by Tankoa Yachts with Vincenzo Ruggiero, Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini

With the flawless, elegant bright white of her monochrome livery, the brand new yacht Suerte had a serene official debut against the exclusive high society backdrop of the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show 2015. On show in the water in the striking scenic setting of this international event, the first motor yacht built by Tankoa Yachts arrived after negotiating a very fast design and build process. The starting point for this process was the sale agreement signed in March 2014 with an Eastern European client skilled and expert in yachting, and the conclusion was the launch ceremony held in July 2015.The celebrations when Tankoa S693 – the yacht’s technical name – took to the water involved the participation of more than 500 guests in a spectacular, original setting at the shipyard’s facilities in a 100-metre-long floating dock. This major event was preceded by a speech from Guido Orsi, Chairman of Tankoa Yachts, who thanked the companies and people involved in the creation of the new yacht, but first and foremost the Owner of Suerte for placing such confidence in the Italian shipyard. Other members of the management of Tankoa Yachts and of Yacht-Ology, exclusive global sales and marketing agent, also took the opportunity to express their pride and satisfaction, particularly Edoardo Ratto, Managing Director of Tankoa Yachts, who said: “Achieving such a perfect balance on the initial launch happens once every forty new launches. I am sincerely moved because this is our first yacht as the Tankoa Yachts brand and in spite of our impressive technical office, the highest level of professionalism from our engineers and our background in yacht construction, there are always unforeseen factors that can influence balance during launching. Most yacht builders can still adjust for any minor balance problems with all the things that still need to be installed on board, but here we have nothing to correct.” On a wave of enthusiasm, Edoardo Ratto added: “From Germany to the Netherlands and Italy, we all use the same suppliers and subcontractors as well as equipment and electronics, so there are no secrets: it’s time, processes, organisation and company culture that make the difference. At Tankoa, process quality and quality control are fully applied, with at least three visits on board every day for each yacht: by me and our CEO Euro Contenti, by Andrea Parodi, the head of the technical office, and by Renzo Chelazzi, the sales representative, who acts as the interface between the shipyard and Yacht-Ology. This launch will set new standards in the Italian shipbuilding sector.”These are the standards that underlie Tankoa’s philosophy, namely offering an expert clientele an alternative to the Netherlands and Germany in the construction of high quality motor yachts, and it is reflected in this product that demonstrates the enormous flexibility of the Italian shipyard. This is further confirmed by the words of Yacht-Ology, which is well placed to comment as an expert professional adviser: “This launch was very exciting for all of us. The entire design phase led by Francesco Paszkowski was focused on creating a modern yacht which will still be modern in ten years’ time. From the colour renderings to the assembled yacht in the shed, it is always difficult to have a real idea of what the effect will be once the yacht is in the water. Seeing her at last with her lines sat perfectly gave us all the feeling of teamwork well done. Achieving this level of technical success with a first yacht is living proof that an Italian builder, when it invests wisely, can compete with the best shipyards in the world. A lot of builders wanted to know why when they heard about the agreement between Yacht-Ology and Tankoa two years ago. I bet they’ll understand perfectly once they see Suerte for themselves! Tankoa is a first class builder and for our part, we at Yacht-Ology are proud to be the sellers. I think we will have to work even harder to keep pace with the demand we are now seeing for Tankoa Yachts.” It must be said that Tankoa has started with a bang and has done it in the difficult period that the world market in luxury yachting is now experiencing due to the profound, prolonged international financial crisis. This is due to outstanding technical results achieved thanks to the Italian shipyard’s construction capabilities, which can flawlessly turn the advantageous characteristics of an advanced ship design into a reality. Vincenzo Ruggiero, naval architecture manager for the new Tankoa S693, had this to say after the launch: “I have launched more than 400 ships in my life. I don’t remember ever seeing such a perfect result, and from the first moments in the water as well. However good you are as a naval architect, once the underwater lines have been delivered and the tank tests have achieved satisfactory results, you don’t have full control of what the builder’s technical office and the project management will do as the project progresses. In this specific case, I can say that everything that was done is simply fantastic.”The outstanding results are demonstrated by numerous concrete data, such as those recorded during the sea tests.Usually, at least in the great majority of circumstances, the tests are carried out in calm sea and wind conditions at five knots with the boat under half load. However, in the case of Suerte, during the first sea test, which lasted nearly eight hours, the yacht took on an uninterrupted wave of well over two metres and a wind of 18 knots with gusts of up to 35 knots. In the process, it achieved a top speed of over 18 knots with a load at around 70%, in view of the specifications in the agreement requiring a top speed of 16.5 knots at a 50% load. In this way, Suerte has decidedly exceeded the Owner’s expectations and the shipyard’s estimates. But in addition to her excellent performance – and here the range