• Benetti Settantasette
  • CRN 74m CLOUD 9
  • LINEA 90 M
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Remember When

by Christensen Shipyards and Carol Williamson & Associates

With each characteristic perfectly designed and produced using the best materials and components, this yacht’s superior quality is evident in the uncompromising standard of excellence of its construction. Its interiors are in a classic style with a modern, contemporary key, and, here too, utter perfection is the result. it follows

Lady Joy 157

by Christensen Shipyards and Carol Williamson & Associates

Feminine and familiar. This yacht exudes striking personal elegance with its exclusive individual style, a kind of special private luxury. She is the epitome of feminine taste, and magically creates a delightfully warm, private atmosphere. This is exactly as the female owner desired, and is inspired by her own home. it follows

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