by Feadship - Royal Van Lent Shipyard, De Voogt Naval Architects and Jim Harris

The Dutch firm Feadship brings together under one prestigious brand three legendary names in yachting history: Koninklijke De Vries, Royal Van Lent and De Voogt. The shipbuilder has always made yacht Owners’ dreams come true with its matchless luxury custom yachts. Time and again this has been the secret of its worldwide success.
This time, that success is named…Secret.
The white exterior of the new Secret hides the true secret of Feadship, a yard that is at the cutting edge of both design and technology: its ability to make the most of the client’s dreams. The yacht’s exterior features a sleek looking semi-canoe stern and varnished teak cap rails. She has a classic look but with no shortage of sophisticated, modern touches, making her a fresh-looking yet timeless yacht.
Her clean, well-proportioned profile is clearly a new take on the classic yachts of last century, and she retains all the subtle characteristics of those craft but with a modern twist, in line with today’s requirements. She has plenty of soft curves and large radiuses, a sophisticated blend of attractive forms on the horizontal and vertical planes, and there’s not a harsh line to be seen.
The Owner, the designers De Voogt and interior design Jim Harris, took the classic Feadship design as their blueprint and played with it to create a yacht that is
very much at home in today’s world. They made sure that Secret would be an unprecedented combination of care to detail and nautical elegance, encompassing a century of yacht styling.

Nautical elegance
Built by Feadship at the Royal Van Lent yard in Holland, Secret is a stunning
four-deck yacht, over 200 ft in length, with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure. Her layout is typical for a yacht of this size. Nevertheless, the Owners vast experience of chartering allowed them to employ his knowledge to make this yacht incredibly versatile throughout, whether in the accommodations or the indoor or outdoor reception areas. They can be adapted remarkable quickly to suit the taste and requirements of guests; this Owner is clearly familiar with how people like to spend their time when on board a luxury yacht these days. The space and service facilities have been designed to give the Owner’s family and guests the best in comfort and relaxation. They also make Secret a perfect charter yacht, with intelligent solutions for guest passengers. The sheer expertise of Feadship and the Owner comes through in every practical and organisational aspect of this yacht. Everything has been thought out carefully down to the last detail. The approach is thoughtful and capable, allowing for no compromises in functionality or practicality, setting aside as much space as possible for technology and logistics. Feadship’s careful study of a myriad of technical and environmental factors has resulted in overall perfection, from the efficiency and accessibility of the installed systems to the serviceability of the engine room. [...]

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