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by Lürssen with Nuvolari+Lenard design

Quattroelle: four ‘L’s in Italian is what the name is derived from – Love, Life, Liberty and Luxury. Quattro-ruote-motrici (4WD) wouldn’t have sounded quite so elegant but could equally have been used to describe this massive German engineered and built luxury ‘sports utility vessel’. it follows

Lady Kathryn V

by Lürssen Yachts with Espen Øino Naval Architects, Adam Lay and Jack Fhillips

Soaring dynamically forward, there is no excessive aggressiveness in Lady Kathryn V’s curving lines. This vessel was created to sail and experience the sea in harmony with nature, offering the welcome of an opulent family home. The 61-m Lady Kathryn V showcases exterior design by Espen Øino, interiors by Adam Lay, decor by Jack Fhillips and construction by Lürssen Yachts. it follows


by Lürssen Yachts, Espen Øino and Glade Johnson

Solemates is a spacious 60-metre yacht with a harmonious, elegant design. The vessel was presented at the last Monaco Yacht Show and has now begun to sail the waters of the Tropics and the Mediterranean. It is one of the many high-quality vessels built recently by Lürssen Yachts, and continues the success of the latest yachts launched by the shipyard in this series, Arkley and Linda Lou. it follows

Northern Star

by Lürssen Yachts, Espen Øino and Pauline Nunns

Northern Star is a 75.40 metre yacht designed to sail on both Arctic and tropical seas. This new star from Lürssen Yachts shipyards was delivered in October 2009 and boasts cutting-edge engineering and a spatial layout and design capable of providing the utmost comfort for the passengers and crew.
The vessel was designed to navigate in all seasons and conditions, with only a few stops in port if desired. it follows

Vive La Vie

by Lurssen Yachts and Art-Line Interiors B.V.

Vive La Vie has the unmistakeable style of prestigious German shipyard Lurssen Yachts, which has become a synonym for elegance, luxury and quality. She is a successful combination of its traditional know-how and the wishes of the Owner, who was involved in every step of the design and construction process. it follows


by Lurssen Yacht, Espen Oeino and Mark Berryman

Contemporary elegance, luxury, and a fresh youthful feeling: these are the unforgettable sensations you will feel on boarding Arkley, the new 197′ yacht launched last June by Lurssen Yacht. Espen Oeino, the Exterior Designer, has successfully created a voluminous yacht that not only satisfies all the Owner’s requirements but also maintains traditionally elegant lines together with innovative aspects. it follows


by Lürssen Yachts, Espen Øino Naval Architects and Alberto Pinto

A high tech yet visually appealing superyacht with harmonious forms and an eye-catching colour scheme. The hull is painted a baby blue colour typically used for smaller sized sports hulls, setting Madsummer apart from other yachts as a marvellous “toy”. A very personal yacht, she conveys serenity and privacy, along with a youthful, sociable spirit. it follows

Martha Ann

by Lürssen Yachts, Espen Øeino and Francois Zuretti

The sophisticated epitome of sheer luxury and exclusive elegance, this imposing vessel at first glance offers a contemporary exterior with modern styling; while on the inside she flaunts classic décor in an opulent style. Harmonious forms and aesthetic balance make for a masterpiece of art and technology. it follows

Saint Nicolas

by Lurssen Yachts, Espen Øino International and Francois Zuretti

Fabulous intentions and sweet dreams. A modern, contemporary yet classically-inspired style allied to sophisticated elegance. These two elements form a timeless atmosphere imbued with a sense of pleasure and luxury, where comfort and relaxation are the order of the day. it follows

Kismet 223

by Lürssen Yachts, Espen Øino and Reymond Langton Design

Gesamtkunstwerke. A complicated, composite word in German, which has its origins in the cultural world of central Europe. It can be translated as something like “total work of art”, in other words a perfect creation that is aesthetically pleasing and technically complete. And Kismet is nothing if not that. it follows

Oasis 194

by Lürssen and Glade Johnson Design

The name Lürssen is synonymous with superyachts, and superyachts they most certainly are. it follows

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