by Lürssen Yachts with Espen Øino Design and Rodriguez Interiors

This 85.10 metre yacht combines many faces and a single central idea, achieving excellence in the realisation of a magnificent dream thanks to the interiors by Aileen Rodriguez and exterior styling by Espen Øino and the Lürssen project team – something that is highly appreciated in the chartering world as well.

The central idea aboard Solandge is a strong neo-classical flavour combined with a contemporary background, which emanates luxury and grandeur through a unique blend of rare materials and glamorous effects. The process involved famous designers and skilled artisans who worked with dozens of varieties of stone and more than 30 exotic woods. The result is a majestic creation with harmonious proportions, whose luxurious impact is based on a balanced spatial metric that gradually becomes attenuated in the exteriors as one moves upwards. It is a magic made possible by Rodriguez Interiors, the great international design firm that works with world class boat builders designing yacht interiors in North America and Europe. Richard Masters, CEO of Master Yachts, managed the project on behalf of the Owner, who wanted to amaze with Solandge and be amazed by her. In the somewhat vintage-style cushions, the console tables, the large sofas, the fireplaces and the worked parquet flooring, her style is the extension of a neo-classical school, an expression of magnificence running from the Napoleonic era to the present day. There is an intriguing, increasingly popular fashion for past cultures, which tends to place furniture with curved, rounded shapes, leather, monolithic decor, dense silk curtains, large frames, elaborate fabrics, gold plating, metals and precious stones in modern contexts. Since the time of Cleopatra, the immensity of the sea has prompted people to give their most grandiose dreams concrete form on board ships, and Solandge is an example of this. It’s a dream that can be shared, since the experienced crew and high-level nautical qualities make Solandge perfect for chartering as well. The blue and white exterior styling by Espen Øino, a signature shared with Lady Cathryn V and Serene, features lines along the sides that follow the waves and, horizontally, pleasing rear windows that jut out towards the sea. The exterior provides maximum access to natural light, and remains elegant even though it encloses large volumes and complex balances, the dynamic nature of which contributes to optimising the vessel’s performance, as was demonstrated in her maiden voyage in the Caribbean, which ended in the Mediterranean. On board, every detail expresses excellence, art and high-level craftsmanship. The burl decorations on the floors and doors are masterpieces, like the Murano sculptures in the main saloon by artist Dino Rossini, the works by French artist Lohé in the suites, the mother-of-pearl mosaics and white and coloured marble inlays by Sinnex and Vedder. Old hand-ground Venetian mirrors surround the central staircase in the foyer and a golden tree symbolising life accompanies it upwards for 16 metres, from the tank deck to the upper deck, with its 1,200 glass flowers lit with LEDs. The lift connecting the various decks is clad in leather panels in various colours and weaves, while the light columns on the main deck are clad in glass tiles by Crystal Caviar. Droplet chandeliers, console tables and mirrors play a major role and are the work of great creators. These exquisite, original features are set in a context where the atmosphere varies from one deck to the next, and can even be found in the day heads. With a striking floor in luminous alabaster, the cinema head is adapted to reduced light, while on the lower deck the dark-coloured marbles are lightened by the basin in worked glass, and on the upper deck, gold stands out on the white walls.