of 5,000 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 14 knots should also be noted – some tangible examples show how the equipment and technology have made it possible to achieve an outstanding level of comfort on board the new vessel. In particular, Suerte offers an incomparable level of silence even while underway thanks to the effective noise reduction and efficient vibration insulation. On Tankoa S693, for example, the forward section of the superstructure is in high-strength steel rather than light aluminium alloy as in other sections: this means less propagation of vibrations if the ship decelerates suddenly on impact with large waves. In addition, the fittings of the interiors are mounted on “fluctuating” floor-to-ceiling supports, while the gensets have special pressurised silencers that mix the exhaust gases with water to reduce the noise produced. Last but not least, Suerte pays attention to ecology and respect for the natural environment, limiting pollutant emissions with carbon filters on the dry exhaust pipes of the engines in accordance with RINA Green Plus Platinum standards. Together with the relaxing silence, the design emphasises the serenity of privacy, which is critically important for the Owner and guests throughout the layout. The guest areas and access routes are suitably separated from interference with the work areas and routes for the crew. Naturally, the Owner’s other requests were also fully met by one of the most authoritative professional companies in the sector, Francesco Paszkowski Design, which worked with Margherita Casprini on Suerte’s interiors. Countless design solutions deserving of a detailed description are present, but for reasons of space, we will primarily refer to the extensive photographic documentation that has been published, which conveys the many beauties of this yacht better than a thousand words. We will touch on just a few of Suerte’s numerous highlights on a brief tour of the essentials, starting with the folding terraces of the beach club overhanging the water. This area also features spaces focused on wellbeing, such as the sauna and Turkish bath with massage room, and revolves around the social space of the salon with its lounge and bar, entirely clad in teak panels, while the back wall is entirely clad in slabs of slate. In the centre of this wall is the staircase leading directly up to the main deck reception area, surrounded by windows to let in abundant natural light like in a winter garden where both the atmosphere and the furnishings provide a lovely transition effect between the exterior and the interior. With decoration markedly inspired by Japanese homes, the space has a floor clad in slate slabs and a greenhouse area incorporating an unusual bar in the shape of an aircraft wing, revealing the Owner’s passion for flight. Next to it is the main salon, which the Owner wanted to make into a real home cinema room with an 88-inch curved screen built into the back wall, which is clad entirely in near-black slate slabs. An architectural opening separates the salon from the dining room with its monumental table lit by natural light from the large floor-to-ceiling windows. At the Owner’s express request, the space includes two spectacular elements with a powerful emotional effect: a captivating marine aquarium and a magnificent wine cellar display. The nearby lobby provides access to the equally magnificent private guest accommodation, which is entirely comparable with the majestic Owner’s suite in terms of both furnishing and decoration. The interiors have a zen-inspired atmosphere interpreted in an eclectic contemporary style, with a well thought out pairing of washed teak and veined black marble combined with ceilings in Chinese lacquer and China black lacquered detailing, together with a selection of fabrics and leathers. On the upper deck, the well lit, versatile salon is virtually subdivided into areas that revolve around a technical compartment, which is aesthetically incorporated into the space with the use of Sellier leather panel cladding alternating with Jerusalem stone cladding. In addition to a TV lounge section, which can be separated from the other spaces with sliding walls and can even be turned into an additional cabin at need, there is also a music corner with a baby grand piano and a sushi kitchen bar with several bar stools. The largest area has been laid out as a panoramic lounge with a fireplace and a TV screen. The section of ceiling overhead has built-in skylights installed in the base of the swimming pool directly above, which allows natural light and vision to filter imaginatively and enticingly through the water. Up on the sun deck, a fully equipped panoramic gym has been created inside, and outside there is a five-metre swimming pool with a waterfall blade cascade and bar stools in front of the bar, beside two huge sunbathing areas. These are followed by the touch and go helipad which, when there is no helicopter present, transforms into an open air disco on magical summer nights, to conclude this tour of Suerte’s essentials with a view of the starry sky.


Flaviano Perelli

Photos by Alberto Cocchi

Suerte technical specifications

Hull ConfigurationDisplacement
Hull Material Steel
LOA69.30 m / 227’36’’ ft
BOA11.60 m / 38’05’’ ft
Draft (max)3.30 m / 10’82’’ ft
GRT1,467 GT
Fuel typeDiesel
Engines2 x Caterpillar 3516B DITA
Max Power2 x 1.825 kW [2 x 2.480 HP]
Power2480 hp / 1850 kW
Total Power4960 hp / 3700 kW
GeneratorsNorthern Lights, 2 x 230 kW
+ 1 x 155 kW + emergency generator
PropulsionTwin Screw
Max speed (half load) 16.5 knots
Range at 12.5 knots5.000 nautical miles
Fuel capacity160,000.00 litres / 42,267.53 US gallons
Water capacity37,000.00 litres / 9,774.366 US gallons
Certification Dual class RINA / Lloyd’s (MCA LYC2
Naval Architect Ruggiero S.r.l. (Genoa)
Exterior DesignerFrancesco Paszkowski Design S.r.l. and Margherita Casprini
Builder / YearTankoa Yachts - 2015
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