant this would never come to pass, as a month after his 95th birthday –  which happily coincided with the hull moving for the first time –  and with no chart to navigate by, like an expert boatman, as he liked to describe himself, Carlo Riva suddenly set sail for a port not to be found on any chart. In his twin roles as businessman and designer, he was an expert who made his brand legendary and his boats became genuine status symbols thanks to models that themselves became legendary, thanks in part to working with experts – such as his lasting, fruitful collaboration with his friend, the cultured architect Carlo Pagani, who passed away many years before Riva did. The new Riva 50-metre superyacht draws inspiration from the many models designed and created during Carlo Riva’s long career, and is a direct descendant of the various famous motor yachts from the Caravelle, Atlantic, Marco Polo and Vespucci ranges. Now, many years later, Carlo Riva’s ideas have become reality. In his comment, Alberto Galassi was happy to emphasise this: “I am proud to be leading a group of true professionals, who are turning the dreams of Carlo Riva into something tangible. We took a great idea for an ambitious and adventurous feat of engineering and focused on building this magnificent fleet of super yachts in steel.” The Riva 50 M is the first model to be launched by the new Riva Superyachts Division. It is unique in terms of its technology and aesthetics, as well as being truly faithful to the brand’s identity, an outstanding example of the close cooperation between the Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee and RIVA SYD Engineering, a team of engineers which focuses on planning new Riva superyachts, alongside the Officina Italiana Design, a nautical design centre founded by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta, who have been styling all the boats in the Riva Yachts range for many years. Discussing the first Riva 50 M, which is currently in the final stages of construction, the managing director of the Ferretti Group said: “The Riva 50 M offers a superlative experience, with the mark of comfort, elegance and nautical art-values that have been the hallmark of the brand for the last 175 years. This new super yacht is a masterpiece offering superior quality and cutting-edge design, incorporating the most innovative technological solutions with an unparalleled sense of elegance and style, to fulfil the expectations of the future owners of a Riva yacht all around the world.” The new Riva 50 M has four extensive decks, with a layout arranged in such a way as to be able to host up to twelve passengers in one owner’s suite and five VIP staterooms, as well as housing up to ten staff in one captain’s cabin and four crew cabins. The owner’s stateroom is located on the main deck together with a VIP stateroom, while the other four VIP staterooms are on the lower deck; the lower deck also houses four crew cabins, while the captain’s cabin is located on the upper deck next to the wheelhouse. Innovative choices were made regarding the galley, which is located on the lower deck just in front of the cold room and the storage room so as to allow all decks to be served, using a practical dumbwaiter when required. Interior spaces intended for social uses are larger than those normally found on today’s motor yachts of comparable length, and even more spacious than those on most larger vessels. However, on the Riva 50 M, it was deliberately decided to favour outdoor spaces intended for al fresco living, equipping these areas to provide  maximum comfort and create a relaxing atmosphere to be enjoyed in total privacy, or to offer a choice of sport and entertainment activities during cruises or when partying with friends. The sundeck offers a 360-degree panoramic view and has two solarium areas, one of which is aft and is fitted with sun loungers, while the forward solarium contains a swimming pool with a hydro-massage tub, surrounded by sunpads; in the central part of the deck, protected by a large hard top, there is a lounge area catered to by a bar area with a counter and stools. On the upper deck, forward, there is a sunbathing area with sunpads and an open-air lounge area with seating, while aft there is an open-air lounge with sofas, and an al fresco dining area with a table for twelve. On the main deck, aft, there is a solarium area with sunpads and an open-air lounge area equipped with seats set close to handy staircases, linking them directly to the beach club below, which has a folding hatch to create a large platform level with the water. The equipment on board the Riva 50 M superyacht will include two jet skis with open berthing, located in the technical area far forward, as well as a rescue-and-service tender with closed berthing in the garage below the forward solarium area, and a main Williams Dieseljet 625 main tender with closed berthing in the garage in the far stern of the hull on the lower deck.


 Flaviano Perelli

RIVA 50 M technical specifications

LOA50 m / 164’04’’ ft
Maximum Beam9 m / 29’52’’ ft
Dept under propellers (boat full laden)2.50 m / 8’20’’ ft
Displacement485 tons
Gross Tonnageless than 500 GT
Water tank capacity12'000 litres / 3'170 US gallons
Fuel tank capacity48'000 litres / 12'680 US gallons
Engines2 x MTU 8V 4'000 M63 1'000 kW @ 1'800 rpm
Generators2 x ZENORO of 12 kW @ 1'500 rpm
Stabilizers2 x Zero Speed
Maximum speed15 knots
Cruising Speed11 knots
Range3'500 nm
EngineeringRiva – Officina Italiana Design
ShipyardRiva – Ferretti Group

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