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Framura 3

by Cantieri Navali Codecasa, Andrea Bacigalupo and Annamaria & Franco Della Role

The brand new Framura 3, the first Codecasa 50s hull, was commissioned by the same company that previously ordered the construction of Framura 2, the first Codecasa 45s hull, from Cantieri Navali Codecasa. it follows

Codecasa 42 Vintage

by Cantieri Navali Codecasa with Studio Annamaria and Franco Della Role

With its new Vintage Series, the famous Italian shipyard Codecasa sets out on a voyage into the past to rediscover the immutable fascination of a glorious era and bring back the eternal beauty of a classic standard. The first fruit of this cultural and design concept is the new Codecasa 42 model, the first hull of which was launched by the Viareggio-based shipyard in June 2011. it follows

Framura 2

by Cantieri Navali Codecasa with Andre Bacigalupo, Anna Maria & Franco Della Role, Margherita Gozzi

At the beginning of summer last year, Cantieri Navali Codecasa launched Framura 2, and later delivered it to its Owner. This vessel is the largest sports motor yacht produced to date by the famous Italian shipyard. it follows

Family Day

by Cantieri Navali Codecasa with Studio Anna Maria and Franco Della Role

By next summer, new creations from the historic Cantieri Navali Codecasa will be taking to the water, including a new Codecasa
51-metre yacht and the first Codecasa 42-metre Vintage series yacht. These were preceded last year by a prestigious Codecasa 45-metre sports yacht and two exclusive Codecasa 65-metre mega yachts: Lady Lau and Family Day. it follows

Lady Lau

by Cantieri Navali Codecasa with Studio Anna Maria and Franco Della Role

With its majestically imposing external appearance and glossy aesthetics, elegantly decorated in immaculate white and with the unmistakable image of elegance that has always marked the magnificent creations of this Italian shipyard, this vessel boasts sophisticated technology combined with refined craftsmanship in its warm, welcoming interiors. it follows


by Cantieri Navali Codecasa

Return to the distinctive lines for which Codecasa creations are known – classic and traditional while at once modern and contemporary, with stunning, pure white shining all over. Inside, the owners wanted the ambience and décor to be inspired by the beauty of classical Italian art. it follows

Family Day 41s

by C.N.Codecasa, Andre Bacigalupo and Annamaria & Franco Della Role

The latest new jewel from Cantieri Navali Codecasa is a powerful, high-performance open sport motoryacht made entirely out of ultralight aluminium alloy with a planing hull and water jet propulsion. It attracted a lot of attention at last autumn’s prestigious International Boat Shows in Genoa it follows


by Codecasa, Franco and Anna Maria Della Role and Studio Dedalo

One glance of this splendid 62-metre vessel is all it takes to get an
idea of just how much her Owner loves the sea. And, indeed, how much he loves life on the waves in all seasons. it follows

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