Neo-classical interiors for the third millennium
The French term “tradi-moderne” is a very good fit for Solandge’s style, and is expressed to the fullest in the main saloon through the burl on the walls and the highly polished 12-seat table positioned lengthwise right in the centre, with edging decorated in gold leaf and three large compositions of inlaid precious stones and mother-of-pearl. From the arrangement of space in the interiors to the forms and decor of the furniture, everything has an imperial flavour, including details such as the legs of the coffee tables and the patterns and edging on the sofas and armchairs.
The lounge suites rest on antique rugs, while three droplet chandeliers in crystal, amethyst and rose quartz by Schonbek, a world icon in glassware since the late 19th century, illuminate the table. Two charming Art Nouveau-type units placed opposite one another express a concept of typically neo-classical centrality, as is the case with the arrangement of all the furniture. A tailor-made Venetian console table stands against a wall in backlit amethyst, while the Owner’s beloved Bechstein piano stands opposite. The bar dominates the centre in front of four windows, with a violet-coloured onyx countertop and a quilted upright in the same colour. The wood flooring culminates in an inlaid depiction of a tree. The wall-mounted fireplace, the light effects within the alabaster, TV screens and latest-generation technologies present are decidedly modern, without clashing with the setting. Still on the main deck, the guest quarters are more sober but no less luxurious, consisting of an office, a VIP cabin and four guest cabins, two of which can be converted into a single cabin, and each with its own keynote colour. Blue-green, brown, violet pink and blue differentiate these spaces. The pink and blue-green cabins are very balanced while the blue is brightened by decisive contrasts, especially in the basin countertop in backlit alabaster, as is the brown cabin with the gold plate of the bathroom and the coral of the sofa against the lightness of the burl and the carpet. In the VIP cabin, a 3D floral panel spreads its colours through the room thanks to its interior lighting, and there is an artistic dancer in glass on the fireplace with a harmonious set of inlays in mother-of-pearl, ivory silk and antique rose gently surrounding it. On the tank deck, there is also a cinema with reclining chairs, a mobile bar and a day head. The Owner has an exclusive private world on the upper deck, an appealing, light-filled setting with a relaxation area featuring a Jacuzzi and a huge living area to aft. The suite offers artistic panels with scenes of nature in backlit Venetian glass, separating a series of windows surrounding part of the room in a semi-circle. The furniture has round and curved shapes, subtle colour pairings and a decor that, although very luxurious, infuses the space with a sense of wellbeing. Even the wide gilt frame of the bed’s headboard illuminates without being oppressively dominant, just like the impressive crystal chandelier, the marble of the bedside tables and other furniture, the silks and the decorations on the carpet. The floral inlays on the floor of the corridor, the golden peacock on the mother-of-pearl doors and the Venetian-style closets and desk are the work of highly skilled artisans, producing fine details that make a real difference. In the bathroom, stand-out features include the hand-ground Venetian mirrors and a lot of rose quartz, the Owner’s favourite colour, magnificent glass doors and also an affectionate touch in the curtains decorated with small flowers echoing the inlay on the floor. The tub has a special hydromassage system and a modern design with rounded edges, while in the shower there is a mosaic of small tiles in pink, peach and mother-of-pearl. The Owner’s lounge has a luxurious, clean atmosphere in terms of colour, with refined fabrics and light sources and what is almost a family feel in the lounge suite beside the fireplace, with armchairs and a chessboard table. A glass wall opens out onto the deck, doubling the space with a dining area, bar, sunbathing area and cosy private seating areas.

Two spas to enjoy and harmony with the sea on deck
In the aft area on the lower deck, a beach club with sauna, day head, shower and pantry is connected to the beach area, while on the bridge deck there is a complete spa with a sauna, steam room, hydrotherapy room, massage room, beauty saloon and hydrotherapy shower and a gym with a view over the open-air swimming pool. The warm, relaxing mood is enhanced by the pinkish ochre of burl and other woods, the white of the marble surfaces and skylights, the lighting and, in the steam room, a mosaic in various shades of green. Outside, everything is united with the sea and sky, from the airy pinkish white awnings supported by carbon fibre rods to the cushions, sofas and sun beds on the natural teak flooring and the darker shades of the handrails and steel structural elements. The details of the decor, the silver in the edging and the rope handrails, the pouffes, the violet and gold of the cushions, and the central arrangement of space and volume give continuity to the interiors. Even the potted plants are arranged symmetrically to highlight the central elements. As you move upwards, there is a strong holiday flavour, with the sun deck’s Nikki Beach feel created by its bar in tiles by Bisazza, the leader in glass mosaics, bar stools in gold leather, TV screens, DJ console and a hydromassage tub that is covered to become part of the dance floor in the evening.
In the centre of a circular space with sofas and sun beds, the Jacuzzi and the ring of seats around it are clad in a mosaic made of small tiles in shades of pink, mother-of-pearl and gold, which echo the more decisive colours of the cushions while lightening them. The natural wood seating around it has a decor that echoes the interiors, such as the columns clad in glass compositions by Crystal Caviar on the upper deck. As a more prosaic but practical feature, there is a mega grill for the timeless pleasures of the table and inside, a well-stocked pantry. In the forward section and the half moon-shaped side sections that overhang the sea on the other decks, glass panels below the handrail offer protection from the wind. On the upper deck, which is effectively dedicated to the Owner, the Jacuzzi repeats the mosaic of the sun deck Jacuzzi in blue-green tones, while around it there are small Italian garden-style cobblestones mixed with shells, echoed in the service plates. Shells also appear in the napkin holders and the ornamental glasses to bring the sea to the table – a sea that is visible to each of the 14 diners as it is reflected in the huge glass doors that access the interior. On the bridge deck, a jet flow infinity pool, six metres in length, stands in the centre of two living areas and seems to merge with the sea. Like the Jacuzzi and showers, it is temperature-controlled. At night, a blue light illuminates all the decks in various shades, from the ultramarine of the columns to the pearl grey and sky blue of the pool, while whitish rays sketch out the contours of structures and spaces, and the fitness area is pervaded with golden yellow. The sun deck transforms into a disco area with flashing coloured lights from the platform above the Jacuzzi.

