by Fincantieri Yachts with Cor D. Rover

With a history of more than 200 years in the business and more than 7,000 vessels built, Fincantieri has always been a synonym for magnificent shipbuilding, from cruise ships and cruise ferries to military ships, commercial vessels and even luxury mega yachts. In December last year, Fincantieri Yachts – Fincantieri’s specialist division for the construction of mega yachts with lengths of over 80 metres – delivered the new 140- metre Ocean Victory. She is now the new flagship of the Fincantieri Yachts fleet, but more importantly she is also the largest private yacht ever built in Italy, and one of the ten longest mega yachts ever built anywhere in the world. A highly prestigious result on this scale led Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri Yachts, to comment very positively on the event: “A 140-metre ship is always something special. But in the mega yacht market, which represents luxury, innovation and a cutting edge niche in the shipbuilding industry by definition, having success does not only depend on the numbers and size. With Ocean Victory, in fact, we had to put ourselves to the test every day from all points of view. Given this really exciting result, I can proudly say that we have been able to meet the challenge in an excellent manner: a ship that is going to testify to Italy’s highest expression of technology and fascination worldwide will cast off from Fincantieri’s docks.” While the vessel epitomises Italian quality, having been built at Italian facilities with engineering developed bythe Fincantieri Yachts in-house technical team, she is also the result of an international joint effort with exterior design by Monte Carlo-based Espen Øino and interior design by Cabinet Albert Pinto, based in Paris. The world-renowned brokers Camper & Nicholsons are also handling brokerage management, notably through expert Alex Lees-Buckley, who followed the project throughout the cycle on the Owner’s behalf, and had this to say when it was completed: “The customer has strongly appreciated this experience, closely following all its stages. He was accompanied by a team of highly qualified professionals and has expressed his utmost satisfaction with both the final result and the excellent relationship which has been established with Fincantieri Yachts.” Complete clientele satisfaction is certainly the Italian shipyard’s primary objective and the new140-metre mega yacht fully embodies this aim, as Giovanni Romano, Head of Fincantieri Yachts, emphasises: “Ocean Victory is the highest result which shipbuilding and luxury technology have achieved in recent years. This is a reason for pride for our company, and for our country, confirming once more that we are able to compete on an even footing in a market as complex as the high range yacht market. The reasons for this success are not only technological: they are to be found in the unity/cohesion of our large team, who work with competence and commitment every day: a team formed by Fincantieri Yachts, by the ship owner’s team and by the designers, suppliers and representatives of the classification registers. Expertise, enthusiasm and unity are the guarantee that this adventure, which began just a few years ago, will be continuing at its best in the future. This is why we are strongly committed to continuing our work and further strengthening Fincantieri Yachts’ uniqueness.” In constantly abiding by this philosophy, the Italian shipyard is tracing out its future also through prestigious projects offered to an increasingly exclusive, more demanding clientele in a highly competitive international setting. Fincantieri Yachts recently expanded its offering in this area with the presentation of two new mega yacht concept projects with a high level of technical and aesthetic content: Vanitas, 123 metres / 403 feet in length, which was devised jointly with Italian designer Andrea Vallicelli, and Skyback, 80 metres / 263 feet in length, which was designed jointly with Dutch designer Cor D. Rover. In our current issue, we can now publish a preview summary of the Skyback design, a concept that Fincantieri Yachts defines as a “luxury tech yacht”, a type of vessel that is profoundly innovative and unprecedented on the world stage. “I try to rediscover what never existed,” comments Cor D. Rover, a specialist in styling large motor yachts. “Together with my team I search for new ways to give every yacht the exclusive appearance that satisfies the wishes of my clients. With lines that are unique but recognisable, not exaggerated but surprising. Lines that are beautiful today and will be tomorrow. In other words, reflections of your intentions. In our vision you can only achieve these results with a strong interaction between client and designer. It’s a search for timeless beauty. We have done it once again together with Fincantieri Yachts, shaping a new ‘crystalline’ concept.” “Crystalline” here undoubtedly refers to the key feature that distinguishes the Skyback design from the many other yachts currently on offer on the international market: the “crystal beach”, which is an unusual type of technical solution consisting of “a swimming pool under a crystal sky” in Cor D. Rover’s words. The functional layout features a series of sliding all-glass elements which, on request, enable versatile use to be made of the aft deck with its sunbathing area and swimming pool: it can be fully open-air or entirely indoors, in which case it becomes an all-seasons space suitable for all climate conditions thanks to the spectacular air-conditioned glass house formed when the sliding glass elements are closed. In terms of size and performance, the preliminary technical data on Skyback indicate a length of more than 80 metres / 263 feet and a beam of 14 metres / 46 feet, with a maximum draught of 4 metres / 13 feet under half load. The yacht will have a top speed of 18 knots and will be able to maintain a cruising speed of 16 knots with a range of 6,000 nautical miles at the economy cruising speed of 12 knots. In terms of Skyback’s preliminary layout, the vessel is designed to accommodate up to 10 passengers in four VIP staterooms and one master stateroom, as well as up to 28 crew in 12 crew cabins, one officer’s cabin and one captain’s cabin. With the generous space available partly thanks to a substantial maximum beam, it was possible to achieve very large areas for use as social and private spaces on the mega yacht. As an initial overview of their expansive size, here are a few guideline examples. The sun deck is intended to feature a gym area covering 38 m2 or 409 square feet, while the bridge deck is designed to include a sky lounge area covering 75 m2 or 807 square feet. The upper deck is designed to feature an owner’s suite area covering 220 m2 or 2,368 square feet. The main deck is intended to feature an inside and outside pool area covering 213 m2 or 2,292 square feet, including a 10 x 4 m (33’ x 13’) swimming pool, alongside an inside and outside dining area covering 68 m2 or 730 square feet, a lounge area covering 95 m2 or 1,022 square feet, a guest area with four VIP suites each covering 42 m2 or 452 square feet, and a garage area housing a service tender with a length of 6.25 metres or 20 feet 6 inches. The lower deck holds a beach club and wellness spa area covering 146 m2 or 1,571 square feet, a home theatre and cinema room covering 48 m2 or 516 square feet, a crew area featuring a service space covering 79 m2 or 851 square feet and crew accommodation covering 105 m2 or 1,129 square feet, and finally a garage area to house a main limousine tender with a length of 7.50 metres or 24 feet 6 inches.

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Skyback Technical Specifications

LOA80.4 m / 263’778’’ ft
Max beam14 m / 45’931’’ ft
Max draught4.0 m / 13’123’’ ft
Propulsion Engine Power2 x abt 2,465 kW
Propellers2 x CPP
Cruising speed (85% max power)17 kn
Maximum speed (100% max power) 18 kn
Nautical range at 12 knabt 6,000 nm
Bow thrusters1 x 300 kW
Stabilizers2 pairs at anchor
Max tender length7.5 m
DesignerCor D. Rover
ShipyardFincantieri Yachts
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