Sanlorenzo 40 Alloy

by Sanlorenzo and Francesco Paszkowski

Ahighly prestigious shipyard with an impeccable business reputation: Sanlorenzo. And a talented designer with proven creative flair. Both parties wished to astound people with a unique creation, something that would surprise and bewitch onlookers and leave a lasting impression. They promised they would do so, and they did. Designer Francesco Paszkowski used simple, bold lines to create uncompromisingly energetic forms. Fluidly streamlined, the styling gives a strong sense of movement and dynamism that is tangible even when the yacht is moored, conveying its sheer power and speed. Elegant and unique features and an unmistakeable style mark the debut of this new range of light, speedy aluminium yachts. For aluminium is the new challenge for Sanlorenzo.

The shipyard concepts
Aluminium is the new way for the yard to express its refreshed creativity. This new phase comes after half a century in business during which the yard worked first with timber, and later with fibreglass. The Sanlorenzo shipyard was founded in 1958 in Viareggio, Italy. It soon became known for its excellent design and construction of tailor made boats that simply ooze class. The current CEO of the Sanlorenzo yard is Massimo Perotti. After having successfully led the takeover of the yard, in 2005 he decided to maintain the Sanlorenzo ethos, which is totally dedicated to the customer and focused on total customisation and perfect quality. This is made possible by producing only a few units each year. Today, the historic Sanlorenzo yard remains true to its original brand values of high quality and limited production, and it continues to strive for a sense of exclusiveness and uniqueness for each of its models. At the same time, Massimo Perotti is steadily pursuing a new strategy to infuse the Sanlorenzo yard with new vigour. Perotti is planning to gradually develop the yard at a reasonable pace, by cautiously diversifying its products. Careful business planning has allowed the yard to double its production over the past two years, thanks to constant growth in demand from its clientele. In order to meet its clients’ requests for larger yachts, Sanlorenzo has expanded its range with two new lines. So at the Ameglia Division, managed by Marco Viti, the brand’s well-known fibreglass planing-hull motoryachts are produced in sizes ranging from 62 to 108 feet. The new Viareggio Division managed by Antonio Santella, and two other production sites, are where Sanlorenzo builds its composite 92 and 22 foot yachts with semi-displacing hulls and its 38 to 52-metre metal superyachts, with steel displacing hulls and bulbous bows, or with aluminium planing hulls. Aluminium was the best choice of construction material for Sanlorenzo as it allowed the yard to maintain its high levels of performance and quality and enlarge its fleet. Indeed, when it comes to planing vessels of over 110 feet, the lightness and strength of aluminium guarantees excellent performance. That’s the idea behind the new Sanlorenzo Alloy line. It was this innovative, strategically crucial project that marked Sanlorenzo’s decision to enter the metal boat sector, with its usual expertise and all-round quality. For its new project the yard commissioned the services of John Winterbotham and Partners, the renowned British marine surveyors specialising in the maxi-yacht sector. The result is a Quality Book certifying each stage of construction, with each individual step of workmanship. This places Sanlorenzo at the very top of today’s metal boat manufacturers.

The 40 Alloy features
All of this led the Sanlorenzo yard to attend the Monaco Yacht Show and the Genoa International Boat Show in Autumn last year, for the glorious debut of the brand new 40 Alloy. The yard proudly showed the public its new generation of aluminium yachts. The first Sanlorenzo yacht to be built in aluminium is one of the most original and successful products in its sector. The main concept behind it was to create a one-off object of desire that would not be available elsewhere on the market a landmark yacht. With it, the yard has established an ambitious record. The Sanlorenzo SD range of composite semi-displacements made its debut with the Sanlorenzo SD 92’, while the Sanlorenzo SD 122’ is due to be launched in the near future. The ultramodern Sanlorenzo 40 Alloy is the natural progression of the considerable challenge laid down by Massimo Perotti nearly three years ago after the takeover of the Sanlorenzo yard in April 2005. So this, the new 40 Alloy, is the first metal yacht to be built under the Sanlorenzo brand by the new shipyards in Viareggio. It is a swift, magnificent superyacht made entirely from aluminium with a planing hull and a highly efficient bottom that has been carefully designed to optimise speed and seaworthiness. As for its performance, the spacious engine room is fitted with modern twin 12-cylinder MTU diesel engines, M90 12V 4000 series. Each of these pumps out a maximum horsepower of almost 2800 hp, equivalent to over 2000 kilowatts. With this pair of reliable engines and a total half-loaded displacement of 156 tons, the new Sanlorenzo 40 Alloy is capable of reaching top speeds of 28 knots, and maintaining a cruising speed of 25 knots. What’s more, the high-capacity fuel tanks, which can hold thirty-thousand litres of fuel (eight-thousand US gallons), give the new yacht a stated range of 800 thousand nautical miles at cruising speed. The Sanlorenzo 40 Alloy’s overall length is around 125 ft, with an overall beam of around 25 ft. This considerable size has been made the most of, with a wide-body superstructure that allows the yacht to offer her Owner and guests a large suite and four comfortable staterooms, as well as ample covered and open areas for socialising that have all been methodically laid out and beautifully finished. [...]

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