High technology and plenty of natural light for the crew
The crew, 29 in total, occupies completely separate areas from the guest areas, fitted out with brightly coloured furniture and full of light, primarily natural light. There are 15 cabins in all, including a separate one for the first officer, as well as a crew mess and pantry, all on the lower deck. The galley is entirely in stainless steel and worthy of a Michelin-starred restaurant, with two spacious kitchen islands and large windows with sliding panels in milk white glass. The lower deck also houses the upper section of the engine room and a large garage with two side hatches for launching a NAIAD 10.5 m Inflatable Rib Centre Console tender, a Centurion 7.32 m Enzo Wake Boarding tender, water toys and sports equipment. The tank deck houses a second crew lounge, a laundry, cold storage, freezers and everything else a ship of this size needs. Interior passageways and a FWD platform for mooring separate the crew logistics from the guest areas, in terms of navigation and rigging. Solandge also stands out from a technical and environmental perspective, with the generator exhaust system equipped with Hug particulate filters and soot burners fully in accordance with current IMO requirements for the reduction of atmospheric pollution. This allows for greater fuel efficiency as heat is not generated electrically but directly through combustion of residual fuel, so it requires less power from the generator. As in the best Lürssen tradition, the engine room is a gem, laid out on two levels with polished stainless steel and as clean as an operating theatre. It is designed with a focus on efficiency, but remains conveniently user-friendly in every corner. The control room is large, air-conditioned and completely acoustically insulated. Two CAT 2,000 kW engines allow a top speed of 17 knots and a range of 6,000 nautical miles at 12 knots. The machinery is assembled so as to ensure silent running and, when the yacht is at anchor, zero-speed stabiliser fins attenuate the motion of the waves. In the wheelhouse, the large vertical window offers a flawless view, while tradition and high technology create a reliable mix for navigation in this space that is elegant and practical for those working in it – first and foremost the captain, whose accommodation is in the adjacent suite. A helipad can also be set up if required.


Donatella Zucca

Photos by Klaus Jordan

Solandge Technical Specifications

Length85,10 m / 279’2’’ ft
Length in waterline73,50 m / 241’2’’ ft
Beam13,80 m / 45’3’’ ft
Draught (loaded)3,90 m / 12’8’’ ft
Construction materialSteel hull, aluminium superstructure
Displacementabt. 2.296 t
Speed 17 knots max.
Range6.000 nautical miles at 12 knots
Main engines2 x CAT 3516 à 2.000 kW at 1.600 rpm
Generator setsCAT C18 DITA
1 x 570 kVA at 1500 rpm, 2 x 455 kVA at 1500 rpm
Emergency genset1 x MAN 240 kVA
Gearboxes2 x Reintjes WAF 863
Propellers2 x Piening fixed pitched propellers, 5 blades
Bow thrusterBrunvoll FU-37_LRC-1000, 240kW
Pump jetSchottel SPJ 82 RD 240 kW
Fuel capacity222.000 litres / 58.646,196 US gallons
Fresh water capacity35.500 litres / 9.378,1079 US gallons
Fresh water makersHEM Duplex Freshwater Producer 48/600
Sewage systemDVZ JZR-100 “Biomaster”
StabilizersQuantum XT fin blades OC 2400 XT
Air conditioningHeinen + Hopmann
ClassLRS, +100A1 SSC Yacht (P) Mono G6 + LMC UMS
Accomodation2 owner, 12 guests
29 crew in 15 cabins
TenderFassmer FRIR 625Y Rescue Boat 6,25 m
NAIAD Inflatable Rib Centre Console Tender 10,5 m
Centurion Enzo Wake boarding Tender 7,32 m
Designer exteriorEspen Øino Design
Designer interiorRodriguez Interiors
Builder / YearLürssen Yachts, 2013

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